Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I feel good :)

Exams overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Now's the time to do all the things I've been wantin to do... and now I don't feel like doing them,lol..all i wanna do right now is just have loads of fun :)

Saw Bluffmaster today, good movie( as if I can find any movie bad ;)) lol, the end made the movie interesting, otherwise it wouldn't hv been so nice. I wish I could reveal it here,hehe.. nah I do not like it when someone spoils a movie fr me so I'm not going to do it too!!I remember, I'd been waiting to see sixth sense and before I could, I got to know that Mr. Bruce Willis is the ghost, n i didn't see the movie after that!! I mean saw it after 2-3 years..

I liked something in the movie.Made me think too.. How many special moments, special days have you had in your life?In so many years of your existence, how many days and times do you remember that were beautiful, special?Your first day at school( does anyone really remember that?i dont!), first friend, the good times you had, the fun and games, the fights, the first time you saw your little sister/brother, growing up together, getting together with cousins, festivals, the time when you got a bucket of water poured over your head on holi, trips out of town with the family, the people you met, the friends you made..the first crush,first love, giggling and sharin it with friends..your first victory, in a game, competition, the first time you got a many many more :)
Collect as many such moments as you can in this small lifetime :)

Can't stop singing and listenin to the Abhishek Bachchan (is that how its spelt?) rap song since then!!I jus love the beat of tht song..feel like dancin to it right here right now ;)

I feel good today :) feel good right now !! :)

Jus noticed something, why do guys put up these cute baby pics in their profiles? Do they really find these babies..'oh so cute' or is it something else? hmmmmmmmm ;)
Edited to add : This was quite irrelevant, jus some silly thought which came into my head, ignore it ;) I hv no problem with people putting such pics, after all even i dont hv my own pic up here !! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
and have a great year ahead! :)

i hope everyone of u has a great time !

I remember when i was a kid, I'd once got together with a friend,made a small santa with a sack and filled it with toffees and then had gone around in school giving away the christmas gifts :) ah..the innocence of childhood!

PS. Nice pic na?I love the snow..Havent ever seen snowfall and i sooooooooo want to!!I wish i was there inside the pic somewhere!lol.
Thanks to Pawan fr the pic :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Friends for a lifetime.

There are some people who are your friends for life. They'll be with you forever, in good times, bad times.. and you noe that they care..You go out of touch, n then you meet them , talk to them and it's still the same... both of you feel the same way, can talk about anything just like you used to, can share your lives..

and then there are some whom you meet in life and then one of you moves on.. You have great times together.. but then you just move on.. and the other one gets left behind..

There are so few people who actually make an effort, to maintain friendships. It's not so tough to make friends, but very tough to keep them. You may still talk or be in touch, but it doesn't mean you are still friends.. you do a 'how are you, i'm fine, what's up..what's new'.. and then you have nothing more to say.It's not just the time or the distance.. you may meet some friends after months but still feel the same for them..

I wonder how many people whom we call our friends are really 'friends'.
and then there are some with whom you have a great time, but share nothing of your feelings.. they're there just to have fun.. they're a part of your life nevertheless but they're not someone you get emotional with... so that when they move on there's less pain..

It hurts, it really hurts when friends don't stay friends.. people change, move on, get on with their lives.. and you feel hurt, used... why can't you just move on as easily..

There have been times when I've met people, whom I considered friends... doing a course, or something else..I considered them good friends and then the course finished and they just moved on... we used to talk often, and now sometimes it's months before we talk...sometimes i feel maybe i should put in more effort rather than blame them for it too... i mean is it really anyone's fault? maybe they expect me to call them n i expect them to call me...

I don't think it's deliberate most of the times.It's just that people get busy, a new job, a new place, school ends, college ends.. u don't meet that often any more, could be a number of reasons. Infact it's probably happened even the other way round. You have forgotten some of your friends who probably still miss you...

My oldest friend is one I've known since I was 4. I'm quite proud of it actually :) Yes, we don't talk or meet that often but I still feel like i have a friend in her. I like talkin to her, still want to talk to her...probably not the closest of friends but well what I like about this friendship is that we both make an effort to maintain the friendship. I've never felt that she doesn't...and i hope she feels the same about me...

and then there are some.. my 'best friend' all through school years, well we're still in touch.. but are we still friends? I can probably count on my fingers the number of times we've met since school finished.. and infact it was almost like we both just moved on as soon as we moved out of school...

Thankyou God for all the people who are really my friends, I hope they stay so for life..Thankyou for all those who care, who make an effort..who are special to me! Those who are far and yet don't seem so far..

A very emotional post... I'm just very emotionally drained right now...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

T.V. Travails and lots more

I can't just seem to take my hands off my blog these days :D
Inspite of the fact that my keyboard has become a pain in the neck and i have to stomp the keys hard to type! Gonna get a new one soon but for the time being I tried opening it up but the screws are just too tight n I gave up..

I saw T.V. for 4 hours nonstop yesterday, well that may not sound much but it's a record of sorts for me in recent times. I've been totally off T.V. and I do not watch it for more than half an hour to an hour everyday.. that too while having lunch or dinner. The major reason being that I do not, correction did not, get Star World, Channel V, Star movies, HBO, Zee Cafe, any other music channel except MTV.. and i stopped watching saasbahu sagas years back. And guess wat, just today my cableguy came and fixed out wiring and now I get all of the above and more...yipeeeeeeeee!I can finally start watching T.V. again! Anyways getting back to yesterday, well yesterday I just decided to cuddle up in a rajai in front of the TV on my bed, armed with a remote in my hand and finally switched off the lights when it was around 3. (On a side note I must start sleeping earliar,wat'll I do once college starts again! I don't know where the sleeping monster in me has disappeared, I could sleep for 10 hours earliar, these days I only sleep for 7-8 :D:D )

Started off watchin the Immies, I like Ronan Keating, yeah yeah i do!I love his song which I've even posted on my blog once..'When you say nothing at all' , don't noe too many other than this.. but well.. he was there, then there was Jal(another awesome band from Pakistan,some really good songs they've got).. Bipasha Basu looking very scary, Saif Ali Khan with his cool dude look.. the guy's bcom a lot better than what he used to look though...then i saw some serial on a mafia family, a crime squad serial, and then a funny jasoos serial on some channel. I also saw this hindi version of Big Fight, dunno wat its called on Ndtv.. was good fun to watch really. There was this very loud aunty from BJP who was just going on and on how we shouldn't talk about sex, how we should stop the youth from indulging in premarital sex and so on.. (the talk show was about this statement the actress khusboo had made, and the furore it had created. Get some insight on it here, in case ur unaware of it) and i just so loved the way Pooja bhatt, who was the other speaker put her down and made her statements look so obviously hypocritical! whatever may happen, ur not supposed to talk abt it, and if someone dares to.. make a big hoohalla abt it .. don't people have anything better to do..

I don't know why I'm even writing all of this here.. must be one of my most absurd posts.. I'm just too vella so I'm spamming my

Heard the song 'Hotel California' on the radio while I was driving abhi, probably one of the earliest English songs I'd heard.. felt nice listening to it.. I was trying to remember and I think the first English song I heard was either We don't need no education..Pink Floyd, of Nothing's gonna change my love for u.. Glenn Medieros.. I remember we don't need no .. because me and my friends had ganged up and prepared a dance 'item' ;) for our audience which was basically our parents :) on this song when i was probably in the 4rth or 5th std.. had loads of fun then..
I still remember most of Nothing's gonna.. used to love it, used to hear it over and over again on my walkman.. If I had to live my life without you near me..the days would all be empty, the nights would seem so long...

snap out of it girl :)

And I have to add this to the post :
2 articles in the Times of India today somewhat related to the last 2 posts of mine..strange coincidence..

One was related to fears, written by Sonya Green(no idea who she is) in a column called Mindset worth reading, an extract :

" Consciously or unconsciously, indulging in fearful thoughts and emotions will also align us with similar energies. Repetitious fear creates a negative belief system. It then attracts that type of behaviour and those compatible energies. Consider this, if you went back over your life and took an inventory of every worry and fear you ever had, and then tossed out every monkey, dog and witch, then, how many fears would be left?
And if you dissected all the real fears, and noted the outcomes, how many were as bad as you imagined at the time?
If you listed the really bad outcomes; the things which almost destroyed you and or dramatically changed you, then you might also wonder what of these events shaped the person you are today. The big question here of course, is that, if everything that went before made you and who you are today, then how many regrets will you carry?
You might find as much as eighty per cent of your life has been wasted on imagined dangers, and if this is so, then, imagine this, what if you had that eighty percent back again?
What would you be capable of creating, being, experiencing or feeling if you used your useless worry and imagined fear energies, in creating and choosing thoughts, emotions and actions, what could life be? "

Found it so nice.. I had to put it here..

The other was about friends and lovers.. too big to put up n i can't even find a link so go read it urself :D
vaise bhi this post has become too long and i doubt if anyone's still
Can u believe it i can still go on.. there are more things comin to my head but i'll leave abhi!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Three in one!

Posting frequency is directly proportional to the number of exams going on :)
Well I'm kinda free now for a few days.. next exam on 27th.. am getting bored though.. nothing much to do right now!

This post is a collection of disconnected thoughts..

I was studying something called Feminist Jurisprudence this semester, which is simply put, looking at law from a woman's point of view. We were doing different approaches to it.. very interesting it was actually. One day we came to a point where there seemingly arose a conflict. The question was what do feminists want? Do they want equality? If they do, then how can they justify special provisions and reservations? Because if u accept that, wudn't you accept the fact that you are not equal. This is something which I haven't been able to find an answer to. Then my professor, (whom I greatly admire by the way because she really talks a lot of sense and is very well read and an immense source of knowledge) said, well the fact is that you can't live with idealistic notions of feminism. You might proclaim that women are equal to men, yes they are, but the fact is that you also have to take into account practical realities. From time immemorial, women have not been given equal status, and just by proclaiming equality, things will not change. You need some positive action to undo what has been done.. Women have been denied so many things .. they didn't have voting right in countries like U.K. till the last century if i'm not wrong.. and many women do not have it even today. There are countries in this world where women cannot work where they want to , or do what they want to... The fact is that society has never treated women equally, and that is why you need affirmative action.. to set it right..

Another interesting thing I studied in Jurisprudence was the concept of rights and what makes them so special. One of the most important feature of rights which makes them indispensable is that they are anti-paternalistic in nature. Which basically means that for example: if u owe me some money, I have a right to it, then u have to give it to me. Even if you know that I will go spend it on drinking and harm myself and waste it all away. Yet, you cannot decide for me.. it is my right and you are under an obligation to fulfil it, no matter what consequences it leads to for me.. Dunno what made me link this with smoking...Seeing this in the light of bans on smoking.. not just in public places, but also on showing people smoke in movies.. well public place bans can be justified cause they don't just harm you, they also affect others... but should the government really ban smoking in films? I have no love lost for smoking or smokers.. I really can't stand cigarette smoke, it suffocates me.. but shudn't everyone have a right to decide whether they want to smoke or not..

Going totally off topic now, a question.. whom would u rather spend your life with.. your best friend, though u don't love him/her, but he/she does.. or a stranger?

PS. I think i need a disclaimer here.. this question just came into my head.. n i wanted to noe what everyone would do in such a situation.. thats all :) I'm just curious..

Thursday, December 15, 2005


The fear of losing something, someone.. the fear of being alone.. the fear of being betrayed.. the fear of being mocked at.. the fear of things not going the way you want them to..the fear of failing... we all face them sometime or the other in life..what do u do? stop caring? stop worrying about consequences ? what is the way out?

What kind of an existence is this.. grappling with fears all your life.. when would all these give way to peace..peace of mind and thought..

Friday, December 09, 2005

The object of my desire

The Zen Micro

and now is

The Zen Microphoto

though I love this too!
The Zen Vision :M

Yes! I really want this mp3 player!

From all my research on mp3 players I've discovered that people who are not ignorant of mp3 players usually fall into two categories.
1. The Apple lovers : who fail to see anything beyond the iPod. They'll just bash up anything which is not an ipod. I was in love with the ipod too, till the time i thought that was the only option i had. But now i want more.. there's so much that Apple goes not give. I want FM, voice recording, a removable hard drive, removable batteries,more space for less money, funky colors.. n of course photo and video support wud b cool!
2. The Apple dislikers : For some reason or the other these people just don't like apple. Of course they have reasons, cud b a bad experiance, or a feeling that it's just not worth it, or maybe just a tendency to move away from the crowd. They usually brand themselves as techies, and think people need to look beyond the iPod.

So it's either love it or hate it... :)

Me, well I don't fit into any of the categories. As i said, there was a time when i wanted the iPod, but now i want more :) and I'm really waitin for this one.. which will hopefully b with me when my friend comes from the US ! Soooooooooooooon :D

It just so happens that when i really want something I just go on and on with it to the extent of becoming obsessed with my friends have had to suffer my mp3 player talk till now and now I'm carrying it over to the blog :D

I don't know why I want it so much.. but I just want it!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Double trouble

Moi again

Yep, its an identical twin;) A number of reasons why I had to do this.
1. Too many complaints about msn.
2. I read recently on someone's space that msn had deleted their space by 'mistake'. So I'd rather have a backup.
3. Msn doesn't let me customize at all and that's something I've been wanting to do for a long time and I'm gonna do it here.

Well my msn space will of course always be my blog :)I'm just gonna post at both places now. So now anyone who has a problem with msn has a choice !! :)
I've been fiddling with stuff all evening.. tryin to setup things there, adding loads of stuff, tweaking things.. all this when I should be studying :D still puttin it all together.. but i like wat i c ! :)

Sounds silly, having two identical blogs.... but never mind ;)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


It scares me. Yes it does, because I don't know when, how, suddenly it's going to take me away from everything. I don't like talking about it too..but these thoughts are just not going away from my head..

It makes you realize how valuable life is,and how it's meant to be lived thoroughly..
It also makes you realize how temporary things are, and how life moves on..
I had gone to a friend's place the other day, whose younger brother died in an accident.His family was going through a terrible time. I lost my granpa a few months back.. after having seen death of someone so close i could understand their suffering, which was probably worse.. yet life will move on... you will eat..sleep, talk... go to work.. Life will never be the same.. but it'll gradually move back on path.. You may miss that person all your life.. yet you are have to live on..I still miss my granpa.. something just suddenly reminds me of him.. the things he used to do..When i was a kid he was the one who used to make me sit and read newspapers.. I used to get a spank on my head everytime my hand went in my mouth to chew nails.. he used to scold mom whenever she scolded us ..taught us to say goodmorning and goodnight to everyone at home everyday.. there r so many memories which just keeping coming out..I am what I am because I've had such wonderful people around me..

I saw two small kids there, barely 2-3 years old.. playing, running around.. totally oblivious of what had happened and what was going on around them. How i wish i was like them, innocent.. with no understandin of hurt, pain..

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Quick Update

Moi having my egg-jams right now..had one yesterday, now got to start studyin fr the next one but i jus don't feel like it!!

will b back soon :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My brain!

Your Brain's Pattern
You have a dreamy mind, full of fancy and fantasy.
You have the ability to stay forever entertained with your thoughts.
People may say you're hard to read, but that's because you're so internally focused.
But when you do share what you're thinking, people are impressed with your imagination.
Your Brain's Pattern
You have a tempered, reasonable way of thinking.
You tend to take every new idea in, and meld it with your world view.
For you, everything is always changing. Each moment is different.
Your thinking process tends to be very natural - with no beginnings or endings.
Now you might wonder.. why 2 results.. cause i just cudnt decide which of the two pics i liked more :D I think tht's the way my brain is too.. at times dreamy and unreal and at times reasonable.. I'm a combo pack..complex to understand!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I 'm being very mean here

hi neha

i am XX i get your mail id from one site i want talk to you about dating please reply me on my email id

( how does one talk abt dating?and wat makes him think I'd like to talk to him abt tht :P )

wt to say....the main problem wid me is dat iuv the name u r da lucky one....
well, I m ABC doin DEF frm GHI..n want to make u friend...
i no u will reply back

( I'm soooooooooo lucky!! )

Now who said women are dumb?? :P

Can't stay away..

Well I can't stay away from my blog.. even though i'd decided that I would.. I'v bcom too attached to it i
I'm an emotional fool.. I feel bad at the smallest of things, take decisions impulsively, get angry and hurt so easily.. I wish I could change tht..
Anyways fortunately or unfortunately, u'll hv to bear with more of my ramblings... :)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm off..

I'm just going off blogging for a while.. dunno for how long.. cud b a day, a week or mayb more..( or mayb i'll b back even before that :) ) I'm just acting impulsively.. but i have to do this...

Well, hope to see ya soon!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Loud Louder Loudest

According the WHO, the permissible limit for hearing noise is between 45- 60 DB.
In India, 90 DB is ordinary permissible limit.
Delhi is rated as the 4rth noisiest city in the world and Bombay is 3rd.. we sure manage to beat the whole world in something!!

We Indians sure are loud people aren't we?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hazaaron Khwaishen

Overwhelming. That's one word which comes to my head when I try to describe the movie I've just seen. Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi. A movie which released a long time back and which I've been wanting to see ever since, but somehow never managed to. Well I finally managed to see it today and it's left a deep impression on me... I would advice everyone who's not yet seen the movie to watch it. I've never seen anything like this and I just had to write about it..even though the first time I wrote and pressed publish, Msn just simply said this page is having difficulties and ate up my entry..grrrrrr

It's one of the most complex, interesting , 'different' movies I've seen.The characters are well sketched out, the acting is brilliant.. A love story set in the backdrop of the late 60's and 70's, the Emergency, the naxalite movement, oppression of the minorties. Three people who belong to different backgrounds, come together for a short period of time and then are thrown apart, each following his or her own destiny. A rich kid, disillusioned with his life, having ideals of ' I want to change the society', a woman in love with him who leaves her comfortable life and makes his mission in life her own.. and on the other hand, a middle class man who's doesn't care for these idealistic values and only wants to make his life comfortable.. Out of the three characters the characters of Geeta ( Chitrangada Singh) , who really evolves as the movie progresses, and Vikram( Shiney Ahuja), inspite of the grey shades, his unconditional love for Geeta, were more appealing to me than Siddharth ( Kaykay)'s. Maybe because towards the end he's defeated by circumstances and gives up.. even though it looks so real.. The movie makes you think about following your ideals.. and the ending is brilliant..

This review should have come 6 months earliar.. lol.. well it's not just a review..

I was thinking.How would it have been to live in those times.. the times which seem like a closed chapter of history now.. The Emergency, the times when one woman declared herself to be above everything else and noone could do anything about it, when you had no freedom of speech and expression, forced sterilisations, when you could be put in jail for following a particular ideology.. the times when you had no rights at all.. Life seems so different now. Even though there are things which still havent changed. Can anyone say that there is no oppression of lower castes, no police brutalities now? India of cities and towns is still very different from India of the villages.. Yet, we are moving ahead and will continue to do so...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

20 random things about me!

Tagged by Geetu to do this.. looks like fun :) so lemme start.. randomly from the first random thing!
  1. My hair. I don't like it, i mean it's not so bad. I just wish it was straighter, smoother, softer,shinier.
  2. I'm very possessive about people.. things.. which can be both good and bad, more bad than good I guess. Well I wish I could learn to be less possessive.
  3. I've never stayed outside home, i mean in a hostel or something and I feel like I'v really missed out on something. Wish I could do it..just once.. experiance how it is to live outside. I also wanted to go out of India and study once..cause I feel it's going to be a lot diff from wats it like here.
  4. I hate cigarette smoke.. n don't like anyone smoking around suffocates me.
  5. I don't like talkin about I think Describe yourself is one of the toughest questions you can ask me.(And I'm still doing this?? ;) )
  6. I love dancing. It just makes me feel so full of life,so energetic. it just makes me forget everything..
  7. I don't think I can live without my phone, I mean yeah I can but i would really not not want to do it!
  8. I find it hard to say no to people. I mean being rude or blunt.. it just doesnt come easily to me.and I don't like it if someone's rude to me too, especially if it's without reason.I would really like it if people would be nice and cordial to each other and say thankyou and please..and smile more often.It's good to have cheerful people around.
  9. I can really hurt people close to me, at times, when I'm hurt. I can say the most horrible things ever. And I feel really bad about it later but that doesnt change anything.
  10. People who say things without thinking, or who pretend to know so much while they actually don't, or talk about dumb things..I don't like to have them around me..well maybe sometimes for entertainment value ;) Ok I'm being mean here !!:)
  11. Cooking.I just can't do it, actually don't want to do it and don't know how to do it.. I'm not a foodie.. I'd eat whatever mom makes.. not everything of course.. infact I don't eat most veggies, but well I don't make a fuss usually.
  12. Intelligent people, people who're well read, people who really really 'know' things and can talk without showing off their knowledge.. people who are genuinely nice, people who make an extra effort for others.. are some kinds of people I admire.
  13. I'd like to travel all over the world.Every place is so different from the other.. there's just so much to see, so much to discover..
  14. When an idea gets into my head, it just doesnt go away till the time I do something about it. It would just keep going on and on and not rest. It's like one day I somehow decided that I had to leave IT and do law, actually it didn't happen in one day.. happened over a period of a few months.. but then after I'd got it into my head it wud've been very tough for anyone to get it out of it.Or when I'd decided I wanted to buy a digicam, I went and researched all over the net for a few days.. even went to photography tutorial till the time I got it..
  15. Unfortunately I get bored very easily by things.. not always, but yeah it does happen. I mean I'd pick up something with a lot of enthusiasm and then a few days later I'll just totally forget about it!
  16. I really want to start earning quickly now, and earn lots so that I can buy and do so many things for myself,my family, my friends.. and other people whom I'd like to help out.
  17. I wish I could be more aggressive, not so laidback about certain things and take more initiative.. especially about things related to work..
  18. I usually like most movies I watch, especially if I watch them in a theatre unless they are just total crap, cause I find something or the other good in every movie.. Therefore, I'm not the right person to come for a movie review :P
  19. I love to be busy.Doing something or the other all the time,multitasking, having my hands full.. cause the moment I sit idle.. lol.. it's trouble for everyone around me!! I start thinking too much, end up fighting with some1..basically i follow the rule.. empty mind's a devil's workshop.. :)]
  20. I just can't seem to keep my room clean, no matter how hard my mom tried to make me do it.. I take out books, things from shelves but forget to keep them back.. I like to have a lot of things around me..
  21. I noe I noe.. twenty's done but I'll still go on.. I don't like to stick to rules when I don't like them :D
  22. Right now the one thing I really want to buy is an MP3 player.. I've almost got my heard set on one.. I hope to get it soon :)
  23. I wish I could just be casual, happy go lucky.. let go of things easily. When I get hurt, it just doesnt go that easily.. and when I'm angry till the time I take it all out it just doesnt leave me. But once I've taken it out I become absolutely fine. So I can get angry very quickly and get very angry but also cool down instantly.
  24. I don't like interviews, giving them of course. Not that I've given too many interviews in my life. But somehow, I'm just terrified of giving them.
  25. I love sleeping..hehe.. a fact almost everyone reading this already knows ;) and now I think I should stop before I put whoever's still reading this to sleep :)

Hmmm.. now who do i tag?No. 26.. I hate to take so I'll just tag everyone.. do it people.. it's good fun!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Blasts in Delhi

Absolutely shocking. Things are unclear right now, noone knows who did it and why.. but right in the middle of crowded markets, in the festive season.. it's just so awful.. Just a day back I was watching Black Friday, a movie on the Bombay blasts n i was thinking.. y wud someone want to kill innocent people to avenge killing of innocent people.. would you know if people killed in the blasts would be of some X religion or Y religion? What if you end up killing more of your own people? What sort of twisted minds can commit such acts.. and just look at the whole way of doing it.. Saturday evening.. just 2 days before diwali.. in crowded packed markets when there would be the maximum number of people.. God... y does this happen

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What's wrong with all of us!

Was just reading in the paper.. a married couple shot by a hidden camera in a hotel room.. Damn.. wat's happening to everyone? Have we Indians turned into voyeurs? I mean.. How low can one stoop to..

I feel so dumb!

I just seem to have forgotten most of the things, atleast most of the details of whatever I studied all through school. Trying to remember..just can't!! I wish I could retain each and every thing I learnt in those 14 years.. I'm wondering, does all tht we study actually even go into our head? How much do we really understand in all those years? I used to hate history like anything, cause it involved mugging up chapters and chapters of stuff which i found so boring then. But now I love reading anything talking about the past.. the past really holds the key to what the world is today.. Well I think I like reading it probably because I know i don't have to remember all of it and then just go and throw it all out on exam day..
Knowledge is so important.. there is just so much to know in this world.. and so little time for everything..
Haphazard post.. i think it's the aftereffect of a haphazard education system..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A few things that irritate me

Actually they're not few, they're many cause I think I'm very impatient and get irritated easily.. more easily that I should, which is not good.. but well..
Here go a few of those things..

  • WAITING.. for anything.Probably comes with the lack of patience.Though unfortunately I'v kept people waiting a number of times too.. n i'm sorry for that but really waiting makes me jus lose my temper so much..
  • Earliar it was only people who start honking the moment a red light turns green, now some of them start honking even before it turns green, expecting u to jump the red light and give them a smooth passage!
  • People who are rude to others without any reason
  • People who are overcompetitive and think that helping other would reduce their own chances. If you're good, you're good. Why should you bother about how good the other person is.
  • People who look at old persons standing and then just look away to avoid offering them a seat.
  • People who stare so hard at you that it feels like they're trying to pierce you with their eyes.
  • People who say something in front of u, and then totally turnaround and deny that they ever even remotely mentioned that later.
  • Some people who refuse to accept their mistakes. Hey we all make them, just say sorry and move ahead.
  • People who overtake you in such a bad way that you just barely escape unscratched, or jump red lights forcing you to break when you should be the one crossing it.
  • People who brush past you or just step on you and then just move on without an apology.
  • Looking for something desperately and then finding it days later from the unlikeliest of places when you don't need it anymore.
  • Dropping something which is almost surely going to leave a stain on your clothes.
  • Someone who just drags on a discussion in class, picking up idiotic points and trying to appear the smartest person on earth.I remember once this guy went on and on about how women themselves willingly get into prostitution for money and when someone said that this is basically a big city phenomena and if you look at he big picture prostitution is forced, he refused to admit it and went on for the next 15 min trying to prove himself right by stats, TOI reports n what not..
  • Teachers who are exceptionally stingy about attendance and are so boring that you can barely stay awake in their class.I've always noticed this, professors who are really good would never bother about attendance cause they know they're good and everyone would in any case attend their class. There is this Sir of mine, Prof B.B.Pande who's retired now, but he is the best teacher I've had in college.And when he used to teach criminal law in first year, it used to be tough finding a place to sit in his class! we had to at times carry chairs there or just attend the whole class standing.I've always admired him for his knowledge, his espression, his way of teaching, his way of answering questions..Ok i'm totally diverting here..
  • Standing in a slowmoving queue.
  • Peole who are diplomatic, who can lie about anything.
  • Traffic jams, especially when I'm always running late ( which is quite often ;) )
  • I think I should stop here.. am i really so I've found so many things and there must be more too..

Friday, October 07, 2005

I made it!!

I made it to the 10000 mark!! Yipee!!!!!
Thankyou to everyone who's ever come here and had the patience to read all that i write :) Honestly, when i started off my blog, i used to wonder who would come to read what I write!
It's been a lot of fun, met some very nice people thru the blog.. hope to keep on bloggin for a loooong time!!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

55 words

Tagged by Ranjitha to write a story in 55 words.. I won't b able to do as good a job as u did Ranj!! :) I havent written a story for years now.. Anyways here goes.. I'm really bad at this .. sorry guys!!

Story 1 : "I can just feel it", she said." Something is just not right, my heart says so." "Everything is fine dear", he said, quickly wiping off the tears from his eyes and turning towards her. At his feet lay the crumpled piece of paper, proof of the fact that he had only 15 more days to live. 15 more days.. after 50 years of being together..

Story 2 : Thoroughly and totally tired and beaten he just stared ahead. It could not have happened , it was just not possible. It had never happened before. He felt like a loser. Today was a first, for the first time his dad had beaten him so badly. Today he lost to his father in chess..

Story 3 : This one's courtesy my dear friend S, who gave the whole idea to me, infact told me this story when i told him about this 55 word thing.

There was once a king, and once a queen. And then they both died, and the story ended.

I think I'm just too bad at this :(
And now its my turn... I tag anyone who wants to exercise their writing skills :D do it people.. y shud i be the only one to have to go thru

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Our efforts paid off, we won the competetion we were preparing for :D I guess staying up all night helps ;) It was great fun, we had real life judges judging us, and they were so much nicer than the artificial judges who grill u real bad!
Am extremely happy.. now i'v got a 15 day break, n i'm just going to njoyyyyyy :

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Can anyone figure out how this works.. I'm perplexed.. please tell me if u do!!


PS. Courtesy ÃmãziñgºººÐùÐëÌѱ Found this there :)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Post Count ++

Yeah yeah I'm back on my blog after a few days of disappearance and this time I have a genuine excuse ( for a change ) I have been insanely busy for the past 3-4 days..And a proof of that is the fact that I didn't sleep for 28 hours straight . That's a first for me, n a record.. I dont wanna break it anytime soon too!! and that too 28 hours spent working.. not working as in workin in office or something.. working on Microsoft Word.. for this moot court thing that we're gonna have.. I cudn't imagine myself doing it vaise.. N i didn't even feel sleepy.. till the time i actually went to sleep.. Since then I jus don't feel like getting up.. but I still managed barely 3 hours.. neways early to bed tonight for me..

Part of this is because we were supposed to work on Sunday but instead ended up going to the IIT fest.. attended the rock show there.. ear splitting loud music.. but was loads of fun!! IIT's got such an amazing campus.. If only I'd gone there before I'd passed out of 12th std, I might have even listened to my parents n studied for the entrance! I'v always wanted to study in a huge, beautiful campus.. n somehow I'v never managed to..

Btw just discovered this today.. Msn spaces gives this error if the page doesnt open.. There has been a catastrophic error, please standby!! lol

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Present

Read this from the The Alchemist by Paul Coelho.. Really liked it..I wish I could implement it :)
Here goes..

"I'm alive," he said to the boy, as they ate a bunch of dates one night, with no fires and no moon. "When I'm eating, that's all I think about. If I'm on the march, I just concentrate on marching. If I have to fight, it will be just as good a day to die as any other."

"Because I don't live in either my past or my future. I'm interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you'll be a happy man. You'll see that there is life in the desert, that there are stars in the heavens, and that tribesmen fight because they are part of the human race. Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we're living right now"

Sunday, September 04, 2005


A few ways to win student elections :
1. You belong to a particular caste or community which has a wide support base.
2. You are good at 'setting' things, with other candidates.
3. You manage to do some big time trade off of votes on election day.
4. You are a pretty girl.

Of course, there might be more.. there are just a few I noticed ;)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Warning: Might sound like a lecture.. :)

Each one of us only needs to do his/her part.That's it.Nothing more, nothing less.Yet, we fail to do even that much.We refuse to fulfill our responsibilities.If everyone would throw waste only in dustbins, there would not be any of it lying around would it?Yet, if I try and tell someone not to throw something on the road, they tell me you'r being stupid.Your not throwing things on the road is not going to make a difference, others are going to throw stuff on the road anyways.Well if everyone of us thinks that way, is it ever going to change? I really dislike this defeatist attitude of people. Things are not going to change so why even try.. Why should you bother about what others are going to do? You need to only do your job, you need to only take care of your part.
Someone asks me, will you take up a false case? I said.. I hope not.Atleast that's what I think right now.. that i don't want to. And then I hear.. You don't know how the system works, you wont earn that much money.. If you don't take it up, someone else will. Why should I think of all that? All I know is that I won't be happy doing it. I do have some idealistic ideas in my head and I don't want to break them.. not so soon atleast..How would I fight about something I'm not convinced about myself?
Coincidentally, I was watching Viruddh today.It's a movie about a man's struggle to get his son proved innocent against a corrupt system which favours only the powerful.The son gets killed for trying to do the right thing, which maybe foolish. Throwing yourself to catch persons who've just shot someone.What do u get for following your principles? for helping someone out? get killed? How many powerless people really get JUSTICE? Howver, I still can't get them otu of my head. I still don't see myself defending a murderer cause its plain and simple wrong. It's just wrong. Now anyone might say.. so is jumping a red light, so is crossing the speed limit.. so is lying.. so is are a hundred more things which I do.Well somethings are wrong.. and then somethings are WRONG. Noone's a saint here. We're all mere mortals. But we all have certain principles and certain values. Where do all these go when we go and shoot a person down? When we defend a person knowing that he's guilty? when we burn alive people just bcos they are from a particular religion? When will we learn...when will we give up. When will we stop pointing fingers at others and do what we have to and should do.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I like winters..

I like Winters.. yeah inspite of those shivering mornings and those tough to get out of bed days... Winters are good.You don't feel hot all day and wish you had a portable AC, you actually enjoy sunshine.. which we get plenty all thru the year i think! and there are NO LIZARDS.. eeeeee.. how much i hate lizards!! Honestly I don't know why but I'm petrified of them!! I can't stay in a room if I see a lizard in my room.I don't care abt spiders, cockroaches and others but lizards.. they come in a different category altogether! There's something so eeky about them! This outburst comes in the wake of yesterday night when I was woken up by my sis at 1 in the night seeing a lizard in our room, and thereafter I cudnt sleep!! I kept sleepily checking its whereabouts time and again !! I just don't trust these creepy creatures.they don't know where to go!! What if they came on our bed or something!! I finally fell asleep at close to 4 after it disappeared it wasnt deliberate. I didnt wanna stay up but i just cudnt sleep!Usually my mom comes to our rescue, but cudnt have gone and woken her up at 2 in the night :)
Terrible night.. am off to sleep now to compensate :)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Such is life..

Everything is momentary.. joy or sorrow.. happiness or misery..
one moment ur on the top of the world..
the next u'v heard a real bad news...
and in the next ur doing something which distracts u and makes u forget what made u feel so bad...
It all just keeps coming and going doesn't it.. nothing stays..good times, bad times, tough times,great times..
Is there anything which is permanent in life?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Book Meme Virus :P

I think I finally hv to do it ..much as I'd thought I'd be able to
escape..sigh ;)
Well geetu n saikat.. here i am :)
Even though it's not linked yet somehow it reminds me of those silly
chain mails n sms's which keep coming all the time.. U'll lose ur job ( I don't hv one :P ), heavens will fall.. blah blah.u'll I don't even read them now! The moment I realize its a chain mail I just delete it without going further to know what devastating things
could follow if i don't forward it.. n then there r those which claim tht the mail is being tracked n u will win a nokia phone or something if u forward it!! Come on people.. u really think tht wud happen!!

Atleast mailing is free.. but sms!! how can u waste money or sending such silly sms's!! Lol.. actually i gotta confess here..once someone told me u wud get talktime from airtel because it's their anniversary or something n u had to forward this one msg to 10 people.. well i did it too :( but only because my sms was 1 paisa at tht it only cost me 10 paisa.. needless to say i didnt get anything but i'm sorry i fell into the same trap !! :)

But well this is something different.. infact this is something I loved to do when i was a kid... something like filling up scrap books.. write ur fav this that.. I still have those scrap books saved with me.. It's fun reading them now..I once made one myself.. in which I asked people questions like what would u do if u became the prime minister for a day... lol.. well atlst it was innovative..thing is i'v just become too lazy now.. plus I'm not so proud of my reading habits at the moment.. so I'm not gonna enjoy think It's jus tht my attention span has bcom too short now.. I wanna do things quickly.. There was a time when I could just sit all day with a book n jus go on an on till the time I finished it.. It rarely happens tht way now.. I read books in bits and pieces and it's not that much fun that way u know..Plus there are so many distractions.. the comp of course ;) I can read ont he comp.. I can read articles, news,blogs :).. short stories..

neways after taking so much footage.. or wasting somuch print.. or whatever u might call it I finally get down to the virus :)

Total number of books I own : I think they'r too few.. I would like to buy loads and loads of books and keep them in my own library :) Never really counted.. Well I hv been buying books ever since I was a kid.. so I do have quite a few of them.. but like I said.. they'r just not enuf !!

The Last Book I Bought : a number of law related books :P U know I have to read books all my life in this actually I bought .. I'm confused here.. I bought a few books like A brief history of time, To Kill a Movkingbird.. but then I didnt really buy them ;) And before that I bought The Alchemist and Inscrutable Americans.. but I gifted them though I have one of them with me right now.. well u can take ur pic out of all of the above.. :P-

The Last Book I Read : I know this one :D Mr. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.. was waiting for this one.. n now I'v got another long wait for th 7th book.. sigh.. Well I'v already talked abt this one on the blog.. Didnt like the ending :( Seems to me like there are 2 kinds of ppl.. one who love readign HP.. n the other who just hate him,even though usually they hvnt read any of the books.. I know the marketing blitz is too much.. but hey the books are still v much readable!

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me : I hate to choose :( Wat if i miss out on some book.. :)

Anyways here goes.. lemme remember..

The oldest books I own . It 's a collection.. of a number of short stories.. fairy tales.. those dreamy lands.. they mean a lot to me cause they'r the ones which got me into this reading habit in the first place.nn and maybe they'r also responsible for creating this dreamworld up in my The School series Enid Blyton.St. Clare's and Malory Towers.. I used to read them over and over again.Still have a few of them.They were like a whole new world to me..

Graduated to Agatha Christies.. famous Five, Nancy drew.. sherlock holmes.. They were the first mystery books I read.. N i was hooked!

A number of John Grisham books I read.. especially The Client, The Firm.. Rainmaker.. A time to Kill.. there's something inspiring in those books.It creates a very idealistic legal world where somehow the good always wins.. Though unfortunately,that doesnt always happen in real life, i like to believe that it can happen..

Gone with the Wind .. must be the fattest book I'v read till date :) The characters jus left such a deep impression..

Potter again! I hate to repeat but I love the books..:) She's got an amazing writing style I think, just weaves the story together leaving enough clues to keep u guessing n to keep u hooked!

To Kill a MockingBird.. I had read it when I was just out of 12th I think, n then I read it some time back again... Read it if u havent till now.. It's a must read.

Kane and Abel.. Another book I really loved when I was reading it.. The ending is just superb..

Chicken Soup for the Soul.. Really :) I'v read just one.. long time back but I think it was really nice.. very nice real stories..

Dilbert books- The Dilbert principle and dilbert future.. they'r absolutely hilarious.. anyone who's working would just love them!! and even if ur not working ( like me ;) ) there's a big chance u'll still love them!

All those Archies... Asterix.. Dennis..Calvin n Hobbes that I'v read.. though strictly speaking they'r not books.. yet :)

Data Structures by Tanenbaum...!! lol.. don't take that seriously :P that was just for shock value :D:D i don't like this book at all!!

I know these are more than 5, but hey I hate to pick favourites :)

And then there are books.. which I'm stuck on since ages.. Have to finish them
Right now i'v read a bit of Catch 22, Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, Freedom at midnight, The Alchemist, Catcher in the Rye !! In case they leave a deep impact on me I'll add them to the list ;)

Allright, so who's gonna be the lucky one.. :D I'm gonna tag everyone who hasnt done this till

now.. lol.. do it if u want to :)

Rajat,Apurv,Manish,SuperVish,Prasunc,Vaibhav,Mike,Bhaskar,Ashish,The Hawk,Chandoo,Naveen,Ranjitha

ur turn :P

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I mentioned the link somewhere.. neways thought I'll just put it up here..

Friday, July 22, 2005

Whole lotta things..

I finished reading Harry Potter yesterday night, or rather today morning.Had been dying to finish it off, before someone could tell me who dies ;) Kinda disappointed, cause I felt the book is somewhat incomplete.. it raises too many questions.. n I absolutely didnt want this person to die!! Don't wanna give away more but really.. I still wonder how X could still turn out to be good inspite of killing Y!! You really hv to stretch your imagination far and wide for tht..
Have been doing an internship.. well havent really been 'doing' anything much, so its kinda boring.. I'll talk abt it some other time.:)
Took an off today, was very tired, n not feeling too well ( I didn't noe u cud hv office fever too ;) It's good to jus stay at home for a day, laze around.. get up at 12 :D .. well i was reading HP till 4 in the morn so u cant blame me for tht!!
wanna carry on with my UK trip.. it just seem so distant i went there ages ago.
Anyways lemme jus refresh my memory and carry on.the next day, after coming back from Cambridge, went to London.Got up real early in the morning n took the 9 o'clock train. The train was nice, but didnt know that trains here are as unreliable, well atleast they apologise for delays :) Around a plc called ely there was some announcement,which was really not audible.A lot of people started getting off.. we were wonderin what was going on when this guy came up n said u hv to get of n go in a bus to cambridge n take a train from there. oh god.. it was funny kuch pata nahin tha..didnt know where to go, what to do.There was some problem with the train or the line.. got to know later they had started some work on the line that day itself.neways took the bus to cambrige n the train to london from there. The moment u get off the train in london u get to see so many ppl.. i mean its just full of ppl!! went to this station called king's cross.i even saw platform 9 3/4 there( strictly for HP readers :) they' specially made it there.. i mean its not a platform of ocurse.. just painted it on a wall.
neways then from there took the tube.There u get a whole day travel card for about 5 pounds per person by which u can travel on the tube n the bus all day in any direction.. for a certain area. then we took the tube close to buckingham palace.. a place called green park. they hv a lot of parks here. ppl just sit around.. som there to get tanned.. i cant understand their obsession with tannin.. i mean they'll wear as less as possible to get noone pays any attention i mean peoople dont stare at others.They dont bother which is so nice, they just let eveyrone do wat they want to.That's y i guess ppl r hardly self conscious here.They'll wear wat they want, do what they want..
Got to bukhingham palace, missed the changing of gaurds cause we were late.Took some pics there. victoria memorial ouside is huge n nice.The palace doesnt look all that gr8 from outside, but the number of ppl there.. oh god.. its filled to th brim with seriously.. london is crowded!! but ppl of all shapes n sizes n colors.. its quite coloful actually.. vibrant, alive.. its an experiance just being with the ppl.. lookin at them..
well map in hand we went navigating our way from there.. on to a park called st james, then from there towards the cabinet war rooms, foreign office, towards downing street.Then from there towards big ben n parliament house, had a look around.. the thames,and then to trafalgar square.there's a fountain there in the centre.. huge one n ppl just sit with their feet inside to cool off.. nice cold water.susrprisingly didnt see any pigeons there..There was a dilli haat goin on there,quite crappy actually..A chat counter with chat for 3 £ !!
Met a few friends there who took us to a place to eat, which was right opposite london school of economics.One of them had so he took us inside lse.Saw the cafetaria.. n had a look around..its quite big.. all the builings r interconnected. not many students cause term was over here. went to the libraray.. god it was lik 7 floors o somthin.. cudnt go deep inside but was cool.

from there on to st paul' cathedral.. gosh iv ner seen such a beautiful building. it is so so beautiful, from inside as well as outside.. the carvings, the paintings on the ceiling, the pillars.. it was so majestic. the ceilin was the tallest iv ever seen.Attended a bit of church service, I had never seen it before so was quite curious.They just sing and hum.. but sounds v peaceful..
ok from there on to a place called covent garden which is not a garden even though its calld one.its upposed to be the cultural hub of london.. lots of restaurants.. ppl painted all n wierdly drssed .. there were rickshaws too which the europeans love to ride on.more sophiticated than ours, with seat at the centre was a guy perfoming.. they hv ppl from all over performing.. any sorta things.. this one was like balancin on chairs.. crackin jokes, dancin. its just anyone who wants to perform i guess.. collects money.. sorta like old time bollywood movies mein nahin hota tha.. ppl performing on roads with crowds around.

then to leicester square, which's got all the theatres, musicals goin on n stuff.. again very alive n kicking sorta place.. full of crowds.. i wanted to see a musical but they r soo expensive, unless u plan n book tickets in advance..
all these places were not v huge but they were so lovely..just walked around a bit..lotsa pubs here .. people close down shops n offices at 5 or 6, in most places. Though in london shops were still open till arnd 8..then their fav pastim is to drink at a pub or go watch theatre o movies or watever
This was just one day in london..

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Why are there so many lows in life.. n y do we keep falling in them..
Why do things go as low as they can...
Why do things go bad without any real reason..
N why am i feeling so bad right now...
"All I can do is cry..." maybe it's true.. all i can do is cry.. maybe I just don't know how to deal with things.. I really feel quite stupid n useless right now.. I can't deal with life, feel like a failure.. n all I can do is cry..

I say I hv a headache n i'm feeling lonely.. i'v been alone all day n wat do I get to hear.. y dont u hv a medicine then? No consideration for me..all ur concerned abt is urself..

I wonder wat had happened if roles were reversed.. I would'v probably heard that I'm being so insensitive..
One day it's like You care too much n the next day it is.. all u care abt is ur own self..

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

U.K. Part II

Ok, I've been real lazy :) Been planning to write for the past 2-3 days.. Neways lemme finally get on with it !!

So lemme pick up from where I left last time. Day 5 of my trip, I went to Cambridge.Really wanted to see what it was like.. was really tiring cause we were walking all day long! but it was worth it :) saw a few colleges. a few of them were closed for visitors.We saw jesus college, king's college n a few lik trinity, st john's , emmanuel from outside cause they were closed to visitors.The buildings looked beautiful!! The architecture everywhere was just so amazing.. all over the country infact.very rarely would u see an ugly old structure.Houses too are so well kept.

Outside one college, I think it was Trinity.. they had a no visitors sign.This lady came up to us on her own while we were just looking n said, my daughter studies here.If u want I can try n take u inside.I was so surprised.Strangers comin up to u n just offerin to help without you even asking is something which I havent really experianced here.

When I had reached there, the first place I wanted to see was London.But after travelling all over for so many days, I wasnt in any hurry to get there.Seeing the countryside, seeing all these places was just so nice! Driving through is just so amazing.Everywhere u go its all so beautiful,a wonderful shade of green.I think its the persistent rain which makes it so green,which is sometimes not so nice cause ur plans can get spoilt n it makes English ppl really quite obsessed with the weather!! Everyone checks whether forecasts, n believe it or not their forecasts actually turn out to be true!!lol, unlike here ;)

You don't get to see too many people in the towns, especially in the evenings.Most people hv an early dinner n go to sleep or they'r out in pubs n night clubs n streets r quite empty.Kinda nice for sometime atleast,the lack of people..the peace :) Of course when u get to the cities there's loads of ppl :)

One thing which I felt in Cambridge was the community thing..Indians with Indians,asians with asians.. n so on.. I wonder how it would be like to live there.Somehow made me think, can u ever really become like them..U look diff,talk diff..can u ever be a part of them?

People really take a lot of pains to dress up there, college students looked like fashion models,lol, not all of them..but some of them did.With makeup,tattoos,piercings hair styled,, wierdly colored most of the times.. i even saw a pink n black :D

After coming back we went to the local pizza hut,good place.. with unlimited pepsi refills :) though I cudnt finish even 1 :D and then had my first encounter with the Police,hehe.They'r pretty strict about everything there.We were one person extra in the car.6 instead of the 5 allowed.. they stopped the car but thankfully didnt fine anyone.Kinda nice he was, cause he went on giving a lecture on safety n saying I'm concerned about the person without the seat belt.Fines r real heavy there..50 punds for jumping a red light!! 300 £ fine for overloading..phew

Just one day that was :) I dont know how many parts I'll take to finish off the whole

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

U.K. Part I

I'm back !!
It's good to be back, even though I had an awesome time there :)
But before I start writing,I'v got a sob story to share.I wrote this post yesterday n the moment I posted it it told me page not found or something n my entire post vanished.boohoo
Neways now lemme start right from the beginning.
12th June I took the flight from here to Bombay n then from Bombay( or Mumbai if u prefer that ;) ) to London.Flying was fun, the flight was smooth, can't say the same about the return journey though which was quite shaky due to bad weather.Neways didnt sleep a wink on the plane,kept watching movies, eating..The part I loved about the flight was when ur just about to take off.The speed with which the plane races ahead is so exhilarating!n of course when ur flying above the clouds it feels heavenly ! :)
Reached there around 12.30 Indian time, which was around 8.30 PM there n it still wasnt dark! Infact it seemed to me that it never really got dark there.Days were really really long so you could roam around freely.Only it felt funny having dinner when it was still so bright
I finally went to sleep after staying awake for almost 24 hours, n I hadnt slept more than 3 hours the previous night too.So the next day went in catching up with sleep, n just looking around.I was staying at a town called King's Lynn.Beautiful,quiet,pretty town it was,about 2 hours drive from London.
The first thing which struck me was how is this place so clean n so green!Everywhere u look, u just dont see anything dirty!N i just loved that!
Went and had a look at the nearby store,which seemed pretty huge to me then.Though later i saw stores sometimes 10 time its size!Wherever u might be, a village,town or city u'll always find big stores.And villages there didnt seem to me like villages.I mean the houses were huge,people had mercs parked outside their homes n they called it a village!! lol.
Another thing, wat amazing cars I saw there!There were just fabulous.Seemed to me at first that every person has a different model, cause there are just so many of them out there!
Next day went to a place called Peterborough, which they kinda pronounce as peterbro'.The English have some real wierd pronunciations I must say!They'll pronounce Edinburgh as Edinbr'.Berwick as Berick n so on!!
This place had a huge shopping centre, just going n looking at all the shops can tire u out!The only problem is everything is so expensive there!Clothes,food.. everything.. n most of the clothes have a Made in India,China... etc. tag.
Went to the McD's there.It's really tough for a vegetarian to survive outside I must say, they have to do it on salads n maybe sandwiches,lol.We still got to eat a lot of Indian food cause we stayed at my masi's place for quite sometime.
From there went to a beach at a place called Hunstanton.By the time we reached there it was around 6 so the beach was almost empty..again so clean !! very windy it was there. Went to the beach again 2 days later.There was some World water ski competetion going on,was good fun to watch.So was watching the kids there make sand castles with their little buckets n spades..:)
Felt a little alien initially, somehow u cant really fit in with those people.But gradually everything becomes more comfortable..
That was the first 4 days or so n i'm already tired typing about it.Next 2 days went to cambridge n london .. Am gonna write about that in my next post :D

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I havent abandoned my blog

It's just that for the first few days msn wudnt let me sign in n then i had no net access for the past 5 days :)

Here's the entry which i was gonna post a week back..

Here I am again.Writing after a whole week, but hey I havent abandoned my blog. I just havent been online much cause hv to use dialup here, n the speed's not that gr8 :)
So this is gonna be a short update, even though I'v got loads to write n tell, I'll save that for when I get back.
The whole week has been amazin.Been travellin a lot. One whole day for the flight, but I enjoyed it. Didnt sleep for even a minute n saw 5 movies on board :D So all the movies I missed during exam time have now been compensated for :)
Staying at a place called King's Lynn which is in South-East England. Beautiful town..The whole countryside here is just so green n beautiful.The buildings, the architecture is just so amazing.
Have been to Peterborough,cambridge,London,a beach nearby at a place called Hunstanton, and am going to Scotland tom. Have taken loads of pics but it takes ages to upload them, so will do that later.
I have so much to tell about these places, the experiance.. will do that in my next post.
Till then,
Keep smilin ( I think I borrowed that from somewhere ;) )

Since then I'v been to Scotland.. beautiful place.More updates on that tom :)


Friday, June 10, 2005


Stuck again,right at the start.Don't know how to begin. The beginning's always the toughest part isn't it? There are a number of times when I get stuck right at the starting line and I keep pushing off things till the time I'm left with no choice but to do them :)

Was reading catcher in the rye abhi.Have read about half of it, don't feel like leaving it.But it's tough reading on the comp and I think my eyes need a break now.

Havent really written any updates after exams, well time has just flown past.. just like it always does when u'r not doing anything you don't want to do, because when you'r doing something you don't want to do things just go on and on and days just don't end.. you know what I mean don't u !

My net connection's been unwell ever since the day Delhi had that storm, monday I think it was, so been on and off the net.. there was another small storm 2 hours ago, n the network cable had gotten disconnected again but somehow miraculously got connected on its own without me having to call up the net guy, something which I'v had to do everyday for the past 4

Seen a few movies, Bunty n babli, Star Wars 3, Hitch.. I'm really not the right person to give movie reviews cause I rarely dislike movies and needless to say I liked all 3 of them.. really wanted to see hazaaron khwaishe but plan got cancelled at the last minute :( still hope to see it though.Maybe on cd now..

Well the big news is I'm off to UK this sunday.Going with my family,for a few days .. First time me going out of the country, am looking forward to it :) Infact it's been a while since I travelled in a plane. hv become so used to going everywhere by road so I'm even looking forward to the plane got any suggestions on where to go.. what to do!

Hope to be blogging from there too :)

PS. I know the title has no link to the post but it is summertime isn't it? Infact it's so hot that I'v been postponing my shopping plans for a week

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It happens when you least expect it to happen

The setting was pretty good.Food set out on the table.3 candles on the table and 2 more in 2 corners of the room.No light anywhere else. Everything totally, absolutely dark.

It's been years since the time I last had a candlelight dinner.Yesterday night I had to, even though I did not really want to, neither was I prepared for it.

But the power supply people had decided enough was enough. It was high time that I did it. So just when the invertor had fallen sick, they decided that yesterday night had to be it.( Actually they hadn't, the grid had tripped..;) but this sounded better :-) So all of us at home were forced to have a candlelight dinner!

Well everything was just plunged into total darkness.It's really been years since that last happened. Luckily, my side of town does not face huge power cuts, and when there are minor disruptions, the invertor has always come to our aid.It wudn't have been so bad.. if only it wasn't this hot.Another effect of the power cut was that I did something which i hadnt done for months now. Went off to sleep really early,lol, cause there was nothing to do! No TV, no comp, no books, nothing!!

Anyways had a good 10-11 hour sleep yesterday and now I'm feeling totally refreshed :)

Btw Exams finally overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Capital Punishment

Can you even imagine the dilemma a judge faces when he has to decide whether to give the death sentence to an individual? The life of another individual is in your hands. You will decide whether he dies or lives to see another day. I can't ever imagine myself being in such a place. Whenever i hear or read about a gruesome,brutal murder, somewhere inside i feel ,god, does this person who has taken away the life of another so brutally really deserve to live? What about the family of the victim? Would it make it any better for them if he dies? This feeling of retribution in some sort of way is what defines the pro-death penalty arguments. But even if he doesn't deserve to live, who am I to take his life? Does every individual deserve a chance to reform and live ? What about people who kill members of their own family for property, people who rape and murder a 2 year old child, people who burn a man alive just because he belongs to another religion? What kind of thinking do they have, how does their mind work? Can we really change their thinking? Can they be reformed? Do they deserve to live? I am unable to go on either side. One part of me says that someone who commits such a heinous crime has to be punished. Be it for the proportionality of crime with punishment, or with a view to act as a deterrant for others or in some way to avenge and assuage the feelings of the wronged party. What kind of sick person would do such acts? But the other side of me comes up with a lot of questions. Death penalty is irrevocable, what if it was given to an innocent man? Wouldn't that be a bigger crime than any other. Where the whole judicial system would be accused of murder. When a man doesn't have the right to take his own life, afterall suicide is still illegal in India, can the State claim this right? What about the family of this person? What crime have they committed? If the state is taking the life of a person, shouldn't it also have the responsibility to take care of his family? And if he's really so sick in the mind, is it really his fault that he's done this act?

The Supreme Court says death penalty can only be given in the rarest of rare cases. They even have some guidelines for what is 'rarest of rare'. But inspite of all this at the end of the day, it's the judge's own subjective views on what is rare, his own sensibilities which would decide the fate of a man. One judge might convict a person and punish it with death and the other might even acquit him. It does happen in so many cases that the trial court convicts, High Court acquits, Supreme Court aqcuits again.Then there are cases where similar situations would give rise to different decisions. Dhananjoy was sentenced to death but a man who raped and killed a 1 and half year old daughter of his neighbour was not. In my view this man deserved an even more severe punishment.And again... does he deserve to live?

There is also this argument about human dignity and how civilised societies cannot carry on the 'eye for and eye' kind of punishment. But then it is the murderer who violates human dignity in the first place,isn't it?

The arguments, the questions don't end. I don't know how the debate on capital punishment would ever end. Right now, all I know is I don't think I'd ever want to be in the chair of that judge.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Frankly my dear!

Wanna write.. wanna write.. wat do i write?
The problem is that there is nothing new happening, and i don't want to write about the same old things.

Exams still ( yeah :( ) going on. Had a break for about 3-4 days n it's been so tough to egt back to studies, i just can't concentrate now. Just want them to finish, so i can move on. As for how i do in them, Frankly my dear.. I don't give a :)) Well i do actually, just wanted to use that line. :D Anyone remembers where it's from? I loved the book when i read it. I used to stay up till 3-4 am reading it n then get up at 7 and go to college too.. gosh. i wonder how i managed that!! :)

One of the books in recent times that could make me stay up has been Harry Potter. I just can't leave that book. I read the last 2 or 3 versions on the comp, sitting from morning to night.. just wanting to read on and on. Am eagerly awaiting the next one! It's the story, characters, the narrative, the simplicity, J.K. Rowling's writing style.. I just can't leave the books! Some people might think it's still a kid's book after all.. but i don't care :P

I love kid's books anyways. I used to read so much when i was a kid, used to red while walking, eating, even tried to read sometimes in torch light when the lights used to be out :) Had a lot of favourites, some of the ones i remember are the Enid Blyton books on schools, St. Clare and Malory Towers.. the adventurous lives those girls had with their pranks, midnight parties n wat not! Still have one of those with me, though i havent read it since quite a few years now.Then the Hardy boys n nancy drews, agatha christies, sherlock holmes.. reading used to be such a pleasure then. There was no net,no computers in fact, nothing much on TV.. Used to read a lot of short stories.. from the panchantra, aesop's fables.. Infact I used to read my english course book the day we used to go and buy the books, even before start of the year at school :)

It feels nice remembering those days n the passion I had for reading books.. and what do i have to read now? Some stupid chapter on directors in company law.. Ughh :((


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Click here!

Havent really written about anything since the past few days, alot of things keep coming to my head.. but somehow dont want to write about them..Maybe i'm just too lazy, or maybe i'm just too bored :)

Anyways click on the link below if ur bored too ;)

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Warning : Guys be careful!! ;)

Lol, got this as a fwd :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Think tHink ThInk..

Isn't it strange how we at times get entangled in a web of our own mind's creation.. When something comes to our head and triggers off a hundred thoughts.. which refuse to go away till the time you have gone into each one of them and even then don't disappear from your head. Why can't we just push away things from our head? Why can't we just stop thinking, about anything, about everything! There are times when I wish I could just sit alone, without doing anything, without thinking about anything. But it doesn't happen.. The mind's always upto something or the other.. doesn't it ever get tired? Of course it does, but it seems like it's got an endless supply of energy to somehow continue.. :)

Excuse me for the cryptic thoughts.. I'm having a headache :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

3 down, many more to go

2 days, 2 back to back exams and I did something which I had proclaimed in the last post that I wouldn't be able to do, manage to sleep for just 4 hours! You know when you have to do something, you do somehow manage to do it, even though you might have thought that you wouldn't be able to.. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Just another day

Had my first exam yesterday, nothing much to write about that.. wasnt too good, wasnt too bad either.. Somehow my first exam never goes great..Anyways doesn't matter. It's over atleast. 1 down, so many more to go :(
Lol, I'm gonna go on with my rona-dhona about exams for some more days, bear with me :)
Today's been such an ordinary day, nothing to write about, nothing to think about..
Am looking forward to the end of exams already, need a break!

I was just wondering how people survive with just 4-5 hours of sleep. The day I do that my brain stops working.. n I'm so dazed most of the time! I need my 8 hours of sleep atleast(the more the better) :D Whether I sleep at 1,2,3,4.. or watever time, that's not important. I just need loong hours :D I sometimes wish I could manage with less sleep, but I think I'm happier creating new records in sleeping time :)

Going back to books.. wat a life!

Saturday, April 23, 2005


I just love the smell in the air just before it's about to rain!! Just like it is right now.. I hope it rains! I love the rain too :)

Friday, April 22, 2005

When you say nothing.. and more ;)

it's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
without saying a word you can light up the dark
try as i may i can never explain what i hear when you don't say a thing

the smile on your face lets me know that you need me
there's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
the touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever i fall
you say it best, when you say nothing at all

all day long i can hear people talking out loud
but when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd
try as they may they can never define what's been said between your heart and mine

the smile on your face lets me know that you need me
there's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
the touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever i fall
you say it best, when you say nothing at all

the smile on your face lets me know that you need me
there's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
the touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever i fall
you say it best, when you say nothing at all

the smile on your face
the truth in your eyes
the touch of your hand lets me know that you need me
you say it best when you say nothing at all

you say it best when you say nothing at all
you say it best when you say nothing at all

There was a time when i was totally in love with this Ronan Keating song..( I'm not really a boy band fan otherwise ;) heard it after months today.. it still sounds so nice to me.. I don't know what it is about this song that i like so much.. :)

Anyways back to studies now, had promised myself i'd start studying at 6. havent studied anything since morning :D Had gone to college to get my admit card etc.

It's really funny how some people act before exams." Oh god, I havent done anything.. I'm leaving this that, i hope I'll pass.How much have u done? Oh u must have already done everything .( Why did u ask if u already knew before my answering ur question :P) " Why do they always try and show that they havent done anything!!

As for exams.. well I still havent been able to figure out why I still have to give or take exams the same way as my dad had probably done when he had studied here more than 25 years ago. There is just nothing new. Why do we need to memorise all those cases and sections ? Why don't we have something which is based on research, or testing our understanding, or something related to practical work than just testing our memory retention capacity!

Oh god.. i just don't want to go back to books :( I just wanna keep listening to songs..n keep writing.. :)

Will come back later ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Currently Reading..

1. The Constitution of India

2. The Indian Contract Act

3. The Indian Partnership Act

4. The Negotiable Instruments Act

5. The Competetion Act

6. The Companies Act

Have read a bit of each one of them today!! Uggggghhhh ! Y do we have to give exams!

Thursday, April 14, 2005


A man kills and buries his one month old child. A one month old baby who had just entered the world is dead because her father didnt want her. Her fault? She's a girl.

A girl tells me her father hit her. Just because he thought she's lying to him about some measly amount of money. He just hits her and hits her. She doesnt do anything. She's 22 and comes from a well off family. And she wasn't lying.

2 such incidents in one day left me thinking..

What kind of people are these? What kind of thinking do they have? Why do they do this..
Y do people let them do this. The more someone gets pushed the more people push you. Things like domestic violence, marital violence, y do women tolerate it? y r we indians such tolerant people by nature? Y don't we protest? Y don't women protest against husbands who beat them in the security of their own homes? Y do they let it happen? Fear, dependence? Surely, there must be some way out. Be financially independent. Find out a person in ur family who will listen to you and help u. But don't just accept it. Don't just let it happen. The more u accept, the more u'll get..

Don't know hoe many more of such things keep happening all over, all the time.. will they ever stop?

Monday, April 11, 2005

Innovation ;)

I forgot to take a pen to class today and inspite of some miniscule,half-hearted efforts could not procure a pen from people around me. Ok, now that does not mean that I did noe want to study or take down notes. I just devised( ok maybe discovered ) a new way to take down notes.I'm sure u can't guess, try try ;)

Well I just used my phone, well I'm pretty fast at smsing, n there wasnt too much to write, just a few points here and there, so i just typed a 1000 character message and saved it.Ain't tht smart? ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

You win some, you lose some

Heard an RJ on some radio station while i was driving back home :
I'll always love and support the Indian Cricket team , whether they win or lose. Cause when u really love someone you don't care if they win or lose .
Nice thought ;) One could also say that with the Indian team, u don't really hv too much of a choice :D
Lol, just being a bit sarcastic ;) Really, I like them too :)

Monday, April 04, 2005

Mission Accomplished

Mission statement : To post an entry on my blog.
Obstacles : An extraordinarily slow net connection, browser problems, suspected spyware attack.
No of failed attempts : Innumerable. F5 has been pressed atleast a million times

To cut a long story short, I'v been trying to post a teeny weeny entry on my blog since this evening, which went something like this :

From blackie to bluie

I'v got bored of seeing the same orange-black look over and over again,so am changing it to all blue :) But even after changing it I still like the old one better..hmm, maybe ill revert back to it soon!!
No classes in the morning so I'v been at home, trying to study.. Didnt hv much time, after getting up at 11.30 AM :D
But I'll have to seriously start studying now.Got lots of exams coming up :( And the worst part is they'r gonna stretch on till almost end of May.. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The End

I have been unsuccessful to say the least. The net connection has been crawling, sometimes just halting. Firefox hasnt been working properly and Explorer just refuses to let me open my own page!! I'm left wondering is the problem wid me, i mean my pc ;) Messenger refuses to sign in at times, n at times opens in less than a second. Operation timed out, this page has no data, page not found! Checking for spyware, but the problem's still there :(

Boohoo..I'm so sick of it, i could go kick something or someone right now. but i will not rest till i manage to post.

Anyways it's crawling atleast, before it comes to a stop i better post this :) I'm gonna write more as soon as I'm assured I'll b able to post it ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Back in action

My computer's been out of action for the past 2 days :( lying disconnected and covered in a corner !!

Some construction work going on in my room.. n its soooooooo messy!! I'v been cleaning it for the past 2 hours and it still looks like a dust storm just passed

I'm tired, hungry n i probably look like i havent had a bath fr days ;) Well, nevermind, it's holi tom neways ;)

Happy holi everyone :) hv a gr8, funfilled, colorful ( of course ) holi !!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dancing the morning away

Joined my sis for a dance session today :) Well actually it was friend's day at her dance class. Which meant that she could get along a few friends to the class. Was a lot of fun, we did some bollywood jazz mixed with hip-hop. I had a good time. I love dancing :) When u'r dancing u just become so oblivious of what's going on around u, your concentration is totally on the dance. It doesnt give u time to think about other things. I used to feel the same way when I used to go for my dance classes. Whatever I mite be thinking of before going there, once i was there I just had to be totally there or I would just mess it up. And if i was in a bad mood or something, I would invariably end up feeling better after my class. It actually acted like a stress buster at times :)

Well the backside of today's over energetic session is that my arms n legs r still mind, no complaints :) Afterall there are v few things that can get me out of bed at 8.30 am on a sunday morning ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2005


How can some people talk about the same things day after day and not get bored?

How can they tease the same guy about the same girl in the same way everyday and still find it funny?

Ok, maybe i'm being a bit too harsh here.But once, twice, 10 times, 100 times.. n more.. n then I do get tired n wish they would just shut up :D

Some jokes just need to die a natural death.

PS. Sorry about the unimaginative title.There are 2 things which I dislike doing, thinking of titles and shortening or making a note on any passage, essay, article. If something isnt important why has the writer put it there in the first place, cudnt he just remove it himself ;) I remember i hated precis-writing in school, cause i just cudnt shorten stuff. My answers in English papers always used to go beyond the word limit and i even used to get negative marking for it :( But I still didnt improve :D

Anyways these are not the only 2 things I dislike, but i'll leave those for some other day :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Nothing inspires me enough...

.. to write these days.

I think about so many things but when I sit down to write, just dont want to do it..

Maybe it's the writers block :)

maybe i'll get over it soon..

or maybe it's already gone, since I am writing ;)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Chalte Chalte

Listening to this song by Kishore Kumar right now.. sounding so beautiful to me..

I think I'm in a real 'musical mood' right now :) Been listening to music since the time I switched on my comp..Been going a little up and down since evening, the songs have kept up with the change. Was listening to Down in a Hole by Alice in Chains before this..heard it quite a few times. I'm not down, just a bit moody right now.

2 hours ago opened the compose page.. wrote something, removed it, left the comp, came back and I'm here again. Y do I still want to write? Writing is such an amazing outlet, I just keep writing whatever comes to my head, and after I'v poured it out I just feel so much better.

Power of Love by Celine Dion now.. I'v liked that song since I heard it for the first time :)

Sometime back, I was thinking, God, y do i not get to do what i want to do always? y does it always happen to me? why why why!!.. n then i was talking to someone and during the conversation he said ' damn y does it always happen to me'. Hey, it doesnt happen to u, it happens to me! Or does it? or does it happen to all of us? At one time or the other.. happens to all of us..

Ordinary World.. Duran Duran.. song for the moment..

Anyways I'm feeling pretty cool now :D Want to write more, but i think I'll leave it for another day..

Saturday, February 26, 2005

All mixed up!

I just feel so mixed up in my head right now.

I want to talk to someone and I also don't want to say a word..

I want to get up and do something, move out of home, watch a movie.. anything and I also don't want to get up from my chair and move even an inch.

Wonder if it is

I think I'll jus sit and listen to some good music n maybe write something..

Why men can't drive!!

I think every guy who reads this wud beg to differ.. but atleast on Delhi roads this is what I see..

Ok, so who's responsible for the maximum number of accidents that take place here? Blueline buses by a big majority, n who drives those buses?

Who honks and honks and overtakes wildly almost pushing u off the roads? The cars with yellow number plates ;) Taxis, driven again by ?

Who goes zipping past u, going zig zag, jumping red lights and being so proud of the fact that they dont wait at red lights like ordinary mortals, and just in case they do hv to stop make sure that they reach the starting line and be the first ones to push off, never mind if they have to scratch a few cars on their way..

You do get the hang of it by now I'm sure.So what conclusion do we get out of the above? Of course, not all guys drive like this. I know a couple of them who drive decently. I just love the way my dad drives.My problem is with those guys who think they drive so well but don't and then give you a ' Oh you're a woman so you can't drive' look, even if its their fault, in case you happen to have a close shave with them. Well, SOME women don't drive so well, they are slow at times, n they can't park their cars properly BUT that doesnt justify the generalisation of women as bad drivers. I'm sorry, I just don't agree with that at all.