Friday, May 27, 2005

Capital Punishment

Can you even imagine the dilemma a judge faces when he has to decide whether to give the death sentence to an individual? The life of another individual is in your hands. You will decide whether he dies or lives to see another day. I can't ever imagine myself being in such a place. Whenever i hear or read about a gruesome,brutal murder, somewhere inside i feel ,god, does this person who has taken away the life of another so brutally really deserve to live? What about the family of the victim? Would it make it any better for them if he dies? This feeling of retribution in some sort of way is what defines the pro-death penalty arguments. But even if he doesn't deserve to live, who am I to take his life? Does every individual deserve a chance to reform and live ? What about people who kill members of their own family for property, people who rape and murder a 2 year old child, people who burn a man alive just because he belongs to another religion? What kind of thinking do they have, how does their mind work? Can we really change their thinking? Can they be reformed? Do they deserve to live? I am unable to go on either side. One part of me says that someone who commits such a heinous crime has to be punished. Be it for the proportionality of crime with punishment, or with a view to act as a deterrant for others or in some way to avenge and assuage the feelings of the wronged party. What kind of sick person would do such acts? But the other side of me comes up with a lot of questions. Death penalty is irrevocable, what if it was given to an innocent man? Wouldn't that be a bigger crime than any other. Where the whole judicial system would be accused of murder. When a man doesn't have the right to take his own life, afterall suicide is still illegal in India, can the State claim this right? What about the family of this person? What crime have they committed? If the state is taking the life of a person, shouldn't it also have the responsibility to take care of his family? And if he's really so sick in the mind, is it really his fault that he's done this act?

The Supreme Court says death penalty can only be given in the rarest of rare cases. They even have some guidelines for what is 'rarest of rare'. But inspite of all this at the end of the day, it's the judge's own subjective views on what is rare, his own sensibilities which would decide the fate of a man. One judge might convict a person and punish it with death and the other might even acquit him. It does happen in so many cases that the trial court convicts, High Court acquits, Supreme Court aqcuits again.Then there are cases where similar situations would give rise to different decisions. Dhananjoy was sentenced to death but a man who raped and killed a 1 and half year old daughter of his neighbour was not. In my view this man deserved an even more severe punishment.And again... does he deserve to live?

There is also this argument about human dignity and how civilised societies cannot carry on the 'eye for and eye' kind of punishment. But then it is the murderer who violates human dignity in the first place,isn't it?

The arguments, the questions don't end. I don't know how the debate on capital punishment would ever end. Right now, all I know is I don't think I'd ever want to be in the chair of that judge.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Frankly my dear!

Wanna write.. wanna write.. wat do i write?
The problem is that there is nothing new happening, and i don't want to write about the same old things.

Exams still ( yeah :( ) going on. Had a break for about 3-4 days n it's been so tough to egt back to studies, i just can't concentrate now. Just want them to finish, so i can move on. As for how i do in them, Frankly my dear.. I don't give a :)) Well i do actually, just wanted to use that line. :D Anyone remembers where it's from? I loved the book when i read it. I used to stay up till 3-4 am reading it n then get up at 7 and go to college too.. gosh. i wonder how i managed that!! :)

One of the books in recent times that could make me stay up has been Harry Potter. I just can't leave that book. I read the last 2 or 3 versions on the comp, sitting from morning to night.. just wanting to read on and on. Am eagerly awaiting the next one! It's the story, characters, the narrative, the simplicity, J.K. Rowling's writing style.. I just can't leave the books! Some people might think it's still a kid's book after all.. but i don't care :P

I love kid's books anyways. I used to read so much when i was a kid, used to red while walking, eating, even tried to read sometimes in torch light when the lights used to be out :) Had a lot of favourites, some of the ones i remember are the Enid Blyton books on schools, St. Clare and Malory Towers.. the adventurous lives those girls had with their pranks, midnight parties n wat not! Still have one of those with me, though i havent read it since quite a few years now.Then the Hardy boys n nancy drews, agatha christies, sherlock holmes.. reading used to be such a pleasure then. There was no net,no computers in fact, nothing much on TV.. Used to read a lot of short stories.. from the panchantra, aesop's fables.. Infact I used to read my english course book the day we used to go and buy the books, even before start of the year at school :)

It feels nice remembering those days n the passion I had for reading books.. and what do i have to read now? Some stupid chapter on directors in company law.. Ughh :((


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Click here!

Havent really written about anything since the past few days, alot of things keep coming to my head.. but somehow dont want to write about them..Maybe i'm just too lazy, or maybe i'm just too bored :)

Anyways click on the link below if ur bored too ;)

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Warning : Guys be careful!! ;)

Lol, got this as a fwd :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Think tHink ThInk..

Isn't it strange how we at times get entangled in a web of our own mind's creation.. When something comes to our head and triggers off a hundred thoughts.. which refuse to go away till the time you have gone into each one of them and even then don't disappear from your head. Why can't we just push away things from our head? Why can't we just stop thinking, about anything, about everything! There are times when I wish I could just sit alone, without doing anything, without thinking about anything. But it doesn't happen.. The mind's always upto something or the other.. doesn't it ever get tired? Of course it does, but it seems like it's got an endless supply of energy to somehow continue.. :)

Excuse me for the cryptic thoughts.. I'm having a headache :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

3 down, many more to go

2 days, 2 back to back exams and I did something which I had proclaimed in the last post that I wouldn't be able to do, manage to sleep for just 4 hours! You know when you have to do something, you do somehow manage to do it, even though you might have thought that you wouldn't be able to.. :)