Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What are we here for?

Am I here only so that I can get up in the morning, get ready, go to office, spedn the entire day there, come back home, eat dinner and sleep? Passing some time in between on the phone, or on the net of course.. thats it? and the weekends maybe watching a movie, or meeting some friends? Is that all there is...


What's with everyone!! we're all so angry all the time.. dont like the way someone is driving? try n push them off the road.. you honk and people don't move away.. beat them to death..What!! Is it worth it? This is absolutely insane.. I can't help getting angry when someone cuts me off in a real bad way while driving or keeps honking unecessarily.. but hey.. who's getting affected by this anger? It's only me.. and noone else.. That person's gone.. and he doesnt care..I got to learn to keep my cool.. and in fact all of us do! We're becoming a nation of angry intolerant people.. or maybe we already are..

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hard day..

No matter how hard you try, its impossible to come upto people's expectations. You will constantly live with a guilt of not having done enough. Is it fair to yourself? Or is it just better to forget everything else and keep yourself happy..The brickbats are always going to be there while the bouquets will be rare..