Friday, October 28, 2005

Blasts in Delhi

Absolutely shocking. Things are unclear right now, noone knows who did it and why.. but right in the middle of crowded markets, in the festive season.. it's just so awful.. Just a day back I was watching Black Friday, a movie on the Bombay blasts n i was thinking.. y wud someone want to kill innocent people to avenge killing of innocent people.. would you know if people killed in the blasts would be of some X religion or Y religion? What if you end up killing more of your own people? What sort of twisted minds can commit such acts.. and just look at the whole way of doing it.. Saturday evening.. just 2 days before diwali.. in crowded packed markets when there would be the maximum number of people.. God... y does this happen

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What's wrong with all of us!

Was just reading in the paper.. a married couple shot by a hidden camera in a hotel room.. Damn.. wat's happening to everyone? Have we Indians turned into voyeurs? I mean.. How low can one stoop to..

I feel so dumb!

I just seem to have forgotten most of the things, atleast most of the details of whatever I studied all through school. Trying to remember..just can't!! I wish I could retain each and every thing I learnt in those 14 years.. I'm wondering, does all tht we study actually even go into our head? How much do we really understand in all those years? I used to hate history like anything, cause it involved mugging up chapters and chapters of stuff which i found so boring then. But now I love reading anything talking about the past.. the past really holds the key to what the world is today.. Well I think I like reading it probably because I know i don't have to remember all of it and then just go and throw it all out on exam day..
Knowledge is so important.. there is just so much to know in this world.. and so little time for everything..
Haphazard post.. i think it's the aftereffect of a haphazard education system..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A few things that irritate me

Actually they're not few, they're many cause I think I'm very impatient and get irritated easily.. more easily that I should, which is not good.. but well..
Here go a few of those things..

  • WAITING.. for anything.Probably comes with the lack of patience.Though unfortunately I'v kept people waiting a number of times too.. n i'm sorry for that but really waiting makes me jus lose my temper so much..
  • Earliar it was only people who start honking the moment a red light turns green, now some of them start honking even before it turns green, expecting u to jump the red light and give them a smooth passage!
  • People who are rude to others without any reason
  • People who are overcompetitive and think that helping other would reduce their own chances. If you're good, you're good. Why should you bother about how good the other person is.
  • People who look at old persons standing and then just look away to avoid offering them a seat.
  • People who stare so hard at you that it feels like they're trying to pierce you with their eyes.
  • People who say something in front of u, and then totally turnaround and deny that they ever even remotely mentioned that later.
  • Some people who refuse to accept their mistakes. Hey we all make them, just say sorry and move ahead.
  • People who overtake you in such a bad way that you just barely escape unscratched, or jump red lights forcing you to break when you should be the one crossing it.
  • People who brush past you or just step on you and then just move on without an apology.
  • Looking for something desperately and then finding it days later from the unlikeliest of places when you don't need it anymore.
  • Dropping something which is almost surely going to leave a stain on your clothes.
  • Someone who just drags on a discussion in class, picking up idiotic points and trying to appear the smartest person on earth.I remember once this guy went on and on about how women themselves willingly get into prostitution for money and when someone said that this is basically a big city phenomena and if you look at he big picture prostitution is forced, he refused to admit it and went on for the next 15 min trying to prove himself right by stats, TOI reports n what not..
  • Teachers who are exceptionally stingy about attendance and are so boring that you can barely stay awake in their class.I've always noticed this, professors who are really good would never bother about attendance cause they know they're good and everyone would in any case attend their class. There is this Sir of mine, Prof B.B.Pande who's retired now, but he is the best teacher I've had in college.And when he used to teach criminal law in first year, it used to be tough finding a place to sit in his class! we had to at times carry chairs there or just attend the whole class standing.I've always admired him for his knowledge, his espression, his way of teaching, his way of answering questions..Ok i'm totally diverting here..
  • Standing in a slowmoving queue.
  • Peole who are diplomatic, who can lie about anything.
  • Traffic jams, especially when I'm always running late ( which is quite often ;) )
  • I think I should stop here.. am i really so I've found so many things and there must be more too..

Friday, October 07, 2005

I made it!!

I made it to the 10000 mark!! Yipee!!!!!
Thankyou to everyone who's ever come here and had the patience to read all that i write :) Honestly, when i started off my blog, i used to wonder who would come to read what I write!
It's been a lot of fun, met some very nice people thru the blog.. hope to keep on bloggin for a loooong time!!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

55 words

Tagged by Ranjitha to write a story in 55 words.. I won't b able to do as good a job as u did Ranj!! :) I havent written a story for years now.. Anyways here goes.. I'm really bad at this .. sorry guys!!

Story 1 : "I can just feel it", she said." Something is just not right, my heart says so." "Everything is fine dear", he said, quickly wiping off the tears from his eyes and turning towards her. At his feet lay the crumpled piece of paper, proof of the fact that he had only 15 more days to live. 15 more days.. after 50 years of being together..

Story 2 : Thoroughly and totally tired and beaten he just stared ahead. It could not have happened , it was just not possible. It had never happened before. He felt like a loser. Today was a first, for the first time his dad had beaten him so badly. Today he lost to his father in chess..

Story 3 : This one's courtesy my dear friend S, who gave the whole idea to me, infact told me this story when i told him about this 55 word thing.

There was once a king, and once a queen. And then they both died, and the story ended.

I think I'm just too bad at this :(
And now its my turn... I tag anyone who wants to exercise their writing skills :D do it people.. y shud i be the only one to have to go thru

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Our efforts paid off, we won the competetion we were preparing for :D I guess staying up all night helps ;) It was great fun, we had real life judges judging us, and they were so much nicer than the artificial judges who grill u real bad!
Am extremely happy.. now i'v got a 15 day break, n i'm just going to njoyyyyyy :