Friday, May 05, 2006

Tag tag everywhere

I'm really out of ideas right now, so I'm finally going to do one of the tags tht have been pending for sooooooooo long. Been tagged by Neeta, Arvind , and Raghav to do this!

8 qualities the perfect guy should have.. according to me that is :)

So here goes..

Just 8?? tht would be tough.. shortening the list down to 8... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;)

Can i just say I want everything possible and end it here? lol.. No? Ok !! ;) Well.. in no particular order, here are some of the things I can think of :

  • A sense of humour, and an ability to cheer me up and make me laugh whenever I'm feeling down.
  • Honesty, total and complete honesty.. Someone i can trust completely.
  • Understanding, he has to be my best friend before and above everything else..
  • Make me feel special, give me nice small surprises, make me feel like he cares a lot.. even worrying about me at and always have time for me no matter what he's doing or where he is.
  • Intelligence, knowledge.. someone I can have a conversation with on any topic.. who can amaze me with all he knows, and enrich me with all tht knowledge too :)
  • Maturity, atleast some sense of responsibility, with a fun streak somewhere too, and a mixture of practicality and emotions and romanticism!
  • Patience.. lots of it.. cause u need it with
  • show offs please!Sensitivity there's more too.. and i'm gonna fit it in the last point ;) making plans, remembering things, listening to whatever i say attentively ..and many many more but this is it for now :)
So this is it for now, will b back soon...err.. i hope soon :D

Feeling generous right now, I don't tag anyone :)
and i think almost everyone's already done this one :)

PS. It's become impossible to listen to FM these days, ever five minutes there's some himesh reshmaiyya song on some channel and i hate all of 'em!! they all sound the same to me! are there any other songs being made these days..

Thank god for some small mercies..I'v just fallen in love with these two songs from Gangster.. keep listening to them all day!!
Listen to this and this too !!


Anonymous said...

This is tooooo pink, i cant read!!

hummm..A kind of pink panther feeling!!


Nasty Nashe said...

yeah i totally feel you about the "only 8" thingy....haha..

the list just goes on, doesn't it?

Sudeep said...

well these were very precisely written... :)

hope u have ur perfect man by ur side.. if not then may u get him soon

n havent gone thro the links but i assume these are Lamha Lamha n Ya Ali

anirudh said...

well neha in case u haven found ur mate yet it is 98% possibile(spare me for the rest 2% if u go hunting for him with the list in ur hand)taht things like these list fall flat when u wana b with sum 1..u r gifted i u find 1 suiting the above requirements..and bout reshammiya 1 interview of his had him sayin he has changed the definition of rock in india..and he is the next superstar..and ya he also hits nasal sufi notes...for a change eh..?

Seashells said...

I totally agree on the run-of-the-mill Himesh Reshamiya music... it's so boring and annoying... i wonder why people listen to him... !!!!!!!

The Individualist said...

A few points straight that popped right out of the centre of the heart, eh? Simple, honest and effective. Am sure they aren't much to expect from in a guy. Seem relatively simple to have in possession of. :D
You need to expect more, you know. Tax our gender more. We are capable of so much more, you know. :p

Jackal said...

hmm bahot din baad......nice simple requirements...hmm bhagwan kare jaldi mile aissa koi tumhe :))) yessssss wht is this himesh.....has every one esle stopped singing ???? tcc

niTin said...

Aren't you like asking for a trifle too much?

Anonymous said...

so i guess sid is all this and mebbe even more.. tu sahi mein paagal hai vaise i must say. u are now the queen of paagal girl.. gooodness gracous for writing so much..

sahibi said...

lolz we girls ask for too much dont u think? neways gud list neha.

Alex said...

For some reason I kept thinking about the Fair and Handsome fairness cream while reading this entry!


Raghav said...


Teutsch said...

Hi Raghav!

catch 22 said...

Well you haven asked for more or hav ya ?

I love the songs Tu Hi meri Shab hain and Ya Ali from Ganster did ya mean those two songs ?

The Light-House. said...

Hmmm I feel there are more than 8 points is this....

kandykane said...

i feel like the title of your next post about this.. broken into bits n pieces..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said... wud b hard to find the perfect 8-in-1 guy!!
But if he can read....then u've got him girl!!
Nice blog....bookmarked:)

Anonymous said... wud b hard to find the perfect 8-in-1 guy!!
But if he can read....then u've got him girl!!
Nice blog....bookmarked:)