Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I mentioned the link somewhere.. neways thought I'll just put it up here..

Friday, July 22, 2005

Whole lotta things..

I finished reading Harry Potter yesterday night, or rather today morning.Had been dying to finish it off, before someone could tell me who dies ;) Kinda disappointed, cause I felt the book is somewhat incomplete.. it raises too many questions.. n I absolutely didnt want this person to die!! Don't wanna give away more but really.. I still wonder how X could still turn out to be good inspite of killing Y!! You really hv to stretch your imagination far and wide for tht..
Have been doing an internship.. well havent really been 'doing' anything much, so its kinda boring.. I'll talk abt it some other time.:)
Took an off today, was very tired, n not feeling too well ( I didn't noe u cud hv office fever too ;) It's good to jus stay at home for a day, laze around.. get up at 12 :D .. well i was reading HP till 4 in the morn so u cant blame me for tht!!
wanna carry on with my UK trip.. it just seem so distant i went there ages ago.
Anyways lemme jus refresh my memory and carry on.the next day, after coming back from Cambridge, went to London.Got up real early in the morning n took the 9 o'clock train. The train was nice, but didnt know that trains here are as unreliable, well atleast they apologise for delays :) Around a plc called ely there was some announcement,which was really not audible.A lot of people started getting off.. we were wonderin what was going on when this guy came up n said u hv to get of n go in a bus to cambridge n take a train from there. oh god.. it was funny kuch pata nahin tha..didnt know where to go, what to do.There was some problem with the train or the line.. got to know later they had started some work on the line that day itself.neways took the bus to cambrige n the train to london from there. The moment u get off the train in london u get to see so many ppl.. i mean its just full of ppl!! went to this station called king's cross.i even saw platform 9 3/4 there( strictly for HP readers :) they' specially made it there.. i mean its not a platform of ocurse.. just painted it on a wall.
neways then from there took the tube.There u get a whole day travel card for about 5 pounds per person by which u can travel on the tube n the bus all day in any direction.. for a certain area. then we took the tube close to buckingham palace.. a place called green park. they hv a lot of parks here. ppl just sit around.. som there to get tanned.. i cant understand their obsession with tannin.. i mean they'll wear as less as possible to get noone pays any attention i mean peoople dont stare at others.They dont bother which is so nice, they just let eveyrone do wat they want to.That's y i guess ppl r hardly self conscious here.They'll wear wat they want, do what they want..
Got to bukhingham palace, missed the changing of gaurds cause we were late.Took some pics there. victoria memorial ouside is huge n nice.The palace doesnt look all that gr8 from outside, but the number of ppl there.. oh god.. its filled to th brim with seriously.. london is crowded!! but ppl of all shapes n sizes n colors.. its quite coloful actually.. vibrant, alive.. its an experiance just being with the ppl.. lookin at them..
well map in hand we went navigating our way from there.. on to a park called st james, then from there towards the cabinet war rooms, foreign office, towards downing street.Then from there towards big ben n parliament house, had a look around.. the thames,and then to trafalgar square.there's a fountain there in the centre.. huge one n ppl just sit with their feet inside to cool off.. nice cold water.susrprisingly didnt see any pigeons there..There was a dilli haat goin on there,quite crappy actually..A chat counter with chat for 3 £ !!
Met a few friends there who took us to a place to eat, which was right opposite london school of economics.One of them had so he took us inside lse.Saw the cafetaria.. n had a look around..its quite big.. all the builings r interconnected. not many students cause term was over here. went to the libraray.. god it was lik 7 floors o somthin.. cudnt go deep inside but was cool.

from there on to st paul' cathedral.. gosh iv ner seen such a beautiful building. it is so so beautiful, from inside as well as outside.. the carvings, the paintings on the ceiling, the pillars.. it was so majestic. the ceilin was the tallest iv ever seen.Attended a bit of church service, I had never seen it before so was quite curious.They just sing and hum.. but sounds v peaceful..
ok from there on to a place called covent garden which is not a garden even though its calld one.its upposed to be the cultural hub of london.. lots of restaurants.. ppl painted all n wierdly drssed .. there were rickshaws too which the europeans love to ride on.more sophiticated than ours, with seat at the centre was a guy perfoming.. they hv ppl from all over performing.. any sorta things.. this one was like balancin on chairs.. crackin jokes, dancin. its just anyone who wants to perform i guess.. collects money.. sorta like old time bollywood movies mein nahin hota tha.. ppl performing on roads with crowds around.

then to leicester square, which's got all the theatres, musicals goin on n stuff.. again very alive n kicking sorta place.. full of crowds.. i wanted to see a musical but they r soo expensive, unless u plan n book tickets in advance..
all these places were not v huge but they were so lovely..just walked around a bit..lotsa pubs here .. people close down shops n offices at 5 or 6, in most places. Though in london shops were still open till arnd 8..then their fav pastim is to drink at a pub or go watch theatre o movies or watever
This was just one day in london..

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Why are there so many lows in life.. n y do we keep falling in them..
Why do things go as low as they can...
Why do things go bad without any real reason..
N why am i feeling so bad right now...
"All I can do is cry..." maybe it's true.. all i can do is cry.. maybe I just don't know how to deal with things.. I really feel quite stupid n useless right now.. I can't deal with life, feel like a failure.. n all I can do is cry..

I say I hv a headache n i'm feeling lonely.. i'v been alone all day n wat do I get to hear.. y dont u hv a medicine then? No consideration for me..all ur concerned abt is urself..

I wonder wat had happened if roles were reversed.. I would'v probably heard that I'm being so insensitive..
One day it's like You care too much n the next day it is.. all u care abt is ur own self..

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

U.K. Part II

Ok, I've been real lazy :) Been planning to write for the past 2-3 days.. Neways lemme finally get on with it !!

So lemme pick up from where I left last time. Day 5 of my trip, I went to Cambridge.Really wanted to see what it was like.. was really tiring cause we were walking all day long! but it was worth it :) saw a few colleges. a few of them were closed for visitors.We saw jesus college, king's college n a few lik trinity, st john's , emmanuel from outside cause they were closed to visitors.The buildings looked beautiful!! The architecture everywhere was just so amazing.. all over the country infact.very rarely would u see an ugly old structure.Houses too are so well kept.

Outside one college, I think it was Trinity.. they had a no visitors sign.This lady came up to us on her own while we were just looking n said, my daughter studies here.If u want I can try n take u inside.I was so surprised.Strangers comin up to u n just offerin to help without you even asking is something which I havent really experianced here.

When I had reached there, the first place I wanted to see was London.But after travelling all over for so many days, I wasnt in any hurry to get there.Seeing the countryside, seeing all these places was just so nice! Driving through is just so amazing.Everywhere u go its all so beautiful,a wonderful shade of green.I think its the persistent rain which makes it so green,which is sometimes not so nice cause ur plans can get spoilt n it makes English ppl really quite obsessed with the weather!! Everyone checks whether forecasts, n believe it or not their forecasts actually turn out to be true!!lol, unlike here ;)

You don't get to see too many people in the towns, especially in the evenings.Most people hv an early dinner n go to sleep or they'r out in pubs n night clubs n streets r quite empty.Kinda nice for sometime atleast,the lack of people..the peace :) Of course when u get to the cities there's loads of ppl :)

One thing which I felt in Cambridge was the community thing..Indians with Indians,asians with asians.. n so on.. I wonder how it would be like to live there.Somehow made me think, can u ever really become like them..U look diff,talk diff..can u ever be a part of them?

People really take a lot of pains to dress up there, college students looked like fashion models,lol, not all of them..but some of them did.With makeup,tattoos,piercings hair styled,, wierdly colored most of the times.. i even saw a pink n black :D

After coming back we went to the local pizza hut,good place.. with unlimited pepsi refills :) though I cudnt finish even 1 :D and then had my first encounter with the Police,hehe.They'r pretty strict about everything there.We were one person extra in the car.6 instead of the 5 allowed.. they stopped the car but thankfully didnt fine anyone.Kinda nice he was, cause he went on giving a lecture on safety n saying I'm concerned about the person without the seat belt.Fines r real heavy there..50 punds for jumping a red light!! 300 £ fine for overloading..phew

Just one day that was :) I dont know how many parts I'll take to finish off the whole

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

U.K. Part I

I'm back !!
It's good to be back, even though I had an awesome time there :)
But before I start writing,I'v got a sob story to share.I wrote this post yesterday n the moment I posted it it told me page not found or something n my entire post vanished.boohoo
Neways now lemme start right from the beginning.
12th June I took the flight from here to Bombay n then from Bombay( or Mumbai if u prefer that ;) ) to London.Flying was fun, the flight was smooth, can't say the same about the return journey though which was quite shaky due to bad weather.Neways didnt sleep a wink on the plane,kept watching movies, eating..The part I loved about the flight was when ur just about to take off.The speed with which the plane races ahead is so exhilarating!n of course when ur flying above the clouds it feels heavenly ! :)
Reached there around 12.30 Indian time, which was around 8.30 PM there n it still wasnt dark! Infact it seemed to me that it never really got dark there.Days were really really long so you could roam around freely.Only it felt funny having dinner when it was still so bright
I finally went to sleep after staying awake for almost 24 hours, n I hadnt slept more than 3 hours the previous night too.So the next day went in catching up with sleep, n just looking around.I was staying at a town called King's Lynn.Beautiful,quiet,pretty town it was,about 2 hours drive from London.
The first thing which struck me was how is this place so clean n so green!Everywhere u look, u just dont see anything dirty!N i just loved that!
Went and had a look at the nearby store,which seemed pretty huge to me then.Though later i saw stores sometimes 10 time its size!Wherever u might be, a village,town or city u'll always find big stores.And villages there didnt seem to me like villages.I mean the houses were huge,people had mercs parked outside their homes n they called it a village!! lol.
Another thing, wat amazing cars I saw there!There were just fabulous.Seemed to me at first that every person has a different model, cause there are just so many of them out there!
Next day went to a place called Peterborough, which they kinda pronounce as peterbro'.The English have some real wierd pronunciations I must say!They'll pronounce Edinburgh as Edinbr'.Berwick as Berick n so on!!
This place had a huge shopping centre, just going n looking at all the shops can tire u out!The only problem is everything is so expensive there!Clothes,food.. everything.. n most of the clothes have a Made in India,China... etc. tag.
Went to the McD's there.It's really tough for a vegetarian to survive outside I must say, they have to do it on salads n maybe sandwiches,lol.We still got to eat a lot of Indian food cause we stayed at my masi's place for quite sometime.
From there went to a beach at a place called Hunstanton.By the time we reached there it was around 6 so the beach was almost empty..again so clean !! very windy it was there. Went to the beach again 2 days later.There was some World water ski competetion going on,was good fun to watch.So was watching the kids there make sand castles with their little buckets n spades..:)
Felt a little alien initially, somehow u cant really fit in with those people.But gradually everything becomes more comfortable..
That was the first 4 days or so n i'm already tired typing about it.Next 2 days went to cambridge n london .. Am gonna write about that in my next post :D