Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Forget me not..

Its strange how at times a very small incident can trigger an avalanche of memories.

Just seeing an old schoolmate on facebook brought back memories of schooltime.. some not so nice memories cause she had not been particularly nice to me. But I was surprised at the fact that I still remember! It was such a minor thing and it still exists somewhere deep down in my head.. I wonder how many such memories stay buried deep inside our heads, only to resurface years later..when at times we cant even remember what happened the day before ( This happens especially when Im trying to finish my official timesheet :P)

I guess there are somethings that you never forget, even though you may think that you have. Particularly things which you just keep trying to forget..

Axe's chocolate deo ad raises stink with Govt

The advertisement shows a model wearing the chocolate-smelling deodorant, eliciting “objectionable reactions” from women.
lol.. really!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

One question that I just cannot find an answer to. And it keeps coming up again and again in my head. How do you defend a person who is guilty? And Im not talking about a small time offence here. Knowing for example that someone has committed murder, how do u get urself to prove in court that he's innocent? Is it just for the money? And how does it not weigh on ur conscience? Or do lawyers become so cold blooded after a point of time that it doesnt matter at all? I mean yes, everyone has a right to defend themselves.. yet..


Everytime I pass by a mirror, I cant help but look into it. Every single time. Self obsession is it?


Having a cook makes life so much easier.. Touchwood :)


At times the only way you can be happy is to stop yourself from thinking, analysing.. thinking about what should or should not be... and just doing. Doing without worrying.. doing what you want to do. Everything else can be worked around it.