Friday, October 13, 2006


Hmmm.. the issue's gone off the front page of all the newspapers for now. But I'd been thinking of writing about it since quite some time.

I do not understand why we turn terrorists and murderers into heroes. Putting them all over the front pages, acting like great injustice has been done to them. Before this it was with Dhananjoy Chatterjee. I remember the media coverage he got... that man had gone through a proper trial right upto the highest court and he was convicted for rape and murder for christ's sake!
Of course, there are debates on capital punishment, and to be honest I cannot decide which side I am on.. I just hope I never have to decide..

Well getting back to where I was... Fine, go ahead and debate as much as you want to. But do not turn them into heroes, or show them as if they're victims of some conspiracy. They are people who have committed heinous acts...and they deserve punishment!

Terrorism does not deserve any mercy, it deserves the highest punishment...And punishment is where this entire debate lies right..Death penalty or no death penalty? If someone has had a fair trial, been convicted by the highest court, and has committed such a heinous act then he deserves the highest punishment. And in India today, the highest punishment is death penalty.There is always a chance, however less it might be, that the person you are going to throw to the gallows is innocent and you are killing an innocent life.. Therefore, either you abolish death penalty altogether if you do not believe that the state has the power to take lives or you got to live with this truth...(wrote something on this once) But since that has not yet happened, should we belt out punishment based on regionality or religion? Being an Indian should come first before being a Kashmiri comes shouldn't it?

Monday, October 02, 2006


It's been a month!! Gosh... Time's just flying...and flying fast! This has been my longest break from my blog so times i want to write, and then do not manage to find the time to write. and when i do find the time, i have nothing to say :-)

But... time's flying! and i don't want it to! Was at a friend's wedding yesterday... feels so strange. It was just yesterday when we were in school... still remember it so clearly.I wish we could just go back to those days, just be kids, live life with exams and marks being the only worries :)

It's been a good two day break from office, I think I need more of such breaks!!lol...

September's been a hectic but good month...and I'm feeling much better... thankyou everyone :-)

I just wanna dance right now... love dancing!!

Well back to office tom...sigh! atleast this week would have a day less :D:D
hope to be back in full form soon...