Monday, May 22, 2006

My take

Well well, a lot of activity has been going on in the comments section in my absence. I think it's time I spoke out too.

Firstly, whatever your caste maybe, it does not matter to me.. Why should it matter to me?Why should it matter to anyone? Why do we need to divide ourselves on the lines of caste in the first place?Yes, these divisions already exist and have probably existed from time immemorial. But do we need to carry them on to the future? Nobody's blood is impure because he is from a different caste..why do we even let such ideas get into our head?

Now, I don't believe that these protests are staged. I don't think people have stayed hungry for days because of some 'event management' and i do not think that a man gave up his life in Mandal -1 for event's sake!So please don't degrade someone's effort..

Yes, noone denies the fact that the backward classes have been opressed for centuries. and there is a genuine need to do something for them. Even in today's time, in many parts of the country people don't treat them equally.. which is very unfortunate. But reservation is not the solution. And that is the whole point which you're missing. Yes, we need action.. but why should it have to be only reservations? Do u think having reservations in IITs and IIMs would actually do them any good? Don't we first need schools to be set up for them? The government is just shirking its responsibility by taking resort to such populist measures. First let us make an effort to atleast provide them with primary education.. Go to the interiors, set up schools.. get kids admitted to them before you can talk of getting them into higher education.

You say they are disadvantaged because they cannot afford costly coaching institutes. Do you think all uppercaste people are rich? Why discriminate on the basis of caste here when the criteria is actually economic backwardness? Give them financial aid, scholarships, incentives.. anything.. but why reservations?

What is our ultimate aim? Isn't it equality? But reservations is only going to increase the divide.. increase the resentment.. If one class has been opressed for hundreds of years does that mean you have to do the same to someone else to get even?

As for Mr. Arjun Singh and just how much he knows, just read this news article to see his justifications and how hollow it all sounds..

Friday, May 12, 2006

Can someone answer these?

Just came back after seeing images of the Police beating and manhandling students protesting against Reservation at the India Gate. Do these students deserve to be treated like this, beaten by lathis just because they have dared to raise a voice against an issue? These people are not criminals, they are forced to protest because noone is paying attention to what they have to say. Noone is ready to raise the issue on their behalf. We call ourselves a secular, democratic state.. what kind of democracy is this where voice of the majority is not heard at all?? Don't we also form a vote bank for these politicions? Do our votes, our futures count for nothing?


Read a news report about kids running over a security gaurd while racing on the Gurgaon road. And then when they were trying to run off, some gaurds tried to catch them and in an attempt to escape they beat them up and even hit the injured gaurd. When the residents of the area caught them they tried to tell them of by saying they were kids of influential people and would get away in any case. Are these kids the future of our nation? Are these the kind of values parents teach their kids these days?


I've been having major system problems, have had to reinstall my operating system and just got the bare minimum running right now.. So i mite just disappear again fr sometime..

Saturday, May 06, 2006


That's just a very fancy word for being lazy ;)

Why o why am i so lazy and why do i love sleeping so much!! Even in exam days I sleep for ten hours :) ... oops :(

I have to make my resume which is pending for days and months now.. who'll give me a job if i dont do this :((

I wish there were more than 24 hours in the day so I could waste even more ;)

It's not as if I'm always lazy.. when i'm working, I can be on my feet all day! If i have to finish something, I'll put in all my life and soul into it but usually at the last minute.. so the problem lies with the start. The ending is not so bad! :)

On normal days, I'll get up late, or if i get up early, I'll sit around, read the papers, get dressed aaram se and the end result is the same.. I'm late! Time management is something I have yet to learn properly..

I think another reason for this is that I hate waiting.. so i try not to reach early at any

Stop laughing silly girl, this is not funny!! You'll get fired if u reach late for office too.. hopefully tht won't happen.. fingers crossed ! :D

Sigh I have to drag myself out of my computer chair now and go and study.. yawn


Friday, May 05, 2006

Tag tag everywhere

I'm really out of ideas right now, so I'm finally going to do one of the tags tht have been pending for sooooooooo long. Been tagged by Neeta, Arvind , and Raghav to do this!

8 qualities the perfect guy should have.. according to me that is :)

So here goes..

Just 8?? tht would be tough.. shortening the list down to 8... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;)

Can i just say I want everything possible and end it here? lol.. No? Ok !! ;) Well.. in no particular order, here are some of the things I can think of :

  • A sense of humour, and an ability to cheer me up and make me laugh whenever I'm feeling down.
  • Honesty, total and complete honesty.. Someone i can trust completely.
  • Understanding, he has to be my best friend before and above everything else..
  • Make me feel special, give me nice small surprises, make me feel like he cares a lot.. even worrying about me at and always have time for me no matter what he's doing or where he is.
  • Intelligence, knowledge.. someone I can have a conversation with on any topic.. who can amaze me with all he knows, and enrich me with all tht knowledge too :)
  • Maturity, atleast some sense of responsibility, with a fun streak somewhere too, and a mixture of practicality and emotions and romanticism!
  • Patience.. lots of it.. cause u need it with
  • show offs please!Sensitivity there's more too.. and i'm gonna fit it in the last point ;) making plans, remembering things, listening to whatever i say attentively ..and many many more but this is it for now :)
So this is it for now, will b back soon...err.. i hope soon :D

Feeling generous right now, I don't tag anyone :)
and i think almost everyone's already done this one :)

PS. It's become impossible to listen to FM these days, ever five minutes there's some himesh reshmaiyya song on some channel and i hate all of 'em!! they all sound the same to me! are there any other songs being made these days..

Thank god for some small mercies..I'v just fallen in love with these two songs from Gangster.. keep listening to them all day!!
Listen to this and this too !!