Sunday, April 23, 2006

Broken into bits and pieces

People in this country or atleast this city do not know how to park their cars. And they have no consideration for others. They will just go and plomp their cars wherever they find space, no matter whether someone else gets stuck because of this. They will stop right in the middle of the road to enable someone to get off the car. Of course, you cannot expect them to walk a little or expect the driver to just take the car a little to the left so that others can pass. No, let everyone wait and honk!The road is ours and the honking is gonna fall on deaf ears anyways. And when you do get past them, they'll give you such a dirty look that it could actually make you think that you have done something wrong to them!

Ok! Now that I've got tht out.. I can move on to better things :-)


Do I really need to send a sms containing some chant to 10 people to make sure I pass my exams?I don't think so!! and i'm not gonna do it!

Just remembered, today's the birthday of a school friend of mine.. with whom unfortunately I've lost touch! We had some great times together.. she was loads of fun! I wish her a very Happy birthday.. wherever she is, i hope she's doing well!Happy Birthday Pallo ;)


I know, I keep appearing and disappearing from the blog. I just have some very hectic days, and then there are days when I just don't study and sit and watch t.v. all day ;-)


At times, it seems to me like the courts are running this country, or atleast would be able to run the country more efficiently than the Government. Allright, they have their drawbacks.. but look at so many things happening around you. In Delhi, for instance, the CNG conversion, the sealing of illegal constructions, the shifting of industries.. all that has been made possible only because of the courts. Especially the environment related cases, where the court has shown real activism. The latest being the Narmada Bachao Andolan case. Left to the government, the rehabilitation is just not taking place. But why? Why do these displaced people have to fight so much and knock on the doors of courts to get what's their due! If only the government would do it's job properly. I think the most important issue right now is that proper rehabilitation must take place. The dam is being built.. it's not going to be stopped, and it's going to serve a lot of people. But don't forget those who have to suffer because of it. Don't they also come into your voting banks Mr. Politicion?


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Go watch 'em

Today I again saw two of the most adorable movies I've seen till day ! ( There, you can see how much studying is going on here ;) )

Shrek 2 and Ice Age 1 ! If you haven't seen them till now, you're missing something.. Go and watch them!The characters, the stories.. the movies are just hilarious and at the same time very if i may say so.. 'sweet'. :) they really touch you, atleast touched me..

I'm waiting to see Ice Age 2 now.. I hope it turns out as good as the first part.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Memoirs of a would be lawyer

One day of staying at home trying to study and I'm bored already! I don't know how I'll spend the next one month.. I'm already getting :)

Hmm.. I think I need to get my brain to start working again.. it's been half asleep all day. The moment I open a book and read a few pages I feel sleepy. This could be the last time I'm giving exams.. and I just don't want to give them! I just don't want to study. Finishing with my studies, I'm going to start working soon. Don't know where I'll land up, how it's going to be.. it scares me at times, but I'm also looking forward to it in some ways. The first time I'll be independent.. my first salary.. have so much to buy with wanna buy something for everyone close to me! And I've been thinking of what to buy for whom since a long time :-) It's gonna take a while though.. a few months maybe ! But I'll surely do it!

It's been an interesting 3 years. The first year, I hated this place.. didn't want to go there at all. Missed my college, my friends..but then gradually got used to this place, made friends.. met different people, got involved with activities..Been an up and down journey.. but isnt that what life's about..There have been fun times, boring times, good times, bad times, memorable times..I'll miss this place I think! There were certain things which I'd never seen or done before that I did here. Like watching people give proxy attendance! Honestly, I'd never seen it before.. and I cudnt make myself do it even after 3 years of spending time and then I saw people giving their attendance and sneaking out of the class.. and at times even walking out! People who would pick up their cellphone in class and get down under the table and

I did certain things which I'd never done before.. public speaking hasn't been my forte.I've never gone in a debate competition or anything similar to that. The max I've ventured into is compering and poetry recitation.. and tht too in school.. and here in my first year I took part in the fresher's moot court competition. Now a moot court is something like a mock court where u v to present your case and the judges grill you with questions. Real judges would probably be nicer than the judges you haev anywyas my first attempt didn't turn out to be so great, cause I made a silly mistake, fumbled at the start and then lort out.. Then in second year, I wasn't going to take part.. but while discussing the problem with a friend of mine, decided to give it a shot. Prepared everything in just one day and somehow got selected into the moot court society.. Thereafter it was an interesting journey.. with more competitions, different experiances.. learning new things.. and then finally winning a competition :-)

At the end of three years, I wish I'd done even more.. but hey it's been an interesting experiance and I'm just looking forward to what lies ahead!

Monday, April 03, 2006


I was cleaning my cupboard ( yeah miracles do happen ;) ) yesterday when I discovered this :

So why is this special? Because this is probably the only time in my life that I've written a poem and gotten an A .lol.. I'm really bad at writing poems.. This one was written in 7th standard and I have it preserved till date, I'm quite an archiver ;)

Another thing I discovered was a song, total nonsensical crappy song I wrote once (the only time actually :) ) I still remember the tune..
Well here's how it goes.. yeah get ready to throw the eggs and tomatoes.. :P

Oh and before I present it, I would like to state that it is not written for anyone or any situation. This was just the influence of the kind of English songs I used to hear at that time (9th standard i think..) and mushy crap that I must've seen then.

I gave my heart
to you forever,
'cause I felt that
you'd let me down never.
But you, you!
Broke my heart and left me forever

When you left me,
I was in despair,
'cause then I realized
that you, you and only you
were my life.
And everyday I love you
like mad (!! )
My life, my soul
are all yous
Come back to me
I'm all yours.
When you left me,
I realized
the part you played,
in my life.
But you, you
didn' realize that you were
important to me
I'm nothing without you,
Come back !Back to me!

Lol..there's still a bit left but I can't go on.. it's just sooooooooooooooo silly! Well I just thought it was time for some entertainment.. so put it here ;) I don't know how could write that.. crazy memories of childhood.. :) Thank god it was the one and only song I wrote.. and noone ever got to hear I think I must've realized myself how bad I was at this ;)

I've been out of touch with everyone for the past few days.. dunno wat I've been doing. Well exam time coming up soon so I hope to be back to full time blogging ;)