Saturday, March 24, 2007

not done..

I don't understand this!! Boycott ads which cricketers endorse.. vandalise their houses.. what!! Why are we such bad losers? yeah, we lost.. why not accept it and move on!! We weren't good enough, others were better.. so what! why put someone on a pedestal and throw him down later? Don't worship cricketers.. they're no asking you to do that.. but learn to accept defeat gracefully..

One more thing..please ppl do not send me any director of orktu is shutting down orkut or throwing me out of it msgs!! im sure thts not going to happen.. so lets please not worry abt tht!! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How tough it is to create, and how simple to copy. There is such a lack of originality everywhere, and I have also become caught in it. Cut copy paste.. simple!

So when I sit down to write something on my own, my thoughts just don’t flow..

Wat am I saying!! Well I think I stopped making sense long time back

There is this urge in me to break free, to follow my dream.. The problem is the dream is all hazy, unidentifiable.. it is here somewhere, yet I cannot find it. There is this lack of satisfaction with life.. I try to be positive, but it doesn’t work all the time.. I have become too caught up with the daily chores of life to think, to do..

And I’m tired of sitting inside office all day.. I need to move! I know I come back here and keep writing this

I have even stopped writing on this blog, which I enjoyed so much..

Feeling all alone right now..