Saturday, February 25, 2006

What is happening..

I was feeling very disillusioned with the entire system after the recent verdict in the Jessica Lal murder case. If someone can get away by committing a murder in front of hundreds of people then what do we talk about the credibilty of the system, what faith do we put in it?Law may be blind, but justice isn't and neither should be the judges.. I don't know whose fault it was, but the fact is that someone got away with cold blooded murder. And that too in such a high profile case. Think about what happens in cases where there is no media to support you, no public outcry.. nothing.

Today, the Delhi HC took suo moto cognizance of what was being published in newspapers about the case, and asked the police to submit a report. It's atleast given some hope that finally justice will be done. Howsoever much we criticise the media but atleast it makes sure that such injustice doesn't go unnoticed. Since we're always ready to give them brickbats, I think we should also appreciate the work they do..

What is so unfortunate is that the witnesses just turn hostile so easily. Be it under threat, or coercion by other ways, or money. A witness protection program has been suggested, but I don't know how far it's implementable. I think other options like amending the law, making witness record statements in front of a magistrate, or by video would probably serve us better. Or maybe even prosecuting them for perjury, like the court is recently trying to do in the Best Bakery case.. atleast people who take money to give false statements should be prosecuted.

There is no quickfix solution to such one problems, nor is there just one thing tht we need to change.. but before we do anything else, we need to change our attitudes. Stop treating the rich and powerful like they're from some other world and stop letting them get away with anything..

Friday, February 17, 2006

It's the tag season baby!

I've got four tags to complete now.. Lol..
Yipee!! Can life get any better? ;)

Manish, Anita, Neeta and Sudarshan, I'll get back at you for this :P
and Mike too.. cause i got one because of him :P

Well let me go by chronological order. My next few posts are going to be just tags i think!
First was Manish's tag.. so here goes.
Luckily I'd made a similar post not so long ago.. so I'm just gonna copy paste it here..hehe heeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeee
In fact it was identical to the tag..

Pet Peeves

Actually they're not few, they're many cause I think I'm very impatient and get irritated easily.. more easily that I should, which is not good.. but well..
Here go a few of those things..

  • WAITING.. for anything.Probably comes with the lack of patience.Though unfortunately I'v kept people waiting a number of times too.. n i'm sorry for that but really waiting makes me jus lose my temper so much..
  • Earliar it was only people who start honking the moment a red light turns green, now some of them start honking even before it turns green, expecting u to jump the red light and give them a smooth passage!
  • People who are rude to others without any reason.
  • People who are overcompetitive and think that helping other would reduce their own chances. If you're good, you're good. Why should you bother about how good the other person is.
  • People who look at old persons standing and then just look away to avoid offering them a seat.
  • People who stare so hard at you that it feels like they're trying to pierce you with their eyes.
  • People who say something in front of u, and then totally turnaround and deny that they ever even remotely mentioned that later.
  • Some people who refuse to accept their mistakes. Hey we all make them, just say sorry and move ahead.
  • People who overtake you in such a bad way that you just barely escape unscratched, or jump red lights forcing you to break when you should be the one crossing it.
  • People who brush past you or just step on you and then just move on without an apology.
  • Looking for something desperately and then finding it days later from the unlikeliest of places when you don't need it anymore.
  • Dropping something which is almost surely going to leave a stain on your clothes.
  • Someone who just drags on a discussion in class, picking up idiotic points and trying to appear the smartest person on earth.I remember once this guy went on and on about how women themselves willingly get into prostitution for money and when someone said that this is basically a big city phenomena and if you look at he big picture prostitution is forced, he refused to admit it and went on for the next 15 min trying to prove himself right by stats, TOI reports n what not..
  • Teachers who are exceptionally stingy about attendance and are so boring that you can barely stay awake in their class.I've always noticed this, professors who are really good would never bother about attendance cause they know they're good and everyone would in any case attend their class. There is this Sir of mine, Prof B.B.Pande who's retired now, but he is the best teacher I've had in college.And when he used to teach criminal law in first year, it used to be tough finding a place to sit in his class! we had to at times carry chairs there or just attend the whole class standing.I've always admired him for his knowledge, his expression, his way of teaching, his way of answering questions..Ok i'm totally diverting here..
  • Standing in a slowmoving queue.
  • Peole who are diplomatic, who can lie about anything.
  • Traffic jams, especially when I'm always running late ( which is quite often ;) )
  • I think I should stop here.. am i really so I've found so many things and there must be more too..
Cut to the present now..
  • Let me make some updates to this.. hmm..people who are really selfish.. I mean all of us are to a certain extent i think.. but then there are some..who hv no limits.
  • People who are irresponsible with other people's stuff. Hey go ahead do watever u want to with ur own.. but not with someone else's..
  • Insensitive people. There are some who would say such things.. it really amazes me at times..
  • People who don't switch their ringers off anywhere they go! Be it classrooms, hospitals.. exam halls.. just anywhere!
  • People who write false comments using my name :P

They're more than 20 t00 ;)

Next up.. Anita's tag and then Neeta's and then Sudarshan's.. sigh ! oh by the way guys consider urself tagged. Mike you too!
And of course, you guys r tagged.. yeah yeah u.. reading this post, consider urself tagged :P

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Now where do i start from?I was hoping it'll end and I wouldn't have to do this but..
Well someone has been playing a very bad joke here, maybe he/she would feel very happy to see this too..but i don't care.
Firstly someone posted wierd comments on my blog using id's of all my friends... everyone who comments here..i was surprised to see their names in the comments but then I was told it can be done, the person would just have to write the name and copy paste the profile page link in the other column and voila! it would appear that those people had actually written those comments. Infact this person even posted a comment from my name.. which made me think that someone had hacked my account.. but thankfully thts not the case.. So Rathna.. i don't need to change my password yet :)

Well I'v had to enable comment moderation.. n i think I'll have to stick with it for sometime.. till this person gets out of here..

Secondly, this person has been posting comments using my link at all my friends' blogs.. and signing it off with the name Nirmala.. so if anyone of u gets a comment by that name it's not me.. ignore it..

I don't know who it is, and why he/she is doing this.. but i hate this.. if only i could abuse! :)
This person is totally insane! He/she has gone and posted comments putting my link in each comment at each and every blog tht i hv in my list.. and signed them off with nirmala! how can anyone have so much time to waste.. and be so frustrated..

Monday, February 13, 2006

Liked This

Just got this quote through mail and really liked it..

Don't know why it's barely visible though!!
Simple but nice.. it says.. And in the end its not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.
Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

P's and Q's

I went to some relatives place a few days back. Now that side of town has too many people I feel and it has rickshaws!which makes driving a nightmare..Plus there's really no need for the speed limit, cause roads are so wonderful that even if u wanna go above the speed limit, you can't without considerable risk to your car and your bones!Smart move.. people won't even try to drive fast!

I simply hate it when people just jump on to the road and run to cross it, with scant disregard to their safety!And people do that a lot i must say,it's all upto u, break in time or else..

People look at me with suspicion if i stop my car and let them cross the road, I mean it doesn't happen too often does it? i guess they find it strange! It is really tough to walk on Delhi roads. Everyone's always in a rush! It's not like I stop everytime, i'm usually in a rush myself..but i still try to!I think I learnt this when I went to the U.K. People stopped for others, they let them cross the road, they were polite.. they waved when others gave them way.I think it was really nice!

Here, when u do let someone go, he would just think that it was his right anyways, so why jus give u a smile or a small thanks..Infact today was one of the rare days when someone said a thankyou when I stopped to let them to cross the road before I could move on..and it felt nice! I think if we do this more often, more people would wait for others..let them go..

If only people would say thankyou more often! I think we need to learn to say thanku , please and sorry..I mean noone says sorry to you here even if they step on u, they just turn away and move on!! How would a small sorry hurt u.. How come they never learnt this..and how did i learn this?

Hey you know what, I don't feel left out anymore. I finally saw rang de basanti today :) awesome movie, leaves you thinking.., unlike most movies that are made.Great music, great acting..a little unreal in the climax but otherwise an amazing movie!It makes you want to get up and do something, make an effort..and not just complain abt things not being right.

And oh, trip was good!Interesting experiance it was, got to see how life in a hostel could be, met some very nice people and some who were really stuck up! Didn't win anything in the competition but well we weren't prepared enuf.. so it's ok i guess. Roamed around in the last 2 days, had fun..overall it was a good trip!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Crib crib

Yeah i do that all the time ;)

I'm so tired!It's been almost a month now.. just been running arnd!I've taken too many things on myself n now i'm tired!

I come home late, hardly get tome to do anything.. havent done blog hopping since days :)
And tommorrow I'm going out of town for a competition..even though I'm not going far, just upto Chandigarh.. I feel wierd!Cause it's the first time I'm going alone with friends, just feel excited on the thought of going in the train cause its been ages since i did tht! But other than that.. I feel strange.. I hope the trip turns out to be good..

And after I get back, I'm gonna write a loooong post!! :)