Sunday, January 30, 2005

CaN YoU SolvE ThiS PuzzlE?

I had a class on Team Building today.Just a regular class which was going ok, but suddenly turned interesting towards the end.Sir was talking about teams solving problems n gave us a problem to solve.For 20 minutes all of us were whacking our brains trying to solve the problem. He even told us what the answer could b, told us to try different combinations, think out of the I finally got it, and Sir was so happy n relieved that someone finally managed to figure it out.. :)

Anyways here's the puzzle.. try it out. Lets see how long u tk to solve it ;) It's not tough, wont take time at all if u get on the right track! :)

A,B,C,D have to cross a dark tunnel.

A takes 10 min to cross.B takes 2 min,C takes 5 min and D takes 1 min to cross.

2 conditions : They hv only one tiny lamp and ony one team member can accompany the person carrying the lamp. Which means that at a time more than 2 people cannot cross the tunnel.Also remember that one person has to come back with the torch for the others to cross.

What is the minimum time taken for the team to cross the tunnel?

Should I give the answer?Nah.. lemme wait n watch :)

Friday, January 28, 2005


Yahooooo!! I jus got a shoutbox for myself :D I'v always liked the shoutbox n I'v always wanted one for myself on my blog. But this stupid msn doesnt let me put it up so I jus put up a link to my shoutbox I feel so proud of myself ;) Like I'v really achieved something!!

Hey I'v been on the comp for the past 2-3 hours, trying to set this up!! Figuring out how to do it,finding the site, setting up the page, the background,trying to remember the html i learned sometime in college!! it's nt so easy u noe

N I was so excited tht I'd finally managed to put it up tht i decided to write a post abt it. So now anyone who comes to this blog, please go n shout :) I'll b really happy if u do ;)

Ok now I'm really tada fr now!!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

A fact I learnt in class a few days back..

Women own just one percent of the total wealth in the world. Just one measly percent.. What that essentially means is that out of all the companies, businesses, everything in the world, women control just one percent.

50 percent of the population n just one percent.How fair is that??

The discussion was not essentially about how much wealth they own, or how much they should.It was about a gender bias which is still so openly prevalent not just in our society but probably everywhere in the world.In India sexual harrassment at the workplace is still not a crime.It has not been defined as a seperate offence till date. Begging is an offence, smoking at public places is a offence,but.. Well I guess the government thinks acts like these are much more serious acts n deserve punishment but crime against women is not that serious,or important enuf to merit punishment.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Dangerous little things!

I almost choked on a golgappa yesterday !! Didnt noe those harmless looking things could b so dangerous ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

One of those days..

There are days when ur just feeling down for no particular reason. Some small thing triggers it off n the feeling just refuses to go away. Nothing is really wrong but then nothing is really right too..
Just one of those days, where u wish u had a shoulder to put ur head on, a hand to hold, a friend right next to u, right now !! :)
N then just one phone call from a friend or a long walk alone or your favourite song playing on the radio jus drives away your blues and ur back on track ;)
Today it was my accounts class which helped me do tht :D Accounts !! Me n accounts hv never been able to match our wavelengths ;) We'r just poles apart.. I studied acounts in my 2nd sem in college and at the end of the semester I was still trying to figure out what is debit and credit n y do we need to debit or credit anything!!
Well today I actually sat thru 2 hours with full attention n didnt mind even when the class went on 30 minutes into extra time. N tht is saying a lot cause I start looking at the watch 30 min before the class is scheduled to end everyday ;) Thanks to the new teacher who actually made a class of accounts entertaining for us. Entertaining he definitely was, dancing around, making funny faces, but at the same time witty n managed to actually push some accounts in my head. I must say thats quite an achievement Sir :)

Monday, January 10, 2005

I did it!!

Second day of college and I managed to miss my U-special!! Had to keep up with my track record of course ;)

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The struggle begins..

One thing which ill surely miss once college starts from tomorrow is getting up at 11 in the morning everyday. :D
Something which I have been doing with unfailing regularity for the past 2 months :)
How will I ever manage to get up at 7 in the morning!! N the struggle to catch the U-special everyday :(( ,which i manage to miss atleast once every week, ;) begins again.. sigh...
Well it's already 1.15 and I better go to sleep right now if I want to give myself any chance of getting up that early!! Goodbye to late nights, its going to be Early to bed and early to rise for me from now on :((((

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Kick off!

After procrastinating for almost a month I've decided to finally kick off my blog :)
Right in the middle of my exams , while I searched for new ways to waste time , I suddenly found myself interested in the concept of blogging.N I wanted one of my own too, so that I could put down any trivial, important,significant or useless thing that i think about!!;) So here I am ,20 days later, with absolutely nothing on my hands at the moment :D , ready to write about anything and everything that comes to my mind in this little space of my own !
The Journey Begins...