Thursday, July 27, 2006


Yeah..the ban's gone for now! But I haven't been blogging. Cause i just don't know what to blog about!! There's nothing much happening these days, but by the time I get home I'm too tired to blog or do bloghopping... this is what i do all day-
go to work,
face traffic jams,
waste time if no work/sir not around,
wait for the evening and hope you don't get work late in the evening (which happens too often :((( ),
come back home,
face traffic jams,
chat with family and friends,
check mail,
go to sleep,
get up in the morning and then... do it all over again!!

oh yeah... in between.. wait for saturdays and sundays!!
lol...working life is very monotonous i must say!! I need to start doing something soon...some activity, some hobby... so tht i don't get bored!!!

Initially I used to get so frustrated with the traffic jams, now they have become a part of life.sigh.

Ive been sitting and thinking for the past 5 minutes and am still blank! So me's off...

And back... after visiting Ishita's blog, I decided I had to write about something... something which makes me go angry everytime I read about it. It's the Priyadarshini Mattoo rape and murder case. More than 10 years, and still no justice...
"I know this is the man who has commited the crime and yet I cannot punish him"
This is what the judge deciding the case had said. Lack of evidence, power play, the accused's father being a civil servant are probably factors which helped him get away. As they say, the prosecution has to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt... and the accused always gets a benefit of doubt. Because no innocent man must be punished even if a hundred guilty peopple go scotfree. Do you think this really holds in today's world? Should that one person be sacrificed to bring to justivce those hundred guilty people? It's a very tough choice to make... what if that innocent person is you, or someone close to you...Would you still be willing to sacrifice...

I don't know why, but everytime I read about her, hear about her I feel a strange sense of attachment... She was a law student, being followed, stalked for months by this man. She had even been given police protection...isn't this evidence?? t would probabyl be very tought o get direct evidence in such cases, but then so much circumstantial evidence should count for sure...and the worst part is that the man is practicing as a lawyer.. living a normal life. I wonder what his wife and kids would think about him... how would you live with someone like that? What if you knew your husband or father was a rapist and killer... would you be able to live with that?? Let alone his wife and kids... how can anyone live with the fact that they have actually committed such a heinous crime... Maybe noone else ever gets to know... maybe you don't get punished.. But you know. you know tht you have done something for which even god will not forgive you. Do they have any conscience, any remorse at all? any guilt?? Can they still sleep at nights? No matter what happens, I have a firm belief that God balances everything... if you don't get punished by the law, you will get punished in some other way...maybe your kids will hate you.. maybe you will never have peace in life... but you will get punished. I wonder though if the punishement's enough... if it's any solace to Priyadarshini's family.. her father who's been struggling to get her justice...How many Pridarshini's die such deaths without ever getting justice by the courts, by law.Can anyone tell me why does this have to happen? Why can't people get justice? Why don't things happen the way they're supposed to ? I'm not talking about a perfect world.A perfect world would be one in which such crimes would not be committed at all. I just want a world which respects what is right, and makes sure it happens..

Do sign the online petition for a retrial here. It might not be anything big, but atleast it makes us feel we're all contributing to her gettign justice in some small way.


Sudeep said...

lol @ ur timetable... its same with everybody

last week NDTV's Barkha Dutt was interviewing Priyadarshini's father, Jessica's sister (sorry i forgot the 3rd one) n the trauma they were undergoing could have easily brought even the criminals to tears..

Signing the petiton will bring them justice?? But thts wht the least we can do sitting here..

ishita said...
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ishita said...

i swear workin life had me like a zombie too...i hated the monotony and just doin the same thing over n over again!

i knowwww...i can sense how u feel about the "priyadarshini" case...coz i feel the same way too!

@ sudeep...the story was about priyadarshini, jessica and Nitish (he was in love with bharti yadav...killed by her brother (yet to be proved in court!) to avenge family honor!?!...the brother wz also involved in the jessica case)...

signing the petition maybe the least but i won't say it's of no consequence...and of course we can help spread awareness and motivate others to sign up...every little bit counts...

thanks neha for speaking for the cause and doing it so well!

ps: m sooo sorrryyy for the mistake (typo) in the last comment :((

namstee said...

hello g mera naam manav hai kya app mujhe bta sakti hai ki mujhe achee se blog templates khaa se milenge appki trha jaise nyi fancy se

Rupali_Srivastava said...

Your questions get me thinking always.

Why does Law and order not work in our country why!!

I think it is because in India, life has become cheap, I mean it has been devalued. Here in the US if you went into a grocery store and slipped if the floor was wet youcan sue it for not displaying the wet floor sign.

People are terrified abt being sued here,They respect the law. There is a law for calculation of the fine meted out by the traffic police and he cant ask you for more . That amt is so huge close to $200 for speeding that you automatically obey the rules.

I could go on and on..but the crux is we dont value each other and we dont get scared of the law

Keshi said...

G'day Neha!

If the man committed the crime, why wasnt he punished?


catch 22 said...

Its a very tough choice whether that one innocent person should be sacrificed to bring 100 guilty ppl to justice. The argument for it can be if these 100 ppl were bought to justice how many other innocent lives can be saved but what abt that one innocent person who is getting sacrificed , he doesnt deserve it his family and friendss doesnt deserve it. Its a very difficult choice but I guess the law can be modified so that a balance can be acheived, I donno how :(.

Why do ppl commit crimes ?:(

Yep work life will get into a mundane routine. It cnnot be escaped.:)

The Light-House. said...

"Those people who said money can't buy love did not know where to shop."

Justice these days is somewhere beyond the horizon,now a days when Law Breakers are the Law makers the fact that criminals are roaming scott free should not come as a suprise.

Aristotle once said, petty theives are hanged and the great once are chosen to public office.

Ekta said...

Havent u just started working and ur already bored
And imagine I have been working for 4 yrs now...thankfully I got a 6 mth break!

Anshuman said...

about to hit the mid-life boredom, r u ? :-P there are soooo many interesting things to do - the ironic part is that when we decide not to do different things, is when we say "life's so dull"

get moving .. do more, than what you are doing right now ..

Sudhir said...

Hey Neha, Itni jaldi bore ho gayi... Enjoy ur work life girl...:)

About the case. That is sad. but I guess that is common in indian justice system. I am not sure how things can change though.

Raghav said...

sudeep the third was neelam katara, nitish katara's mother.
the guy who was killed for having an affair with dp yadav's daughter.
btw neha...u think a retrial will help ?
how ?
the evidence that has beeen tampered with remains tampered and tainted.
there is no guarantee that witnesses will now depose again and even if they do, if they would revert to their original statements.
much has been made of 'retrials' after the zahira case, but we forget that the best bakery retrial happened within a year of the judgement and i think within two or three years of the incident
in the mattoo case its been ten years

Raghav said...

i think keshi's comment says it all.
its really that simple.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

Yeah this is the law and people of India

Yashita said...

hey this was a nice post...seriosuly all this makes u feel so helpless naah? but even I feel that what you give comes back to u...and this guy will some way or other he will,and that will be enough punishment for him don't worry...

and btw,was just feelin bad that I am sitting at home preparing for my exmas..whereas most of my frnds are working...hehe..guess I should feel grateful and enjoy the vaccation!!