Saturday, June 25, 2005

I havent abandoned my blog

It's just that for the first few days msn wudnt let me sign in n then i had no net access for the past 5 days :)

Here's the entry which i was gonna post a week back..

Here I am again.Writing after a whole week, but hey I havent abandoned my blog. I just havent been online much cause hv to use dialup here, n the speed's not that gr8 :)
So this is gonna be a short update, even though I'v got loads to write n tell, I'll save that for when I get back.
The whole week has been amazin.Been travellin a lot. One whole day for the flight, but I enjoyed it. Didnt sleep for even a minute n saw 5 movies on board :D So all the movies I missed during exam time have now been compensated for :)
Staying at a place called King's Lynn which is in South-East England. Beautiful town..The whole countryside here is just so green n beautiful.The buildings, the architecture is just so amazing.
Have been to Peterborough,cambridge,London,a beach nearby at a place called Hunstanton, and am going to Scotland tom. Have taken loads of pics but it takes ages to upload them, so will do that later.
I have so much to tell about these places, the experiance.. will do that in my next post.
Till then,
Keep smilin ( I think I borrowed that from somewhere ;) )

Since then I'v been to Scotland.. beautiful place.More updates on that tom :)


Friday, June 10, 2005


Stuck again,right at the start.Don't know how to begin. The beginning's always the toughest part isn't it? There are a number of times when I get stuck right at the starting line and I keep pushing off things till the time I'm left with no choice but to do them :)

Was reading catcher in the rye abhi.Have read about half of it, don't feel like leaving it.But it's tough reading on the comp and I think my eyes need a break now.

Havent really written any updates after exams, well time has just flown past.. just like it always does when u'r not doing anything you don't want to do, because when you'r doing something you don't want to do things just go on and on and days just don't end.. you know what I mean don't u !

My net connection's been unwell ever since the day Delhi had that storm, monday I think it was, so been on and off the net.. there was another small storm 2 hours ago, n the network cable had gotten disconnected again but somehow miraculously got connected on its own without me having to call up the net guy, something which I'v had to do everyday for the past 4

Seen a few movies, Bunty n babli, Star Wars 3, Hitch.. I'm really not the right person to give movie reviews cause I rarely dislike movies and needless to say I liked all 3 of them.. really wanted to see hazaaron khwaishe but plan got cancelled at the last minute :( still hope to see it though.Maybe on cd now..

Well the big news is I'm off to UK this sunday.Going with my family,for a few days .. First time me going out of the country, am looking forward to it :) Infact it's been a while since I travelled in a plane. hv become so used to going everywhere by road so I'm even looking forward to the plane got any suggestions on where to go.. what to do!

Hope to be blogging from there too :)

PS. I know the title has no link to the post but it is summertime isn't it? Infact it's so hot that I'v been postponing my shopping plans for a week

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It happens when you least expect it to happen

The setting was pretty good.Food set out on the table.3 candles on the table and 2 more in 2 corners of the room.No light anywhere else. Everything totally, absolutely dark.

It's been years since the time I last had a candlelight dinner.Yesterday night I had to, even though I did not really want to, neither was I prepared for it.

But the power supply people had decided enough was enough. It was high time that I did it. So just when the invertor had fallen sick, they decided that yesterday night had to be it.( Actually they hadn't, the grid had tripped..;) but this sounded better :-) So all of us at home were forced to have a candlelight dinner!

Well everything was just plunged into total darkness.It's really been years since that last happened. Luckily, my side of town does not face huge power cuts, and when there are minor disruptions, the invertor has always come to our aid.It wudn't have been so bad.. if only it wasn't this hot.Another effect of the power cut was that I did something which i hadnt done for months now. Went off to sleep really early,lol, cause there was nothing to do! No TV, no comp, no books, nothing!!

Anyways had a good 10-11 hour sleep yesterday and now I'm feeling totally refreshed :)

Btw Exams finally overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!