Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Memoirs of a would be lawyer

One day of staying at home trying to study and I'm bored already! I don't know how I'll spend the next one month.. I'm already getting cranky..lol :)

Hmm.. I think I need to get my brain to start working again.. it's been half asleep all day. The moment I open a book and read a few pages I feel sleepy. This could be the last time I'm giving exams.. and I just don't want to give them! I just don't want to study. Finishing with my studies, I'm going to start working soon. Don't know where I'll land up, how it's going to be.. it scares me at times, but I'm also looking forward to it in some ways. The first time I'll be independent.. my first salary.. have so much to buy with it..lol..I wanna buy something for everyone close to me! And I've been thinking of what to buy for whom since a long time :-) It's gonna take a while though.. a few months maybe ! But I'll surely do it!

It's been an interesting 3 years. The first year, I hated this place.. didn't want to go there at all. Missed my college, my friends..but then gradually got used to this place, made friends.. met different people, got involved with activities..Been an up and down journey.. but isnt that what life's about..There have been fun times, boring times, good times, bad times, memorable times..I'll miss this place I think! There were certain things which I'd never seen or done before that I did here. Like watching people give proxy attendance! Honestly, I'd never seen it before.. and I cudnt make myself do it even after 3 years of spending time here..lol.. and then I saw people giving their attendance and sneaking out of the class.. and at times even walking out! People who would pick up their cellphone in class and get down under the table and talk..lol..

I did certain things which I'd never done before.. public speaking hasn't been my forte.I've never gone in a debate competition or anything similar to that. The max I've ventured into is compering and poetry recitation.. and tht too in school.. and here in my first year I took part in the fresher's moot court competition. Now a moot court is something like a mock court where u v to present your case and the judges grill you with questions. Real judges would probably be nicer than the judges you haev here..lol.. anywyas my first attempt didn't turn out to be so great, cause I made a silly mistake, fumbled at the start and then lort out.. Then in second year, I wasn't going to take part.. but while discussing the problem with a friend of mine, decided to give it a shot. Prepared everything in just one day and somehow got selected into the moot court society.. Thereafter it was an interesting journey.. with more competitions, different experiances.. learning new things.. and then finally winning a competition :-)

At the end of three years, I wish I'd done even more.. but hey it's been an interesting experiance and I'm just looking forward to what lies ahead!


The Light-House. said...

The first half of your blog reminds me of my days in college (lol)
The exams in summer suck.But I managed to have better results for my simmer exams.The reason are still unkown.
As far as debate and public speaking are concerned it is all just matter of pratice.

Mustang said...

thanks for your comments neha. great to hear about ure learning process..couple of years down the line when you think back of your college life, it would be a good laugh. life's a long road.. ride safe..
will be passing by ure blog quite often..

Seashells said...

And that's why they say that a good start is half the job done. :)

PS: I have a widescreen laptop with upgraded screen resolution. Somehow your template is not compatible to my display. I guess i have to live with that. Funny thing is that it seems fine on IE, but i hate IE. Firefox rules.

mani said...
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Ankit said...

U were alien to proxy concept...
Seriously agar proxy nahin hoti then main to har course mein fail.

BTW one suggestion chng the color of ur text or of ur template the readability is low....

Ekta said...

Hey neha,
All the best girl!!!
Am sure ur gonna great in your exams and the do a kickass job as a lawyer(literally!)...
Best wishes for a great career ahead-Huggss!
p.s:- If I ever need a free lawyer I know where to go to!

it's life said...

hey that's grt.. and by the way wat's ur age man... coz ur profile says 20... how come so soon u r going to graduate?

Known Stranger said...

a perfect job for a scorpio and idel time pass for a person born in eighth house.

A friend. yet me have a special friend.

catch 22 said...

This post leaves a sense of Nostalgia in me. I cud relate to every word mentioned here. I can understand how excited u will be to get ur hands on some real work which pays u. The first salary day is always a nice experience. But one thing savour these last few days in college becos I assure u will miss them soon. Good luck madame and yeah keep us updated with memoirs of Neha ;).

The Individualist said...

Am still not out of the 'am blind but I can see' addiction. :d And to compare that seventh standard kid working towards being a lawyer... it all sums up so impressively. Ah am not too sure about what people will do in general. But am sure you will do quite well when you get into the real thing. And hey... do give me your phone number... ;) If at all, I ever get into a brawl somebody or decide to take someone to court, I know who to talk to now... :D And ahem, don't expect too much from me.. but I'll pay you quite well. :p
And you finding out that it was my comment from reading it, I just noticed that I had left my name in it... So, no big discovery :p
And proxies... lol Yeah. But somehow, I never got along to doing it too... Never cared about the attendance... Used to argue wtih my HOD about how it didn't matter lol... And the first salary and wondering how to distribute it around amongst your close ones, you know what I'll say now... cute.

Sudeep said...

gr8... so finally graduating out

when we r about to leave a place or have left it... we understand its value.. treasure all ur memories n frnds along with u

best wishes for having a gr8 future...

Alex said...

Would be lawyer?? Wow! All the best...I mean I studied Business and Industrial law during college days and the only reason I still have those books is - that they could be useful on a cold day...for a bonfire! LOL!!

About college days...helll I could go on and on...its amazing how they can change you as a person.

I hope the rest of the journey will be as fun filled for you!


anirudh said...

hey u teh way u r sayin it appears u have been a real sweeto in college...well wat else can i say other than wishin u have all the luck in da world wen u step out..

mani said...

Im glad that its finally getting over, the last one month here has been quite torturous. Didnt make too many friends here just a few people whom i can call friends[u included:)] though im on quite good terms with most people they can at best b called acquaintances nor do i have too many memories attached to this place. Feels great that will bcome a professional in a few days.All d best to you for ur career.Ya i know ur going to draw quite a fat first salary, considering ur CV;)Hope to keep in touch:)

niTin said...

Everybody feels scared about speaking on stage, even seasoned, professional speakers. So there is nothing wrong in feeling a little nervous just before presenting, that's like part of the game.
The last two posts have "memories" in the title; so is Neha in a reminiscing mode.

Arz000n said...

..I wanna buy something for everyone close to me!
Mujhe kya karna padega...ki aap mere liye bhi koi gift khareede??? lemme know...


it scares me at times, but I'm also looking forward to it in some ways.
Its going to hell lotsa fun..but then you gonna miss ur good ol coll days too...so be prepared for that...

And yes...good luck to you lady!!
Take care..

Known Stranger said...

yet to find a special friend buddy

Keshi said...

wow abt to leave college ha...cool! I know the feeling Neha...u feel kinda senti when u leave a place where u have learnt so many new things for so long...but as ever-changing life is, u gotta move forward...all the best for everything in future Neha!


Kevin said...

First of all, you are like my long lost twin. I have the exact same feeling when I sit down to study. I know how bad first day of college can be. I hated college when I went there for the first time and in the following days, I regularly used to bunk college. Used to hate going ther. But then, I slowly took up writing and at last, ended up winning the second prize in writing for an inter-college fest. What should I say? Co-incidence??

Keep posting!

Ajay said...

we all go thru this phase sometime or the other don't we ?

ss said...

so u are a law student? that sounds interesting..

Neha said...

@Tarun, :)
simmer exams..lol.. good way to put it , accidentaly or otherwise.. ;)
ur right.. practice makes it better!

@Mustang, thanks! hope to see ya here :)

@Seashells, I second tht! I'v stopped using IE since I first used firefox.. it's jsut so much better!

@mani, hmm so u edited it before i cud comment on it..:) well if it wasnt for college u wudnt hv gone to chandigarh.. and... ;)well most of the ppl i know here are not really 'friends'.. but well it's ok :)
this is a more positive comment though.. will surely keep in touch!

@Ankit, lol..mere college mein bhi 3/4rth log fail ho jate ;) well help me out! i wish i kne whow to change the color.. i'm ashamed to say tht I'm a graduate in IT..:D

@Ekta, hehe.. thanku :d I'm ready to do it :D
anytime ;) you guys might just b my only clients ;)

@Priya, my age.. ahh secret ;) my profile says 20!!really? ddidnt realize tht.. i'll go and change it !actually my profile doesnt state my age.. where did u see tht?

@Known Stranger,really? thts heartening to know :D
u will..at the right time :)

@catch22, i hope it brought back nice memories :) excited yes.. confused and unsure too! well it's alwasy this way! thanku and yeah.. i'm gonna b arnd ;)

@Sudhir, lol..ur being too nice :D not tht i mind ;) lol.. ok.. join the queue, ppl have been asking me to graduate quick so they can go and do some antisocial activities..lol..remember i won't work without a fee.. though chocolates wud do ;)
hey not fair.. u just splashed cold water on my detective skills :
i so agree with u on attendance.. esp in PG courses.. i mean y force someone to sit inside and sleep.. if you r good, people wud come to class! and there hv been times when i'v attended a teacher's class even though im not fonna get attendance..

@Sudeep, yep.. remember our pact? :D
thanku :)

@Alex, lol.. Business law is the most boring actually.. I remember my MBA friends telling me they'v got to mug up so much..

I hope so too.. :)

@anirudh, u got to ask me friends tht.. i'm not sure they'll agree ;) thanku for the good luck wishes:D

@niTin, a little?lol.. i'm a lot more nervous thn tht..;) lol.. yeah u got tht right ..i'm in a major reminiscing mode :D

@Arz000n, nothing much.. just send me ur address :P
well i sure hope its fun..are u just trying to console me?lol..
thanks :)

@Keshi, yep gotta move ahead..
I've got to keep telling myself this.. but i hate leaving things behind :)
thanku :)

@Kevin, hey twin ;) coincidence? freaky :) lol.. i guess it does happen.. new place, new ppl.. takes time to settle down..we've got similar temperaments :)

@Ajay, oh yeah :) all the time!

@ss, It IS interesting ;)

Yashita said...

hey:) just wanted to say hello...will come back later:)wanted to see wat u've been upto:)

Raghav said...

hey all the best !
the initial phase, as a young lawyer is really strenous and shitty.
but once you slug it out then the going gets really smooth.
fame, fortune, power they all await you.

Princess said...

Wow. You made me remember my college days. Really an exciting journey that will end before we finish enjoying. Good one :)

Kevin said...

Dont freak me out by saying we have similar temperments. If its true, God help your opposition in court!:) lol

Sudeep said...

ha ha.. how can i forget tht? .. lollzz

richunderconstruction said...

hey... can i simply copy paste the first half of this post onto mine?! ;))similarity struck!! im in my final yr... tryin' to study (unsuccessfully), will b graduatin' soon, n workin' in the nxt few months.......
n feelin' the exact same way
"The first year, I hated this place.. didn't want to go there at all. Missed my college, my friends..but then gradually got used to this place, made friends.. met different people, got involved with activities.." honestly ya... mirrored sentiments.
gosh! even i ve been plannin' wat to buy for my close ppl!
man... a change lies ahead, wonder whr lifes gng, its an interestin' threshold... divergent n invitin' :)
all the best for ur exams!

Kevin said...

Okay! One more twin! In the form of richunderconstruction (whose real name I'm dying to know). I'm going through a lucky streak!

richunderconstruction said...

- kevin - :)its rlly that difficult to fig out?

richunderconstruction said...

hey neha!! try gng to my profile... dnt think the name abhishek suits a female ;))

richunderconstruction said...

:)) try agn! its really not that diff... *hint* read my blogname agn, n agn, n agn...

Neha said...

@Yashita, wat hv u been upto?!

@Raghav, is tht a fellow lawyer there? :) i noe it's gonna b ral tough fr a few years... atlst!

@Aizwaikcha, so true!! in fact i feel like it happens.. just when u really know ppl, n make friends and hv fun.. it ends!

@Kevin, u must be so totally freaked out by now..lol..god help my opposition.. lol.. my friends say tht even now ;)

@Sudeep, u bette rnot! or i'll sue u for breach of agreement ;)

@rich, i'm still stuck!! and i'm trying hard..:D
atb to u fr ur exams too! do well :)
Kevin, i think we're triplets here ;)

Nessa said...

A few months, eh? Plenty of time for us to get close :) - for those gifts.. :P

Ajay said...

haha neha
uve very accurately described the boredom.I can recollect the days when i was studying for my ca final exam. I would, Lie down on the sofa, keep some food handy, place the Huge Income Tax Act Book on my chest and within a few minutes, i would travel to the land of dreams,m ybreathing slow and regular, not a worry in the entire worls. Mom discovered this and started spying on me to keep me awake. Later on she realised that it wud b better to let me sleep. Atleast i wud ( according to her) study when i had woken up later.
So Sectio ... subsection ... clause ...
best of luck girlie.
n if u feel drowsy put on some good music . alternating between music n studies n food n tv n blogging wud certainly help
what say?;)