Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good night!

More action! The ups and downs continue!
Today was soo much better ! I woke up dreaming about the result of my semester exams and it actually came true! The result came out today morning, and I got a real pleasant surprise, did really well, so I am very happy!

I almost feel guilty for taking out my frustration here.You all have been so nice to me:)

Well..I've got into this habit of making short quick posts. Not good. I must change it!

Hmm..Time for some Random thoughts :)

You know I just hate it when people don't reply, or don't call back. It's so rude.. and I get totally turned off by it. Then I just don't feel like calling those people again. Why do some people hv to do this!

I think I've been cribbing too much recently. so let's digress.

Am I superstitious? I'd like to believe I'm not. But there are times when I do things which force me to believe the contrary. Like I'm always scared of talking too much about some thing which is about to happen, some good news, something I'm looking forward to, cause I'm afraid it'll get spoilt. Something will happen which will mess it up. And it does happen doesn't it? Maybe it's not just because you told others, but the next time u'd like to keep ur mouth shut wudn't u?

But other than that I don't think I am really superstitious.. I mean I don't believe in chain letters. I delete those very mails which tell me something really horrible will happen to me if i delete them and I must must, absolutely must forward it to atleast a 100 people right now!
Why do we believe in these chain mails? and these days chain sms? do we really think something like this would happen?

This is turning out to be too boring a post. I think I've lost it and I should go to sleep.. or better still go and work on this assignment for class.. * yawn *

Hmm..well you know what, I believe what goes around comes around.. so be careful of the way you act.. tomorrow you might be at the receiving end.. Life is always in balance..

Receiving or recieving? I think it's the first one, but i'm too lazy to check!why do they have such confusing words. Although there hv been times when I messed up spellings of much simpler words. And especially at places where it cost this happened during college. The first day of ragging. Somehow while we were being ragged we were asked our hobbies, i said surfing the net amongst other things.. and then someone asked, so tell me the spellings of surfing.. and guess what i said? sruf!! they didn't let me forget tht after tht!! Of course i knew how surfing was spelt.. but hey i was being ragged !! i was ragging time was fun actually. I enjoyed getting ragged more than ragging others once i became a senior.I just didnt have the right attitude to rag i think..

I haven't been blog surfing these days.. I think I'll just end this post here and go check out some more interesting stuff on everyone else's blog ;)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Why does it happen that everytime I laugh alot, I end up crying a few days later, as if to make up for it? Does everything in life have to be in a balance all the time!

Why are some people so artificial, so selfish and so insensitive? People whom you call 'friends'! At times I feel like I'm having a great time and everything is going well, and then suddenly *boom* everything just crashes and I feel like I'm surrounded by people who care a damn about me.And then I wonder, why the hell do i give so much importance to people in the first place...

Life Sucks! :-(

Sunday, March 12, 2006

This is going to hurt a lot!

I'm scared!I'm going to the dentist to have a tooth extracted and I know it's not going to hurt just a little bit.. jus like the ogden nash poem which we all studied ( in 10th remember?) !

Just the other day, i was talking to someone and I was like, oh what's the big deal in going to a dentist or getting atooth pulled out.. u get to have icecreams, milkshakes after's cool!! bah!it's not, i didn't realize i'd get the opportunity to experiance it so soon.. me and my big mouth !! And on top of that people are hell bent on scaring me ( except for a few sweet ones :) )!! Telling me that I'm going to be all 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' with pain..Lol..

I saw a big of Fear factor India yesterday, the one they've just started.I couldn't understand what is the point? I just don't get it! Why would someone have snakes wriggling all over themselves. To win a competition? To prove a point? To get rid of your own fears? Thankyou very much, I'd rather stay afraid of snakes and lizards than have such a close shave with them!

I had my first ever tennis lesson on Saturday. And even though my legs are still aching (we jogged around for almost an hour and then had tennis for an hour, thats quite a lot for a lazy person like me ;) ) I enjoyed it thoroughly! Looking forward to the next lesson.. if and whenever it comes :)

I saw crash yesterday. Very heavy movie, but worth watching I'd say.
Anyways I better get going now, will be back to share my will spare you the gory details though ;)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Time for an update!

Can anyone tell me how this works?

Guess Your Number - It's Magic!

I keep getting such links and then keep trying to figure out how they work.. but .. :)

Also if you have time,
Johari Window

would you please :)