Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mother in laws

So, the subject of today's discussion is going be.. ahem.. MILs. Are they really like those EK serial type women? Well to be honest I always though those were so delusional and unreal but listening to some friends of mine and their stories.. phew.. I have changed my mind and I really thank my stars that I have been lucky to have a really nice mother in law. Although I don't think I am the best daughter in law around..

Listening to some crazy stories of mental harrassment, I wonder what makes us independent women still not willing to speak out, to go against what is wrong. And what makes these Indian men (maybe not all, but really so many of them) act like their parents can do/say no wrong. Will this ever change? 

10 years..

I went to the first post made on this blog in 2005 and started reading. It felt so nice to read and relive those days.. those carefree days.. and my posts reflected those times.. Im so glad I used to write. I wish I could (would?) do that even now. It's like archiving a part of your world virtually so that you can get back to it whenever you can..

10 years it has been.. how easily I used to write back then. How much I had to say on different things, about myself, about the world... Now all that time goes in liking photos and posts on facebook..

I'm making no promises but I do feel inspired to write again..