Sunday, April 16, 2006

Go watch 'em

Today I again saw two of the most adorable movies I've seen till day ! ( There, you can see how much studying is going on here ;) )

Shrek 2 and Ice Age 1 ! If you haven't seen them till now, you're missing something.. Go and watch them!The characters, the stories.. the movies are just hilarious and at the same time very if i may say so.. 'sweet'. :) they really touch you, atleast touched me..

I'm waiting to see Ice Age 2 now.. I hope it turns out as good as the first part.


sahibi said...

hey did u see legally blonde it was coming on zee movies. its also a nice movie.i culdnt see shrek 2 and ice age . hope to see it .

Jackal said...

hmm some one watching too many movies n having fun.... nice enjoy gal b4 u start working :)))

Jackal said...

i read ur last post ....i wanted to say something din all sincerity and seriousness......
shortly u will start work.....i hope u wud not just work for the money..u wud be in aposition to do something for the society too.........i hope u will stand up for justice for all tht is right.....i know the system is rotten but matter how small each one of us shud stand up and be counted.....dont become part of the crowd.......all the best.....tcc byee

Φ said...

see Iage2 honey it rocx ..seen it twice.. shrek and ic1 r my favs :)

Seashells said...

If this is the first time you are watching them, then shame on you :P... But, i pardon you for not studying :)

Known Stranger said...

thanks for reading my latest scribbling on dew. Hmm i am eagerly awaiting for ICER age 2. I am going to have the first day show seen at any cost.

Alex said...

If there was something I liked in Shrek 2 - it was the Donkey...(LMAO!!) and of course the Puss in boots going all "awwwwwwwww".


Ice age..dammit still on my list besides Shark Tale and Finding Nemo and Madagascar...can you tell I am a cartoon freak! ;)

By the way if you could ...try and catch this flick - When Harry Met Sally. I guess Hum TUm was copied from this one - but this one is way better!

catch 22 said...

Both the movies are among my favorites especially Ice age 1. I prefer shrek 1 to shrek 2 though. I hope Ice age 2 is as good as part 1 and waiting for it to be released.:)

biju said...

are u there yet??? :-D

Yashita said...

hahahaa..not surprised:) we all too do that!! the video center next to our coll does maximum business during exam time:)

yea shrek is great, but I liked shrek1 better than shrek2...and If u really ask me, I wanted a diff ending:( I mean I wanted her to turn into the princess agian:( but anyway, then I would want shrek to turn into a prince too:)...hehehe, ok I am a sucker for fairytales!!

and havent seen Iceage...I had fallen ill then, so couldnt go to see it:(

@Alex, hey I love 'finding nemo' too, one of my favs actaully :)
and incidentally I saw harry met sally this week, tho I had seen it before, but nevertheless still enjoyed:)

Arz000n said...

ICE AGE 1 was the first animated movie that made me cry in the end...amazing one!!

I own DVD of both ICE AGE 1 and Shrek...shrek II was not good...didnt enjoyed much...

Also, people said ICE AGE 2 is not tht good either...everyone dies in the end :(

so no fun in watching it in Multiplex....might get DVD next week..

Nasty Nashe said...

ouh.... i love love love Shrek 2 too!

anirudh said...

wish that baby in ice age was always besides me..!

Sudeep said...

i luv watching Shrek... both parts

also in animated categories i would watch Polar Express n Shark Tales over n over...

never seen Iceage though..

u r studying pretty hard eh? :D

n hey the colour look around the posts is new or it was since u changed the template? i saw it today... reminds me of the greetings we kids used to make here with oil colours n thread.. nice look

The Individualist said...

Shrek 2 has been proving elusive for a while. Not for long, I hope.
Ice Age? Don't get me started on it. I'll write some eight posts here about it then. :p Such a cute movie. Adorable like you say. Extremely so. Ice Age 2... where are you?
P.s. Hate myself for not posting 'tomorrow'. But well, I guess I finally have. :d

The Individualist said...

And thanks Arzoon. For spilling out the story. :|

Sudarshan said...

You seem to be enjoying yourself hols kya?? I wanna see these movies too :-( but where's the time lol...But as soon as my hols start, I'm gona treat myself to lots of cartoon movies ;-) Hehe by the way if you want Ice Age 2, contact me lol ;-) Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen both, and Ice Age 1 is really a great movie. Shrek 2 is also good, but not as great as Shrek 1.

Same with Ice Age 2, which I recently saw. Does not compare to the first one, but still definitely fun and worth watching.

Siddharth said...

Oh, above comment was me, I could not enter the name as those text boxes somehow did not show up then.

Abhishek said...

hey, been here afta many days...
n this templete is cool...whr'd u get it from?

mani said...

It feels great that i've someone for company, even me not studying.Tk care n dont study for a few more days cos me will start studying seriously only after 20th

Maya Cassis said...

hi there
I am here via ekta's blog
and yes,I have seen both Shrek 2 and Ice age1
they are both incredible and I saw them both on tv,I would have enjoyed it more on a big screen though.

coolvir said...

Both of them were really cute movies.....
Even saw IceAge2 this week....its just a privelage of being an IITian that we get movies in our LAN a month before official release....this movie is also as cute as the firstone...will catch it once again in the big screen.

Btw...try "incredebeles" and "the curse of ware-rabbit" if you like animies :)...both of them were dammn cute.

johnny_deepblue said...

i deeply feel concerned about a voiceless generation like ours which is always afraid of something it has not yet faced.a generation that is running away from love.

Aditi said...

Cool template.. watch out for monsters inc.. that was a great movie. I liked it so much better then ice age

Nasir said...

great movies..rather they are CUTE!

Pinki said...

wow- lovely template neha :)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

I heard from a friend that Ice Age 2 is even better than Ice Age 1...and funnier too. Yipee!
Shrek 2 is cuuuute. :D In animated series, Shark Tales is awesome too.
By the way, nice template. :)

ss said...

simply luvvveed shrek1 and 2..haven't seen ice age yet...also "Finding Nemo" is great..."A bugs life" is fabulous too..afte watching it u 'll 'be full of remorse for all the ants you squashed as a kid :)

Keshi said...

I so wanna see The Meltdown too...


Nessa said...

I loved the first Ice Age, and the first Shrek.. wasnt too impressed by the second Shrek.. It wasn't bad tho' ... Yeah, I'd say it was 'sweet' too :)

Neha said...

@sahibi, yeah thts another funny movie.. u shdu go see them!

@Jackal, hehe.. yeah.. right at the time when i shud b studying!
well u noe right now thts pretty much teh way i feel.. tht i wanna make a difference.. and i just hope this feeling stays with me. i dont wanna bcom a money making machine!

@Phi, hmm havent seen this one.. will try to!

@Seashells, nah nah.. not the first.. the tenth mayb.. or even more :P

@Known stranger,oh i won tb able to watch it so early i think!

@Alex, The donkey.. oooh yeah :D and remembe the climax bit when puss in boots makes tth sweet innocent face..

Hey u have to watch it! I've seen Finding nemo.. oooh thts another awesome movie! havent seen the other too though..

and yeah i have seen Wehn harry met sally.. seen it in bits and pieces though.. very nice it was.. i liked it! and i like the ending too.. hum tum was definitely a copy..

@catch22, i hvtn seen shrek part 1 since such a long time.. wanna see it now!

@biju, ummm where? :P

@Yashita, hehe.. hey i loved the ending! i liked it cause it was so unexpected.. it's like a twist in the typical fairy tale.. a happy ending yet different!

@Arz000n, i'm surprised tht i didnt :)
not this time atlst..
and y did u have to tell me tht.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :P
i'll still go watch it.. and hoep fr a different ending :D

@Smitten Kitten, :)

@anirudh.. oh yeah.. cute baby na!

@Sudeep, i havent seen polar express of shark tale! and of course i'm studying sooooooo hard ;)
the color look arnd the posts.. u mean the spray paint like thing? it's been there right from the start buddy!

@Sudhir, ohy don't u ! :D headed to read it now!

@Sudarshan, yeah got prep leave.. lagta nahin hai na :D oh yes i want it i want it! how do i get it? i'll drop in a mail.. is ur email id there on ur blog..

@Siddharth, uv already seen ice age !! ohh well i'll go watch it in a hall :P

@Abhishek, thanks! i got it from the site mentioned.. just where the blogger symbol is.. it's

@mani, well ur finally going to start studying tom.. i still dont udnerstand this phone switching off funda!

@Maya, hello! and welcome :-)
u noe i'v seen both on tv too.. another reason y i shud see ice age 2 in a theatre..

@coolvir, ha :P lucky u.. hey u r gonna pass out soon na?
i'v seen the incredibles.. good one it was.

@johnny, i'm sorry but i don't see the relation :)

@Aditi, hey thanks!! another movie added to the list ! :-)

@Nasir, yeah Cuuuuuuuuuuute!

@Pinki, hey how r u doing? seeing u here after long!

@The Girl, how cud i miss shark tale!
btw.. thanks :-)

@ss, i'v seen all u mentioned.. :D

@Keshi, Join me!

@Nessa, helloooooooooooooooooo and welcome back sweetie :)

shaunak said...

ice age was really cute ..

though i liked shrek 1 more than shrek 2 ..
the sequel somehow lacked the magic of the original one .. or so i thought ..

check out "finding nemo" in case u havent seen it .. bet you will love it :)

Anand said...

Hey saw Ice age 2--not as good as 1 thouhg-but worth a watch..gotta see shrek 2 yet!
Your blog has now inspired me to watch it soooonnn!

The.Grey.One said...

Some more good ones

Monsters Inc
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles
Toy Story 2
Shrek 1 & 2

richunderconstruction said...

hey twin ;) go check out my blog... ur kashmakash will be lessened!

Arz000n said...

Go and watch in multiplex...and take the top upper row seats...usually you get to see different endings for good movies...thts wht I heard...

Damn I went to watch this "Hum ko deewana kar gaye" alone last night show....only 20 people in the audi...830 show..I had samosas and a large cupa chilled sprite...and then left for home at can guess how that movie was, rite??

Btw, samosas were awesome!!

Kevin said...

Shrek 2 is an AMAZING movie. I love to see it over and over again. Its fantastic. As for Ice Age 2, I'm yet to see it. Exam time, no movie theatre for me. Sniff........
Keep posting!

Nasir said...

You have been Blogrolled!

Sudeep said...

the company has turned on viewing pics on blogspot... so i could see tht now
n even ur handwritten poems

Sudarshan said...

Lol so you want it drop me a mail at Have fun and enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea both og 'em are cool movie... I'm a great fan of animated movies, n actually gota a huge collection...

Betw kewl blog, the template is great.. ;)

Sudarshan said...

Time for a new post lol I came here to comment lol

White Forest said...

hmm havent watched those movies :(

will try to watch them ...:D

Neha said...

Thanku The Grey one, anand, shaunak!! for the suggestions :D i'v seen most of them.. but will definitely catch teh ones i missed!

rich...a... finally ;)

Zoonie, u shud realy hope fr tht different ending :P

well how can u go to watch such crappy movies.. n tht too alone... lol..

Kevin, love ur new post :)

and thanku so much Nasir!

Virus, u do? i'm jealous ;) thanks btw :)

Sudarshann, done both :D

Rathna, u must!!

Anonymous said...

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