Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcome back!

That was me, welcoming myself back on my blog after quite a few days!
Yeah I've been away for a real long time, I'd probably been online for 10 min overall in the past 4-5 days! I can't remember when was the last time that I was so busy! But I had so much fun..I'm already missing it!

Well, our college had organized an All India Moot Court Competition and I was a part of the organizing team.. wat an experiance it was.. so much activity,so much hustle bustle..It was a three day event and preparations were going on for the past one week. and that's what was keeping me busy :) I was getting back home at dinnertime everyday, and sometimes even later than that! The past three days just flew by so quickly, I was on my feet almost all the time, running around, getting things in order, making sure things were in place, keeping a track of the teams. I'd never realized there was so much involved in just hosting a simple event! Sure taught me a bit of event management, lol.. Mayb i shud switch over to tht now ;)

I love being busy, I love it when my mind's working all the time, when I don't have time to waste..when there's something to be done, something which I enjoy doing..Well except for a few minor glitches, like the absence of a candle for the lamp lighting ceremony (which had to be done by matches,lol ) and the disappearance of the compere on the final day just before the ceremony was about to start ( which forced our teacher convenor to become an impromptu compere , and noone even got a hint that something was amiss , she did a very good job! ), we put up a fairly good show i think :) Not just me, most of the participants felt the same way :D ( and i did ask them, u seriously mean it ? lol ) Thankfully, they didn't see what all went on There were of course, the raised tempers.. small fights at times but all in all it went off pretty well, and I enjoyed myself..I'd never interacted with my teachers so closely and it was fun sittin and chattin with them, informally. Also, interacted with a number of people whom I didn't noe too well before this, and found them to be pretty nice!

I was so tired I took an off today, and didn't do anything all just lazed arnd..wasted time..back to normal now :) so i'll b back to updating the blog regularly too!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

'Twas my blog's bday on 8th :)

I didn't forget,just cudn't find time to post :)
Woah..and entire year of blogging.. somethings have changed while some haven't. I still open my blog asa I go online :) I still feel very nice when someone compliments me, and I still feel good to see a new comment!and I still write whatever comes to my mind, which makes my posts sound vague at times but well :)

My first post was something ike this :

Kick Off!

After procrastinating for almost a month I've decided to finally kick off my blog :) Right in the middle of my exams , while I searched for new ways to waste time , I suddenly found myself interested in the concept of blogging.N I wanted one of my own too, so that I could put down any trivial, important,significant or useless thing that i think about!!;) So here I am ,20 days later, with absolutely nothing on my hands at the moment :D , ready to write about anything and everything that comes to my mind in this little space of my own ! The Journey Begins...

and it's going on. :)

When I'd started I'd thought I'd have to force people to come to my blog to read think I saw a few blogs on PG (which are not there anymore though) andApurv's blog and that gave me the idea of starting one of my own.I used to write in my diar, but now I just come and write here..Well hope to keep writing on and on..

Rambling on and on actually :)

Thankyou to everyone who's ever come and read my ramblings and of course to those who still do persistently :)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Airtel's driving me mad!

Since yesterday evening, I can't receive or make calls from my phone, inspite of the fact that it keeps showing me full network, and i can send n receive sms' and that stupid Airtel Live thing is also working.It starts working the moment i step out of my colony and keeps working when i get back in but once it gets disconnected then it's gone!!It's just acting wierd, wierd wierd!! I've called up their customer care, that too from a landline cause i cudnt even get thru to them, and each time they've said it's a temporary congestion problem which will b ok within 2 hours and it's been aleast 10 hours since i last called them n it's just the same... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. i'm so frustrated with them!!and i don't noe wat to do!just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping against hope that it'll work soon!

Update : It's working now!Yipee :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I still feel

..N i cant make myself write!!I mean i was so full of ideas and things i wanted to write about when i was busy studying for exams and now that I have all the time in the world (actually i don't, i mean i do but i havent spent it in front of the computer for the past few days ) all those ideas have just vanished! I've been so lazy that i don't even have a happy new year post on my i'v seen one almost everywhere :) No new year resolutions too.. jus dont wanna make any, i mean i'll just make them as and when required.
I don't think I wanna write about my laziness here cause it's gonna b too embarrassing so lets move on :D

Well i don't feel like writing.. I did this, went here and there.. then wat do i write about right now?Well firstly I got the object of my desire ;) My mp3 player.. n i love it!! it has all i wanted, glows when it's on, and sounds great!only i had a tough time setting up its software...long story tht. Well today just out of the blue, dunno how n y it hung, n when i rebooted it, it asked me to format or reboot or... some similar options.. n oh boy i my heart sunk!! i mean it's just been 3 days n here was my li'l baby, already unwell! i tried rebooting it a few times, but it kept coming on to the same screen. well i just shut it off, hopin for the best and after sometime when i switched it on, it worked!! yaaaaaay.. n thank god!! jus hopin tht it stays fine now :)

Me's picked up a book after a long time, and trying to finish it asap. I really wanna get back my reading habit. I used to read so much when i was a kid, n now all i read it newspapers, blogs and some random stuff here n there on the net... Nothing can ever replace books though. I'v even tried reading ebooks, but it's just not the same!! It's too tiring reading a book on the comp, n nothing beats a real book!

Ok I'm going blank again,so i'll jus sign off!I think I'll just go read now..tada