Sunday, June 03, 2007


What the hell is this.. Burning buses, creatign jams, makign life tough for ordinary people! What for? Stoning police, creating a ruckus.. dont people in this country have anythign better to do!! Why do they dervice such a pleasure in destroying public property.. waste of time and resources when we already hv a shortage of both!! what if somebody lives on a daily wage.. and eh cant reach to whis work place because of these people.. what's his fault? what's anybody's fault in all of this? why should we be affected? and why is the central government sittign idle and not doign anything about this.. this government has just pushed and is still pushing this country so deep into this caste ruckus that it is going to take us all down one day. I used to think illiteracy is the biggest problem of this coutnry.. but now i think education or no education its caste politics, caste issues which will never let us rise..