Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Warning: Might sound like a lecture.. :)

Each one of us only needs to do his/her part.That's it.Nothing more, nothing less.Yet, we fail to do even that much.We refuse to fulfill our responsibilities.If everyone would throw waste only in dustbins, there would not be any of it lying around would it?Yet, if I try and tell someone not to throw something on the road, they tell me you'r being stupid.Your not throwing things on the road is not going to make a difference, others are going to throw stuff on the road anyways.Well if everyone of us thinks that way, is it ever going to change? I really dislike this defeatist attitude of people. Things are not going to change so why even try.. Why should you bother about what others are going to do? You need to only do your job, you need to only take care of your part.
Someone asks me, will you take up a false case? I said.. I hope not.Atleast that's what I think right now.. that i don't want to. And then I hear.. You don't know how the system works, you wont earn that much money.. If you don't take it up, someone else will. Why should I think of all that? All I know is that I won't be happy doing it. I do have some idealistic ideas in my head and I don't want to break them.. not so soon atleast..How would I fight about something I'm not convinced about myself?
Coincidentally, I was watching Viruddh today.It's a movie about a man's struggle to get his son proved innocent against a corrupt system which favours only the powerful.The son gets killed for trying to do the right thing, which maybe foolish. Throwing yourself to catch persons who've just shot someone.What do u get for following your principles? for helping someone out? get killed? How many powerless people really get JUSTICE? Howver, I still can't get them otu of my head. I still don't see myself defending a murderer cause its plain and simple wrong. It's just wrong. Now anyone might say.. so is jumping a red light, so is crossing the speed limit.. so is lying.. so is are a hundred more things which I do.Well somethings are wrong.. and then somethings are WRONG. Noone's a saint here. We're all mere mortals. But we all have certain principles and certain values. Where do all these go when we go and shoot a person down? When we defend a person knowing that he's guilty? when we burn alive people just bcos they are from a particular religion? When will we learn...when will we give up. When will we stop pointing fingers at others and do what we have to and should do.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I like winters..

I like Winters.. yeah inspite of those shivering mornings and those tough to get out of bed days... Winters are good.You don't feel hot all day and wish you had a portable AC, you actually enjoy sunshine.. which we get plenty all thru the year i think! and there are NO LIZARDS.. eeeeee.. how much i hate lizards!! Honestly I don't know why but I'm petrified of them!! I can't stay in a room if I see a lizard in my room.I don't care abt spiders, cockroaches and others but lizards.. they come in a different category altogether! There's something so eeky about them! This outburst comes in the wake of yesterday night when I was woken up by my sis at 1 in the night seeing a lizard in our room, and thereafter I cudnt sleep!! I kept sleepily checking its whereabouts time and again !! I just don't trust these creepy creatures.they don't know where to go!! What if they came on our bed or something!! I finally fell asleep at close to 4 after it disappeared somewhere..lol. it wasnt deliberate. I didnt wanna stay up but i just cudnt sleep!Usually my mom comes to our rescue, but cudnt have gone and woken her up at 2 in the night :)
Terrible night.. am off to sleep now to compensate :)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Such is life..

Everything is momentary.. joy or sorrow.. happiness or misery..
one moment ur on the top of the world..
the next u'v heard a real bad news...
and in the next ur doing something which distracts u and makes u forget what made u feel so bad...
It all just keeps coming and going doesn't it.. nothing stays..good times, bad times, tough times,great times..
Is there anything which is permanent in life?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Book Meme Virus :P

I think I finally hv to do it ..much as I'd thought I'd be able to
escape..sigh ;)
Well geetu n saikat.. here i am :)
Even though it's not linked yet somehow it reminds me of those silly
chain mails n sms's which keep coming all the time.. U'll lose ur job ( I don't hv one :P ), heavens will fall.. blah blah.u'll I don't even read them now! The moment I realize its a chain mail I just delete it without going further to know what devastating things
could follow if i don't forward it.. n then there r those which claim tht the mail is being tracked n u will win a nokia phone or something if u forward it!! Come on people.. u really think tht wud happen!!

Atleast mailing is free.. but sms!! how can u waste money or sending such silly sms's!! Lol.. actually i gotta confess here..once someone told me u wud get talktime from airtel because it's their anniversary or something n u had to forward this one msg to 10 people.. well i did it too :( but only because my sms was 1 paisa at tht time..so it only cost me 10 paisa.. needless to say i didnt get anything but i'm sorry i fell into the same trap !! :)

But well this is something different.. infact this is something I loved to do when i was a kid... something like filling up scrap books.. write ur fav this that.. I still have those scrap books saved with me.. It's fun reading them now..I once made one myself.. in which I asked people questions like what would u do if u became the prime minister for a day... lol.. well atlst it was innovative..thing is i'v just become too lazy now.. plus I'm not so proud of my reading habits at the moment.. so I'm not gonna enjoy this..lol..I think It's jus tht my attention span has bcom too short now.. I wanna do things quickly.. There was a time when I could just sit all day with a book n jus go on an on till the time I finished it.. It rarely happens tht way now.. I read books in bits and pieces and it's not that much fun that way u know..Plus there are so many distractions.. the comp of course ;) I can read ont he comp.. I can read articles, news,blogs :).. short stories..

neways after taking so much footage.. or wasting somuch print.. or whatever u might call it I finally get down to the virus :)

Total number of books I own : I think they'r too few.. I would like to buy loads and loads of books and keep them in my own library :) Never really counted.. Well I hv been buying books ever since I was a kid.. so I do have quite a few of them.. but like I said.. they'r just not enuf !!

The Last Book I Bought : a number of law related books :P U know I have to read books all my life in this profession..lol..well actually I bought .. I'm confused here.. I bought a few books like A brief history of time, To Kill a Movkingbird.. but then I didnt really buy them ;) And before that I bought The Alchemist and Inscrutable Americans.. but I gifted them though I have one of them with me right now.. well u can take ur pic out of all of the above.. :P-

The Last Book I Read : I know this one :D Mr. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.. was waiting for this one.. n now I'v got another long wait for th 7th book.. sigh.. Well I'v already talked abt this one on the blog.. Didnt like the ending :( Seems to me like there are 2 kinds of ppl.. one who love readign HP.. n the other who just hate him,even though usually they hvnt read any of the books.. I know the marketing blitz is too much.. but hey the books are still v much readable!

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me : I hate to choose :( Wat if i miss out on some book.. :)

Anyways here goes.. lemme remember..

The oldest books I own . It 's a collection.. of a number of short stories.. fairy tales.. those dreamy lands.. they mean a lot to me cause they'r the ones which got me into this reading habit in the first place.nn and maybe they'r also responsible for creating this dreamworld up in my head..lol The School series ..by Enid Blyton.St. Clare's and Malory Towers.. I used to read them over and over again.Still have a few of them.They were like a whole new world to me..

Graduated to Agatha Christies.. famous Five, Nancy drew.. sherlock holmes.. They were the first mystery books I read.. N i was hooked!

A number of John Grisham books I read.. especially The Client, The Firm.. Rainmaker.. A time to Kill.. there's something inspiring in those books.It creates a very idealistic legal world where somehow the good always wins.. Though unfortunately,that doesnt always happen in real life, i like to believe that it can happen..

Gone with the Wind .. must be the fattest book I'v read till date :) The characters jus left such a deep impression..

Potter again! I hate to repeat but I love the books..:) She's got an amazing writing style I think, just weaves the story together leaving enough clues to keep u guessing n to keep u hooked!

To Kill a MockingBird.. I had read it when I was just out of 12th I think, n then I read it some time back again... Read it if u havent till now.. It's a must read.

Kane and Abel.. Another book I really loved when I was reading it.. The ending is just superb..

Chicken Soup for the Soul.. Really :) I'v read just one.. long time back but I think it was really nice.. very nice real stories..

Dilbert books- The Dilbert principle and dilbert future.. they'r absolutely hilarious.. anyone who's working would just love them!! and even if ur not working ( like me ;) ) there's a big chance u'll still love them!

All those Archies... Asterix.. Dennis..Calvin n Hobbes that I'v read.. though strictly speaking they'r not books.. yet :)

Data Structures by Tanenbaum...!! lol.. don't take that seriously :P that was just for shock value :D:D i don't like this book at all!!

I know these are more than 5, but hey I hate to pick favourites :)

And then there are books.. which I'm stuck on since ages.. Have to finish them
Right now i'v read a bit of Catch 22, Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, Freedom at midnight, The Alchemist, Catcher in the Rye !! In case they leave a deep impact on me I'll add them to the list ;)

Allright, so who's gonna be the lucky one.. :D I'm gonna tag everyone who hasnt done this till

now.. lol.. do it if u want to :)

Rajat,Apurv,Manish,SuperVish,Prasunc,Vaibhav,Mike,Bhaskar,Ashish,The Hawk,Chandoo,Naveen,Ranjitha

ur turn :P