Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Just some of the things I want to do right now!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Who would you...

....throw off your town/city/country/world?

No politicions please!! Thats a well acknowledged, well accepted answer anyway :-)

Right now I would like to throw all blueline bus drivers and the Indica drivers out of Delhi cause I have yet to come across even one of them who can drive!! They drive so dangerously, not only risking themselves but everyone else too..I can never figure out why!!A ten year old would probably be able to drive better than them..

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Be careful of what you wish for...

....cause you just might get it !

I was sitting in office very late, hoping for something to happen, thinking how it would be like if the coffee I was about to drink would fall on me and I might just get to go home and avoid the late night conference call which was scheduled to happen...
... and then thats exactly what happened,lol...the coffee fell on me, don't ask me how! cause I have no clue..

But unfortunately I still didnt get to go home early :(

Sunday, November 05, 2006

They've done it again!

It's that Airtel again...motivated me to write my long delayed post and vent all my anger here!

It's been more than 5 days and I have not been getting network coverage at my home, cant get any calls... have to dial 20 times to reach a number and even then it keeps getting disconnected!! And noone's ready to say when it's gonna b rectified...soon they say!! baaah! i feel like dumping their connection right away! the only things that are stopping me are..the fact that this has been my number since forever and i'v just converted to postpaid...but i am so so bugged by them right now!

Phew...always helps :-) i feel much better now...
Update: Actually its been more than 10 days now... 5 days this was just lying in the drafts folder..lol
And I'v got loads more to write, but i think I'll just post this right now.. or else this post will just keep lying in my drafts...thts wat happens to most of my posts these days.
Next post shall be up soon though :)

Friday, October 13, 2006


Hmmm.. the issue's gone off the front page of all the newspapers for now. But I'd been thinking of writing about it since quite some time.

I do not understand why we turn terrorists and murderers into heroes. Putting them all over the front pages, acting like great injustice has been done to them. Before this it was with Dhananjoy Chatterjee. I remember the media coverage he got... that man had gone through a proper trial right upto the highest court and he was convicted for rape and murder for christ's sake!
Of course, there are debates on capital punishment, and to be honest I cannot decide which side I am on.. I just hope I never have to decide..

Well getting back to where I was... Fine, go ahead and debate as much as you want to. But do not turn them into heroes, or show them as if they're victims of some conspiracy. They are people who have committed heinous acts...and they deserve punishment!

Terrorism does not deserve any mercy, it deserves the highest punishment...And punishment is where this entire debate lies right..Death penalty or no death penalty? If someone has had a fair trial, been convicted by the highest court, and has committed such a heinous act then he deserves the highest punishment. And in India today, the highest punishment is death penalty.There is always a chance, however less it might be, that the person you are going to throw to the gallows is innocent and you are killing an innocent life.. Therefore, either you abolish death penalty altogether if you do not believe that the state has the power to take lives or you got to live with this truth...(wrote something on this once) But since that has not yet happened, should we belt out punishment based on regionality or religion? Being an Indian should come first before being a Kashmiri comes shouldn't it?

Monday, October 02, 2006


It's been a month!! Gosh... Time's just flying...and flying fast! This has been my longest break from my blog so far...at times i want to write, and then do not manage to find the time to write. and when i do find the time, i have nothing to say :-)

But... time's flying! and i don't want it to! Was at a friend's wedding yesterday... feels so strange. It was just yesterday when we were in school... still remember it so clearly.I wish we could just go back to those days, just be kids, live life with exams and marks being the only worries :)

It's been a good two day break from office, I think I need more of such breaks!!lol...

September's been a hectic but good month...and I'm feeling much better... thankyou everyone :-)

I just wanna dance right now... love dancing!!

Well back to office tom...sigh! atleast this week would have a day less :D:D
hope to be back in full form soon...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I still haven't found what I'm looking for...

Most of my posts have been depressing recently...I just feel so frustrated and angry all the time..irritable, pick on things constantly...get angry at the traffic, at people at anything!! I feel like I';m jus going through the motion...days r jus passing by... and I;m not doing anything... not doing anything that I want to... not looking forward to anything, nothing exciting...Just have a dull and bored feeling all the time.. I don't know what to do... I don't feel like blogging, don't feel like reading, dont feel like replying...jus do not want to do anything...

I don't know why I'm writing all of this here.. jus don't know where else to pour it out..

Sunday, August 20, 2006

More questions :-)

Do you think someone can really change? The habits, the thinking that has been inculcated over years...can it ever really go? A lot of times, we make mistakes. We even realize that we have made a mistake, and we vow or atleast say that we'll definitely try not to make that same mistake again. Yet it happens, it happens again. And again. And again.Why? Why do we make the same follies over and over again even after we realize that what we're doing is not right. Why do we lose our tempers over the same things, even though we know it's not going to help.Why do we feel bad over the same things, even though we know that things won't change. Why do we hurt people we care about by our own actions, even though we somewhere deep inside know that we are going to hurt them. Does our brain stop working at such times, temporarily, momentarily... and then springs back into action when we realize that we have done it again. The answers seem to be beyond my comprehension..

"We make them cry who care for us, we cry for them who never care for us and we care for them who will never cry for us" Got this as an sms...may not be completely true, but it just sounds so real...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Had to preserve this!

hav been selected as the orkut beauty queen by hhis highness xxxx
u grand prizes include

friendship with his highness xxxx
n special offer reply 4 all ur scrapz

zo keep scrappin

This one was too good!! Height of originality.lol.
Oh.. and I have come under the tag attack again :P will resisit till i'm forced to do it.lol...my excuse of not having anything to write has been taken away though!! :) i'll do it soooooon!

Friday, July 28, 2006


"Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone

I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
and I'm the only one and I walk alone

I walk alone
I walk alone

I walk alone
I walk a...

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
'Til then I walk alone

Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Aaah-ah,
Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Ah-ah

I'm walking down the line
That divides me somewhere in my mind
On the border line
Of the edge and where I walk alone

Read between the lines
What's fucked up and everything's alright
Check my vital signs
To know I'm still alive and I walk alone

I walk alone
I walk alone

I walk alone
I walk a...

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
'Til then I walk alone

Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Aaah-ah
Ah-ah, Ah-ah

I walk alone
I walk a...

I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one and I walk a...

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
'Til then I walk alone...

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Yeah..the ban's gone for now! But I haven't been blogging. Cause i just don't know what to blog about!! There's nothing much happening these days, but by the time I get home I'm too tired to blog or do bloghopping... this is what i do all day-
go to work,
face traffic jams,
waste time if no work/sir not around,
wait for the evening and hope you don't get work late in the evening (which happens too often :((( ),
come back home,
face traffic jams,
chat with family and friends,
check mail,
go to sleep,
get up in the morning and then... do it all over again!!

oh yeah... in between.. wait for saturdays and sundays!!
lol...working life is very monotonous i must say!! I need to start doing something soon...some activity, some hobby... so tht i don't get bored!!!

Initially I used to get so frustrated with the traffic jams, now they have become a part of life.sigh.

Ive been sitting and thinking for the past 5 minutes and am still blank! So me's off...

And back... after visiting Ishita's blog, I decided I had to write about something... something which makes me go angry everytime I read about it. It's the Priyadarshini Mattoo rape and murder case. More than 10 years, and still no justice...
"I know this is the man who has commited the crime and yet I cannot punish him"
This is what the judge deciding the case had said. Lack of evidence, power play, the accused's father being a civil servant are probably factors which helped him get away. As they say, the prosecution has to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt... and the accused always gets a benefit of doubt. Because no innocent man must be punished even if a hundred guilty peopple go scotfree. Do you think this really holds in today's world? Should that one person be sacrificed to bring to justivce those hundred guilty people? It's a very tough choice to make... what if that innocent person is you, or someone close to you...Would you still be willing to sacrifice...

I don't know why, but everytime I read about her, hear about her I feel a strange sense of attachment... She was a law student, being followed, stalked for months by this man. She had even been given police protection...isn't this evidence?? t would probabyl be very tought o get direct evidence in such cases, but then so much circumstantial evidence should count for sure...and the worst part is that the man is practicing as a lawyer.. living a normal life. I wonder what his wife and kids would think about him... how would you live with someone like that? What if you knew your husband or father was a rapist and killer... would you be able to live with that?? Let alone his wife and kids... how can anyone live with the fact that they have actually committed such a heinous crime... Maybe noone else ever gets to know... maybe you don't get punished.. But you know. you know tht you have done something for which even god will not forgive you. Do they have any conscience, any remorse at all? any guilt?? Can they still sleep at nights? No matter what happens, I have a firm belief that God balances everything... if you don't get punished by the law, you will get punished in some other way...maybe your kids will hate you.. maybe you will never have peace in life... but you will get punished. I wonder though if the punishement's enough... if it's any solace to Priyadarshini's family.. her father who's been struggling to get her justice...How many Pridarshini's die such deaths without ever getting justice by the courts, by law.Can anyone tell me why does this have to happen? Why can't people get justice? Why don't things happen the way they're supposed to ? I'm not talking about a perfect world.A perfect world would be one in which such crimes would not be committed at all. I just want a world which respects what is right, and makes sure it happens..

Do sign the online petition for a retrial here. It might not be anything big, but atleast it makes us feel we're all contributing to her gettign justice in some small way.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


What's happening!! I found it so unbelievable when I first heard about it. I thought it was probably a joke. Turns out the joke is on us, all of us, and our rights.. our freedoms! are we living in a democracy or a dictatorship??

12 sites on Govt gag list

2 sites on Govt gag listThe government has instructed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block 12 websites. The order has come in the wake of the Mumbai bomb blasts, and these websites are perceived to be anti-India. Unfortunately, one of these is blogger or blogspot.com, a Google affiliated site which hosts millions of blogs worldwide.

Sources in the government said that a circular was issued by the Home Affairs Ministry three days back asking the Ministry of Information and Technology to block the 12 websites which posted content maligning India. Hundreds of netizens tried unsuccessfully to log on to blogger.com on Monday. These bloggers exchanged flash messages to discover that none of them were being able to log on to the website.

Officials defended the decision saying, "We would like those people to come forward who access these (the 12) radical websites and please explain to us what are they missing from their lives in the absence of these sites."

More information here

And make sure you check this out. Ways to bypass the ban.

I still don't believe it. Does freedom of speech and expression really even exist in this country? I'm a lawyer, and right now I feel like the law is just a puppet in the hands of this government. We could probably say this is a violation of our fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression, this is total censorship.. Yes, the government can restrict this freedom. (Read this article of the constitution for details.) The government can basically put 'reasonable restrictions' on this right. Reasonable Restrictions! what on earth made them do this..

Right to Freedom
19. Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, etc.-

(1) All citizens shall have the right-

(a) to freedom of speech and expression;

[(2) Nothing in sub-clause (a) of clause (1) shall affect the operation of any existing law, or prevent the State from making any law, in so far as such law imposes reasonable restrictions on the exercise of the right conferred by the said sub-clause in the interests of [the sovereignty and integrity of India,] the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offence.]

Today they have blogged blogspot, tomorrow they'll block news, email.. what not!! are we going to let this happen?

And I don't understand.. y just blogger? there r so many other blog sites..and so many other ways to bypass these bans.. it's just totally absurd!! Blogs r public sites..anyone can access them.. how could the terrorists use them!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What do i say..

I think ever person, well actually ever other person in the world right now is probably watching the World Cup Finals. So who is it going to be? Italy or France. My vote goes for Italy. I saw their last match against the Germans and they played very well. Well my predictions have often turned out to be wrong so I'm not going to predict this one.lol.

Well 3 days at work, and I've already started missing my vella days!! And I have just one Sunday off.. 6 days working :(( today just went in catching up with sleep and doing itsy bitsy things all day. Now I realize the values of holidays and days of freedom..sigh! :-)

I was supposed to do a tag about some 6 wierd things about me.Hmm..wierd things, I'm really not that wierd.

Had to leave the post in between :-) went off to watch the match.. n Italy won :D

Am too tired to do the tag abhi..

Been two days since i started the post and i can't get myself to finish it!
Just got a few things in my head which I want to put down.

I hate hate hate traffic jams and I face them everyday now :((

My mom's super :-)

It's finally raining in Delhi..yaay!

My office is too cold!the ac works too well i think..lol..

I'm bored..

I haven't been blog surfing :-(

Havent been doing anything actually..sigh..

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Here I am!

More pics will follow later, me got tired of uploading them :D


Been watching a few of the football matches lately. Football is fun to watch, cause it's so unpredicatble!! Like last night, just when I was sure there was gonna b another one of those penalty shootouts, Italy scored in the nth minute!! I was totally zapped!! I like the game cause it's so fast paced..I have absolutely no idea who's gonna win the world cup now! I had been thinking before the semis it would be Germany!


I have come under the tag attack once again :(( lol.Next post hopefully :P


Was in the middle of this post when I got some good news :-) Me's got a job :D So in one moment I went from being an certified vella to umm.. well just a person with a job..lol.I'm very excited and nervous too ! :-)

Today's fortune:
A pleasant surprise is in store for you

That's what I just saw at orkut..lol.

Sure am surprised, happened so quickly, haven't even told everyone yet! I'm just hoping for the best. Let's see what the future has in store for me!!

A few pics :)

Delayed ..but finally here ..lol ;-)

The Golden Temple, Amritsar

It's really very beautiful..

Monday, June 26, 2006

Something about my trip

Typed this when I was on my trip, so am posting it just as it is..
Well here i am.10P.M. Khajjiar. date : Sunday, 18th June.
There is absolutely nothing here. Nothing. Just a vast green space, which would have been pretty if only it had been clean. Unfortunately, with cow dung,horse shit and Lays wrappers lying around it is everything but that. Why can't people here let anything remain clean! Why do we treat every place that we sit or walk in as dustbins? People do you really think you are walking in dustbins all the time? I appeal to everyone reading this.. Don't do it yourself and don't let anyone you know or are with do it too. Please don't throw rubbish around.. There will always be a dustbin around, and in case there isn't, there is surely one at home right? It won't be too much of an effort to just carry it a little while longer.Please :-)

I'd thought this place would be quite
empty..lol..this is India dear :-) It's called a mini switzerland for some reason, and I can't fathom why..lol..yes, it's got forests around.. maybe i'll like it when i go and explore it more tomorrow.
I changed my mind the next day :-) The place is very beautiful..Well just like it said, it looked amazing when it was empty.. and clean!It rained the next day, sent away all the people.. cleaned up the entire place.. you could run around on the vast empty lush green spaces..was so much fun!!
Infact, after visiting all the places that I did, I've come to the conclusion that every place has some charm, some special thing about it, which may not be so easy to discover cause it's something out of the ordinary.. There's nothing much in the usual things, the malls, the shops.. you need to go a little out of the way, explore, discover.. and u'll surely find something which you love..You just need to search..

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm off again!

I was probably born in the wrong country... I hate crowds and i hate crowded places! I hate the pushing and jostling that goes around.. Went to the gurgaon malls on sunday!! gosh.. those places r filled to the brim with people :-) You have to stop every few metres..and wait for the people ahead to move on..absolutely crazy!

Me's going away from the crowds for a while..lol.. am off for a vacation! Will b back soon :-)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Go Pagal!

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and also anyone else who wants to do the tag :-)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's good to be back!

Been away for so many days.. and yet right now I don't have anything to write.. No inspiration striking me right now :-)

Life's uncertain right now, and I hate uncertainty. College's over. Don't know where I'm headed, where I'll be working, what kind of work I'll be doing. The next few months are going to be unpredictable and full of change.. I just want things to settle down soon, and settle down well...

Monday, May 22, 2006

My take

Well well, a lot of activity has been going on in the comments section in my absence. I think it's time I spoke out too.

Firstly, whatever your caste maybe, it does not matter to me.. Why should it matter to me?Why should it matter to anyone? Why do we need to divide ourselves on the lines of caste in the first place?Yes, these divisions already exist and have probably existed from time immemorial. But do we need to carry them on to the future? Nobody's blood is impure because he is from a different caste..why do we even let such ideas get into our head?

Now, I don't believe that these protests are staged. I don't think people have stayed hungry for days because of some 'event management' and i do not think that a man gave up his life in Mandal -1 for event's sake!So please don't degrade someone's effort..

Yes, noone denies the fact that the backward classes have been opressed for centuries. and there is a genuine need to do something for them. Even in today's time, in many parts of the country people don't treat them equally.. which is very unfortunate. But reservation is not the solution. And that is the whole point which you're missing. Yes, we need action.. but why should it have to be only reservations? Do u think having reservations in IITs and IIMs would actually do them any good? Don't we first need schools to be set up for them? The government is just shirking its responsibility by taking resort to such populist measures. First let us make an effort to atleast provide them with primary education.. Go to the interiors, set up schools.. get kids admitted to them before you can talk of getting them into higher education.

You say they are disadvantaged because they cannot afford costly coaching institutes. Do you think all uppercaste people are rich? Why discriminate on the basis of caste here when the criteria is actually economic backwardness? Give them financial aid, scholarships, incentives.. anything.. but why reservations?

What is our ultimate aim? Isn't it equality? But reservations is only going to increase the divide.. increase the resentment.. If one class has been opressed for hundreds of years does that mean you have to do the same to someone else to get even?

As for Mr. Arjun Singh and just how much he knows, just read this news article to see his justifications and how hollow it all sounds..

Friday, May 12, 2006

Can someone answer these?

Just came back after seeing images of the Police beating and manhandling students protesting against Reservation at the India Gate. Do these students deserve to be treated like this, beaten by lathis just because they have dared to raise a voice against an issue? These people are not criminals, they are forced to protest because noone is paying attention to what they have to say. Noone is ready to raise the issue on their behalf. We call ourselves a secular, democratic state.. what kind of democracy is this where voice of the majority is not heard at all?? Don't we also form a vote bank for these politicions? Do our votes, our futures count for nothing?


Read a news report about kids running over a security gaurd while racing on the Gurgaon road. And then when they were trying to run off, some gaurds tried to catch them and in an attempt to escape they beat them up and even hit the injured gaurd. When the residents of the area caught them they tried to tell them of by saying they were kids of influential people and would get away in any case. Are these kids the future of our nation? Are these the kind of values parents teach their kids these days?


I've been having major system problems, have had to reinstall my operating system and just got the bare minimum running right now.. So i mite just disappear again fr sometime..

Saturday, May 06, 2006


That's just a very fancy word for being lazy ;)

Why o why am i so lazy and why do i love sleeping so much!! Even in exam days I sleep for ten hours :) ... oops :(

I have to make my resume which is pending for days and months now.. who'll give me a job if i dont do this :((

I wish there were more than 24 hours in the day so I could waste even more ;)

It's not as if I'm always lazy.. when i'm working, I can be on my feet all day! If i have to finish something, I'll put in all my life and soul into it but usually at the last minute.. so the problem lies with the start. The ending is not so bad! :)

On normal days, I'll get up late, or if i get up early, I'll sit around, read the papers, get dressed aaram se and the end result is the same.. I'm late! Time management is something I have yet to learn properly..

I think another reason for this is that I hate waiting.. so i try not to reach early at any place..lol.

Stop laughing silly girl, this is not funny!! You'll get fired if u reach late for office too.. hopefully tht won't happen.. fingers crossed ! :D

Sigh I have to drag myself out of my computer chair now and go and study.. yawn


Friday, May 05, 2006

Tag tag everywhere

I'm really out of ideas right now, so I'm finally going to do one of the tags tht have been pending for sooooooooo long. Been tagged by Neeta, Arvind , and Raghav to do this!

8 qualities the perfect guy should have.. according to me that is :)

So here goes..

Just 8?? tht would be tough.. shortening the list down to 8... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;)

Can i just say I want everything possible and end it here? lol.. No? Ok !! ;) Well.. in no particular order, here are some of the things I can think of :

  • A sense of humour, and an ability to cheer me up and make me laugh whenever I'm feeling down.
  • Honesty, total and complete honesty.. Someone i can trust completely.
  • Understanding, he has to be my best friend before and above everything else..
  • Make me feel special, give me nice small surprises, make me feel like he cares a lot.. even worrying about me at times..lol... and always have time for me no matter what he's doing or where he is.
  • Intelligence, knowledge.. someone I can have a conversation with on any topic.. who can amaze me with all he knows, and enrich me with all tht knowledge too :)
  • Maturity, atleast some sense of responsibility, with a fun streak somewhere too, and a mixture of practicality and emotions and romanticism!
  • Patience.. lots of it.. cause u need it with me..lol
  • Simplicity..no show offs please!Sensitivity there's more too.. and i'm gonna fit it in the last point ;) making plans, remembering things, listening to whatever i say attentively ..and many many more but this is it for now :)
So this is it for now, will b back soon...err.. i hope soon :D

Feeling generous right now, I don't tag anyone :)
and i think almost everyone's already done this one :)

PS. It's become impossible to listen to FM these days, ever five minutes there's some himesh reshmaiyya song on some channel and i hate all of 'em!! they all sound the same to me! are there any other songs being made these days..

Thank god for some small mercies..I'v just fallen in love with these two songs from Gangster.. keep listening to them all day!!
Listen to this and this too !!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Broken into bits and pieces

People in this country or atleast this city do not know how to park their cars. And they have no consideration for others. They will just go and plomp their cars wherever they find space, no matter whether someone else gets stuck because of this. They will stop right in the middle of the road to enable someone to get off the car. Of course, you cannot expect them to walk a little or expect the driver to just take the car a little to the left so that others can pass. No, let everyone wait and honk!The road is ours and the honking is gonna fall on deaf ears anyways. And when you do get past them, they'll give you such a dirty look that it could actually make you think that you have done something wrong to them!

Ok! Now that I've got tht out.. I can move on to better things :-)


Do I really need to send a sms containing some chant to 10 people to make sure I pass my exams?I don't think so!! and i'm not gonna do it!

Just remembered, today's the birthday of a school friend of mine.. with whom unfortunately I've lost touch! We had some great times together.. she was loads of fun! I wish her a very Happy birthday.. wherever she is, i hope she's doing well!Happy Birthday Pallo ;)


I know, I keep appearing and disappearing from the blog. I just have some very hectic days, and then there are days when I just don't study and sit and watch t.v. all day ;-)


At times, it seems to me like the courts are running this country, or atleast would be able to run the country more efficiently than the Government. Allright, they have their drawbacks.. but look at so many things happening around you. In Delhi, for instance, the CNG conversion, the sealing of illegal constructions, the shifting of industries.. all that has been made possible only because of the courts. Especially the environment related cases, where the court has shown real activism. The latest being the Narmada Bachao Andolan case. Left to the government, the rehabilitation is just not taking place. But why? Why do these displaced people have to fight so much and knock on the doors of courts to get what's their due! If only the government would do it's job properly. I think the most important issue right now is that proper rehabilitation must take place. The dam is being built.. it's not going to be stopped, and it's going to serve a lot of people. But don't forget those who have to suffer because of it. Don't they also come into your voting banks Mr. Politicion?


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Go watch 'em

Today I again saw two of the most adorable movies I've seen till day ! ( There, you can see how much studying is going on here ;) )

Shrek 2 and Ice Age 1 ! If you haven't seen them till now, you're missing something.. Go and watch them!The characters, the stories.. the movies are just hilarious and at the same time very if i may say so.. 'sweet'. :) they really touch you, atleast touched me..

I'm waiting to see Ice Age 2 now.. I hope it turns out as good as the first part.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Memoirs of a would be lawyer

One day of staying at home trying to study and I'm bored already! I don't know how I'll spend the next one month.. I'm already getting cranky..lol :)

Hmm.. I think I need to get my brain to start working again.. it's been half asleep all day. The moment I open a book and read a few pages I feel sleepy. This could be the last time I'm giving exams.. and I just don't want to give them! I just don't want to study. Finishing with my studies, I'm going to start working soon. Don't know where I'll land up, how it's going to be.. it scares me at times, but I'm also looking forward to it in some ways. The first time I'll be independent.. my first salary.. have so much to buy with it..lol..I wanna buy something for everyone close to me! And I've been thinking of what to buy for whom since a long time :-) It's gonna take a while though.. a few months maybe ! But I'll surely do it!

It's been an interesting 3 years. The first year, I hated this place.. didn't want to go there at all. Missed my college, my friends..but then gradually got used to this place, made friends.. met different people, got involved with activities..Been an up and down journey.. but isnt that what life's about..There have been fun times, boring times, good times, bad times, memorable times..I'll miss this place I think! There were certain things which I'd never seen or done before that I did here. Like watching people give proxy attendance! Honestly, I'd never seen it before.. and I cudnt make myself do it even after 3 years of spending time here..lol.. and then I saw people giving their attendance and sneaking out of the class.. and at times even walking out! People who would pick up their cellphone in class and get down under the table and talk..lol..

I did certain things which I'd never done before.. public speaking hasn't been my forte.I've never gone in a debate competition or anything similar to that. The max I've ventured into is compering and poetry recitation.. and tht too in school.. and here in my first year I took part in the fresher's moot court competition. Now a moot court is something like a mock court where u v to present your case and the judges grill you with questions. Real judges would probably be nicer than the judges you haev here..lol.. anywyas my first attempt didn't turn out to be so great, cause I made a silly mistake, fumbled at the start and then lort out.. Then in second year, I wasn't going to take part.. but while discussing the problem with a friend of mine, decided to give it a shot. Prepared everything in just one day and somehow got selected into the moot court society.. Thereafter it was an interesting journey.. with more competitions, different experiances.. learning new things.. and then finally winning a competition :-)

At the end of three years, I wish I'd done even more.. but hey it's been an interesting experiance and I'm just looking forward to what lies ahead!

Monday, April 03, 2006


I was cleaning my cupboard ( yeah miracles do happen ;) ) yesterday when I discovered this :

So why is this special? Because this is probably the only time in my life that I've written a poem and gotten an A .lol.. I'm really bad at writing poems.. This one was written in 7th standard and I have it preserved till date, I'm quite an archiver ;)

Another thing I discovered was a song, total nonsensical crappy song I wrote once (the only time actually :) ) I still remember the tune..
Well here's how it goes.. yeah get ready to throw the eggs and tomatoes.. :P

Oh and before I present it, I would like to state that it is not written for anyone or any situation. This was just the influence of the kind of English songs I used to hear at that time (9th standard i think..) and mushy crap that I must've seen then.

I gave my heart
to you forever,
'cause I felt that
you'd let me down never.
But you, you!
Broke my heart and left me forever

When you left me,
I was in despair,
'cause then I realized
that you, you and only you
were my life.
And everyday I love you
like mad (!! )
My life, my soul
are all yous
Come back to me
I'm all yours.
When you left me,
I realized
the part you played,
in my life.
But you, you
didn' realize that you were
important to me
I'm nothing without you,
Come back !Back to me!

Lol..there's still a bit left but I can't go on.. it's just sooooooooooooooo silly! Well I just thought it was time for some entertainment.. so put it here ;) I don't know how could write that.. crazy memories of childhood.. :) Thank god it was the one and only song I wrote.. and noone ever got to hear it..lol. I think I must've realized myself how bad I was at this ;)

I've been out of touch with everyone for the past few days.. dunno wat I've been doing. Well exam time coming up soon so I hope to be back to full time blogging ;)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good night!

More action! The ups and downs continue!
Today was soo much better ! I woke up dreaming about the result of my semester exams and it actually came true! The result came out today morning, and I got a real pleasant surprise, did really well, so I am very happy!

I almost feel guilty for taking out my frustration here.You all have been so nice to me:)

Well..I've got into this habit of making short quick posts. Not good. I must change it!

Hmm..Time for some Random thoughts :)

You know I just hate it when people don't reply, or don't call back. It's so rude.. and I get totally turned off by it. Then I just don't feel like calling those people again. Why do some people hv to do this!

I think I've been cribbing too much recently. so let's digress.

Am I superstitious? I'd like to believe I'm not. But there are times when I do things which force me to believe the contrary. Like I'm always scared of talking too much about some thing which is about to happen, some good news, something I'm looking forward to, cause I'm afraid it'll get spoilt. Something will happen which will mess it up. And it does happen doesn't it? Maybe it's not just because you told others, but the next time u'd like to keep ur mouth shut wudn't u?

But other than that I don't think I am really superstitious.. I mean I don't believe in chain letters. I delete those very mails which tell me something really horrible will happen to me if i delete them and I must must, absolutely must forward it to atleast a 100 people right now!
Why do we believe in these chain mails? and these days chain sms? do we really think something like this would happen?

This is turning out to be too boring a post. I think I've lost it and I should go to sleep.. or better still go and work on this assignment for class.. * yawn *

Hmm..well you know what, I believe what goes around comes around.. so be careful of the way you act.. tomorrow you might be at the receiving end.. Life is always in balance..

Receiving or recieving? I think it's the first one, but i'm too lazy to check!why do they have such confusing words. Although there hv been times when I messed up spellings of much simpler words. And especially at places where it cost me..lol.. this happened during college. The first day of ragging. Somehow while we were being ragged we were asked our hobbies, i said surfing the net amongst other things.. and then someone asked, so tell me the spellings of surfing.. and guess what i said? sruf!! they didn't let me forget tht after tht!! Of course i knew how surfing was spelt.. but hey i was being ragged !! i was nervous..lol.. ragging time was fun actually. I enjoyed getting ragged more than ragging others once i became a senior.I just didnt have the right attitude to rag i think..

I haven't been blog surfing these days.. I think I'll just end this post here and go check out some more interesting stuff on everyone else's blog ;)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Why does it happen that everytime I laugh alot, I end up crying a few days later, as if to make up for it? Does everything in life have to be in a balance all the time!

Why are some people so artificial, so selfish and so insensitive? People whom you call 'friends'! At times I feel like I'm having a great time and everything is going well, and then suddenly *boom* everything just crashes and I feel like I'm surrounded by people who care a damn about me.And then I wonder, why the hell do i give so much importance to people in the first place...

Life Sucks! :-(

Sunday, March 12, 2006

This is going to hurt a lot!

I'm scared!I'm going to the dentist to have a tooth extracted and I know it's not going to hurt just a little bit.. jus like the ogden nash poem which we all studied ( in 10th remember?) !

Just the other day, i was talking to someone and I was like, oh what's the big deal in going to a dentist or getting atooth pulled out.. u get to have icecreams, milkshakes after tht..it's cool!! bah!it's not, i didn't realize i'd get the opportunity to experiance it so soon.. me and my big mouth !! And on top of that people are hell bent on scaring me ( except for a few sweet ones :) )!! Telling me that I'm going to be all 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' with pain..Lol..

I saw a big of Fear factor India yesterday, the one they've just started.I couldn't understand what is the point? I just don't get it! Why would someone have snakes wriggling all over themselves. To win a competition? To prove a point? To get rid of your own fears? Thankyou very much, I'd rather stay afraid of snakes and lizards than have such a close shave with them!

I had my first ever tennis lesson on Saturday. And even though my legs are still aching (we jogged around for almost an hour and then had tennis for an hour, thats quite a lot for a lazy person like me ;) ) I enjoyed it thoroughly! Looking forward to the next lesson.. if and whenever it comes :)

I saw crash yesterday. Very heavy movie, but worth watching I'd say.
Anyways I better get going now, will be back to share my pain..lol.. will spare you the gory details though ;)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Time for an update!

Can anyone tell me how this works?

Guess Your Number - It's Magic!

I keep getting such links and then keep trying to figure out how they work.. but .. :)

Also if you have time,
Johari Window

would you please :)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

What is happening..

I was feeling very disillusioned with the entire system after the recent verdict in the Jessica Lal murder case. If someone can get away by committing a murder in front of hundreds of people then what do we talk about the credibilty of the system, what faith do we put in it?Law may be blind, but justice isn't and neither should be the judges.. I don't know whose fault it was, but the fact is that someone got away with cold blooded murder. And that too in such a high profile case. Think about what happens in cases where there is no media to support you, no public outcry.. nothing.

Today, the Delhi HC took suo moto cognizance of what was being published in newspapers about the case, and asked the police to submit a report. It's atleast given some hope that finally justice will be done. Howsoever much we criticise the media but atleast it makes sure that such injustice doesn't go unnoticed. Since we're always ready to give them brickbats, I think we should also appreciate the work they do..

What is so unfortunate is that the witnesses just turn hostile so easily. Be it under threat, or coercion by other ways, or money. A witness protection program has been suggested, but I don't know how far it's implementable. I think other options like amending the law, making witness record statements in front of a magistrate, or by video would probably serve us better. Or maybe even prosecuting them for perjury, like the court is recently trying to do in the Best Bakery case.. atleast people who take money to give false statements should be prosecuted.

There is no quickfix solution to such one problems, nor is there just one thing tht we need to change.. but before we do anything else, we need to change our attitudes. Stop treating the rich and powerful like they're from some other world and stop letting them get away with anything..

Friday, February 17, 2006

It's the tag season baby!

I've got four tags to complete now.. Lol..
Yipee!! Can life get any better? ;)

Manish, Anita, Neeta and Sudarshan, I'll get back at you for this :P
and Mike too.. cause i got one because of him :P

Well let me go by chronological order. My next few posts are going to be just tags i think!
First was Manish's tag.. so here goes.
Luckily I'd made a similar post not so long ago.. so I'm just gonna copy paste it here..hehe heeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeee
In fact it was identical to the tag..

Pet Peeves

Actually they're not few, they're many cause I think I'm very impatient and get irritated easily.. more easily that I should, which is not good.. but well..
Here go a few of those things..

  • WAITING.. for anything.Probably comes with the lack of patience.Though unfortunately I'v kept people waiting a number of times too.. n i'm sorry for that but really waiting makes me jus lose my temper so much..
  • Earliar it was only people who start honking the moment a red light turns green, now some of them start honking even before it turns green, expecting u to jump the red light and give them a smooth passage!
  • People who are rude to others without any reason.
  • People who are overcompetitive and think that helping other would reduce their own chances. If you're good, you're good. Why should you bother about how good the other person is.
  • People who look at old persons standing and then just look away to avoid offering them a seat.
  • People who stare so hard at you that it feels like they're trying to pierce you with their eyes.
  • People who say something in front of u, and then totally turnaround and deny that they ever even remotely mentioned that later.
  • Some people who refuse to accept their mistakes. Hey we all make them, just say sorry and move ahead.
  • People who overtake you in such a bad way that you just barely escape unscratched, or jump red lights forcing you to break when you should be the one crossing it.
  • People who brush past you or just step on you and then just move on without an apology.
  • Looking for something desperately and then finding it days later from the unlikeliest of places when you don't need it anymore.
  • Dropping something which is almost surely going to leave a stain on your clothes.
  • Someone who just drags on a discussion in class, picking up idiotic points and trying to appear the smartest person on earth.I remember once this guy went on and on about how women themselves willingly get into prostitution for money and when someone said that this is basically a big city phenomena and if you look at he big picture prostitution is forced, he refused to admit it and went on for the next 15 min trying to prove himself right by stats, TOI reports n what not..
  • Teachers who are exceptionally stingy about attendance and are so boring that you can barely stay awake in their class.I've always noticed this, professors who are really good would never bother about attendance cause they know they're good and everyone would in any case attend their class. There is this Sir of mine, Prof B.B.Pande who's retired now, but he is the best teacher I've had in college.And when he used to teach criminal law in first year, it used to be tough finding a place to sit in his class! we had to at times carry chairs there or just attend the whole class standing.I've always admired him for his knowledge, his expression, his way of teaching, his way of answering questions..Ok i'm totally diverting here..
  • Standing in a slowmoving queue.
  • Peole who are diplomatic, who can lie about anything.
  • Traffic jams, especially when I'm always running late ( which is quite often ;) )
  • I think I should stop here.. am i really so irritable..lol.. I've found so many things and there must be more too..
Cut to the present now..
  • Let me make some updates to this.. hmm..people who are really selfish.. I mean all of us are to a certain extent i think.. but then there are some..who hv no limits.
  • People who are irresponsible with other people's stuff. Hey go ahead do watever u want to with ur own.. but not with someone else's..
  • Insensitive people. There are some who would say such things.. it really amazes me at times..
  • People who don't switch their ringers off anywhere they go! Be it classrooms, hospitals.. exam halls.. just anywhere!
  • People who write false comments using my name :P

They're more than 20 t00 ;)

Next up.. Anita's tag and then Neeta's and then Sudarshan's.. sigh ! oh by the way guys consider urself tagged. Mike you too!
And of course, you guys r tagged.. yeah yeah u.. reading this post, consider urself tagged :P

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Now where do i start from?I was hoping it'll end and I wouldn't have to do this but..
Well someone has been playing a very bad joke here, maybe he/she would feel very happy to see this too..but i don't care.
Firstly someone posted wierd comments on my blog using id's of all my friends... everyone who comments here..i was surprised to see their names in the comments but then I was told it can be done, the person would just have to write the name and copy paste the profile page link in the other column and voila! it would appear that those people had actually written those comments. Infact this person even posted a comment from my name.. which made me think that someone had hacked my account.. but thankfully thts not the case.. So Rathna.. i don't need to change my password yet :)

Well I'v had to enable comment moderation.. n i think I'll have to stick with it for sometime.. till this person gets out of here..

Secondly, this person has been posting comments using my link at all my friends' blogs.. and signing it off with the name Nirmala.. so if anyone of u gets a comment by that name it's not me.. ignore it..

I don't know who it is, and why he/she is doing this.. but i hate this.. if only i could abuse! :)
This person is totally insane! He/she has gone and posted comments putting my link in each comment at each and every blog tht i hv in my list.. and signed them off with nirmala! how can anyone have so much time to waste.. and be so frustrated..

Monday, February 13, 2006

Liked This

Just got this quote through mail and really liked it..

Don't know why it's barely visible though!!
Simple but nice.. it says.. And in the end its not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.
Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

P's and Q's

I went to some relatives place a few days back. Now that side of town has too many people I feel and it has rickshaws!which makes driving a nightmare..Plus there's really no need for the speed limit, cause roads are so wonderful that even if u wanna go above the speed limit, you can't without considerable risk to your car and your bones!Smart move.. people won't even try to drive fast!

I simply hate it when people just jump on to the road and run to cross it, with scant disregard to their safety!And people do that a lot i must say,it's all upto u, break in time or else..

People look at me with suspicion if i stop my car and let them cross the road, I mean it doesn't happen too often does it? i guess they find it strange! It is really tough to walk on Delhi roads. Everyone's always in a rush! It's not like I stop everytime, i'm usually in a rush myself..but i still try to!I think I learnt this when I went to the U.K. People stopped for others, they let them cross the road, they were polite.. they waved when others gave them way.I think it was really nice!

Here, when u do let someone go, he would just think that it was his right anyways, so why jus give u a smile or a small thanks..Infact today was one of the rare days when someone said a thankyou when I stopped to let them to cross the road before I could move on..and it felt nice! I think if we do this more often, more people would wait for others..let them go..

If only people would say thankyou more often! I think we need to learn to say thanku , please and sorry..I mean noone says sorry to you here even if they step on u, they just turn away and move on!! How would a small sorry hurt u.. How come they never learnt this..and how did i learn this?

Hey you know what, I don't feel left out anymore. I finally saw rang de basanti today :) awesome movie, leaves you thinking.., unlike most movies that are made.Great music, great acting..a little unreal in the climax but otherwise an amazing movie!It makes you want to get up and do something, make an effort..and not just complain abt things not being right.

And oh, trip was good!Interesting experiance it was, got to see how life in a hostel could be, met some very nice people and some who were really stuck up! Didn't win anything in the competition but well we weren't prepared enuf.. so it's ok i guess. Roamed around in the last 2 days, had fun..overall it was a good trip!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Crib crib

Yeah i do that all the time ;)

I'm so tired!It's been almost a month now.. just been running arnd!I've taken too many things on myself n now i'm tired!

I come home late, hardly get tome to do anything.. havent done blog hopping since days :)
And tommorrow I'm going out of town for a competition..even though I'm not going far, just upto Chandigarh.. I feel wierd!Cause it's the first time I'm going alone with friends, just feel excited on the thought of going in the train cause its been ages since i did tht! But other than that.. I feel strange.. I hope the trip turns out to be good..

And after I get back, I'm gonna write a loooong post!! :)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcome back!

That was me, welcoming myself back on my blog after quite a few days!
Yeah I've been away for a real long time, I'd probably been online for 10 min overall in the past 4-5 days! I can't remember when was the last time that I was so busy! But I had so much fun..I'm already missing it!

Well, our college had organized an All India Moot Court Competition and I was a part of the organizing team.. wat an experiance it was.. so much activity,so much hustle bustle..It was a three day event and preparations were going on for the past one week. and that's what was keeping me busy :) I was getting back home at dinnertime everyday, and sometimes even later than that! The past three days just flew by so quickly, I was on my feet almost all the time, running around, getting things in order, making sure things were in place, keeping a track of the teams. I'd never realized there was so much involved in just hosting a simple event! Sure taught me a bit of event management, lol.. Mayb i shud switch over to tht now ;)

I love being busy, I love it when my mind's working all the time, when I don't have time to waste..when there's something to be done, something which I enjoy doing..Well except for a few minor glitches, like the absence of a candle for the lamp lighting ceremony (which had to be done by matches,lol ) and the disappearance of the compere on the final day just before the ceremony was about to start ( which forced our teacher convenor to become an impromptu compere , and noone even got a hint that something was amiss , she did a very good job! ), we put up a fairly good show i think :) Not just me, most of the participants felt the same way :D ( and i did ask them, u seriously mean it ? lol ) Thankfully, they didn't see what all went on backstage.lol. There were of course, the raised tempers.. small fights at times but all in all it went off pretty well, and I enjoyed myself..I'd never interacted with my teachers so closely and it was fun sittin and chattin with them, informally. Also, interacted with a number of people whom I didn't noe too well before this, and found them to be pretty nice!

I was so tired I took an off today, and didn't do anything all day..lol.. just lazed arnd..wasted time..back to normal now :) so i'll b back to updating the blog regularly too!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

'Twas my blog's bday on 8th :)

I didn't forget,just cudn't find time to post :)
Woah..and entire year of blogging.. somethings have changed while some haven't. I still open my blog asa I go online :) I still feel very nice when someone compliments me, and I still feel good to see a new comment!and I still write whatever comes to my mind, which makes my posts sound vague at times but well :)

My first post was something ike this :

Kick Off!

After procrastinating for almost a month I've decided to finally kick off my blog :) Right in the middle of my exams , while I searched for new ways to waste time , I suddenly found myself interested in the concept of blogging.N I wanted one of my own too, so that I could put down any trivial, important,significant or useless thing that i think about!!;) So here I am ,20 days later, with absolutely nothing on my hands at the moment :D , ready to write about anything and everything that comes to my mind in this little space of my own ! The Journey Begins...

and it's going on. :)

When I'd started I'd thought I'd have to force people to come to my blog to read it..lol.I think I saw a few blogs on PG (which are not there anymore though) andApurv's blog and that gave me the idea of starting one of my own.I used to write in my diar, but now I just come and write here..Well hope to keep writing on and on..

Rambling on and on actually :)

Thankyou to everyone who's ever come and read my ramblings and of course to those who still do persistently :)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Airtel's driving me mad!

Since yesterday evening, I can't receive or make calls from my phone, inspite of the fact that it keeps showing me full network, and i can send n receive sms' and that stupid Airtel Live thing is also working.It starts working the moment i step out of my colony and keeps working when i get back in but once it gets disconnected then it's gone!!It's just acting wierd, wierd wierd!! I've called up their customer care, that too from a landline cause i cudnt even get thru to them, and each time they've said it's a temporary congestion problem which will b ok within 2 hours and it's been aleast 10 hours since i last called them n it's just the same... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. i'm so frustrated with them!!and i don't noe wat to do!just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping against hope that it'll work soon!

Update : It's working now!Yipee :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I still feel good..lol..

..N i cant make myself write!!I mean i was so full of ideas and things i wanted to write about when i was busy studying for exams and now that I have all the time in the world (actually i don't, i mean i do but i havent spent it in front of the computer for the past few days ) all those ideas have just vanished! I've been so lazy that i don't even have a happy new year post on my blog..lol.. i'v seen one almost everywhere :) No new year resolutions too.. jus dont wanna make any, i mean i'll just make them as and when required.
I don't think I wanna write about my laziness here cause it's gonna b too embarrassing so lets move on :D

Well i don't feel like writing.. I did this, went here and there.. then wat do i write about right now?Well firstly I got the object of my desire ;) My mp3 player.. n i love it!! it has all i wanted, glows when it's on, and sounds great!only i had a tough time setting up its software...long story tht. Well today just out of the blue, dunno how n y it hung, n when i rebooted it, it asked me to format or reboot or... some similar options.. n oh boy i my heart sunk!! i mean it's just been 3 days n here was my li'l baby, already unwell! i tried rebooting it a few times, but it kept coming on to the same screen. well i just shut it off, hopin for the best and after sometime when i switched it on, it worked!! yaaaaaay.. n thank god!! jus hopin tht it stays fine now :)

Me's picked up a book after a long time, and trying to finish it asap. I really wanna get back my reading habit. I used to read so much when i was a kid, n now all i read it newspapers, blogs and some random stuff here n there on the net... Nothing can ever replace books though. I'v even tried reading ebooks, but it's just not the same!! It's too tiring reading a book on the comp, n nothing beats a real book!

Ok I'm going blank again,so i'll jus sign off!I think I'll just go read now..tada