Monday, August 24, 2009

Sorry for the inconvenience

"..Sorry for the inconvenience Ms. Neha.. but ..
Sorry for the inconvenience... but please..
Sorry for the inconvenience..
Sorry for the inconvenience
Sorry for the inconvenience.."

I called up my mobile service provider's customer care for some problem.. and all I could hear in a span of 2 minutes was 'sorry for the inconvenience' atleast 15 looks like thats the only thing they learnt in training.. and if his saying 'sorry for the inconvenience' before every sentence wasnt so funny I would've been really bugged.. instead of trying to stop myself from laughing coz they had no idea of what to do with my inconvenience :)

horrible horrible IVR menus they have.. took me 5 min just to reach the customer care guy.. and just then the network decided to give up on me.. so i had to spend another 10 min before I could reach a human voice again..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 years since I left school! wow.. that seems like a long time.. I suddenly feel so old :-| I wanna go back to being a kid and having all the fun that i didnt have.. Kids these days have so much more freedom.. they have so much more knowledge and awareness and they're so much more street smart.. it may be good in a way.. but they will never have that innocence.. I think our generation was the last to be the ignorant innocent generation.. internet shall ensure that the future generations are all smart and enlightened :)


I saw kaminey on the weekend. Loved it. I love the songs of the movie.. they have ben playing on my car stereo non stop for the past 2 weeks atleast.


Yesterday a traffic policeman caught 2 bikers jumping a red light, stopped them in the middle of the road. When they tried to run off, he took the bike keys and went thats the only way people here can learn some rules i think.