Wednesday, August 05, 2015

There was a time a few years ago when I had blogged about a ban. Government ban on blogging websites. And today another kind of ban has been imposed. A ban on porn websites in India.

Frankly, Im not sure how I want to react this time. A ban is a ban. Violation of freedom of speech and expression. Blah Blah.

Really? Freedom of speech for porn? Actually, I was pretty non chalant about it till I read some articles about the impact of porn on people and especially young kids. You have to watch this one to understand -

Why I stopped watching porn | Ran Gavrieli | TEDxJaffa

With the ease of availability of every damn thing on the internet, is it actually possible to stop kids from viewing something like this? I don't think even with banning some websites, it will be possible. Cause several others will mushroom. It's a billion dollar industry, they will find ways and means to reach their audience.

Anyway my point here is not on the effectiveness of porn, but on simply the fact that I dont think you can consider it like any other ban on freedom of speech. Where is the speech and expression here? Porn is nothing more than objectification, humiliation, aggression against women. You have child pornography which is completely unlawful.

Does anyone happily and willing become a porn star so that they can showcase their acting skills? More often than not, it would be a situation of a forced or desperate means to earn a living. So what is wrong in imposing a ban which may affect an industry which is only exploitative?

Some very scattered thoughts here I know.. 


chaos said...

On a hind site, I was very happy that they were banned! Technically, it'll free up so much bandwidth... however, it will also give rise to the non-conventional methods of creating and consuming porn with today's ultra gadgets... and that's even more dangerous.

Neha said...

Free up bandwidth. thats a solid reason :-) You're right in away with whatsapp, social messaging apps/ torrents there's actually no way to stop it..